12 Ways to Make Someone Blush

Joe Blankenship

By Joe Blankenship

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12 Ways to Make Someone Blush

1. Eye contact.

If you aim to make someone blush, maintain eye contact with them. The eye contact doesn’t need to be intensely prolonged; it can be innocent and brief. However, if done right, it should be enough to make her blush.

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t have the desired effect. Some people may not discern the intention behind your gaze, hence they don’t react. In such cases, you could try more intense eye contact to make it more noticeable.

Starting with less intense eye contact is usually better to avoid giving an impression that could be perceived as strange or rude.

2. Text messages.

While you can’t see her blush through a text message, you can certainly cause it. Sweet messages or cute emojis can often make girls blush. This might not feel as rewarding since you can’t see it and won’t know unless she tells you or uses an emoji to indicate she’s blushing.

However, it could make her more prone to blushing in person. Small moments where you make her blush can significantly aid your subsequent attempts – it all adds up.

3. Whispering a compliment.

Complimenting her is an excellent way to make her blush, but whispering it takes it to another level. Getting close enough for her to feel your breath brushing against her ear, perhaps even feeling your lips move as you whisper the compliment, can do more than just make her blush. This area is highly sensitive for most women, and you’re likely to elicit some reaction if you try this.

4. Asking about yourself.

Putting them on the spot, subtly compelling them to share their thoughts about you, can cause a woman to blush. It might be because she feels slightly embarrassed (in a good way) to express her real thoughts about you, or perhaps her answer is flirty.

It might not always make her blush, but if you ask at the right moment, in the right manner, you can certainly make her blush.

5. Compliment her.

Complimenting her is a foolproof way to make her blush, as long as you do it in a flirty way. If you just tell her you like something about what she’s wearing in a very casual way, you’re not going to make her blush.

However, if you pick out the right things to compliment and tell her how it really makes smile shing, or her eyes pop, she’ll most likely blush. It’s all about how you pair the compliment and what your tone is.

If she’s used to being complimented, you might have to try harder, but every girl will blush at some kind of compliment, you might just have to find the right one. 

6. Be touchy.

If you want to make her blush, be more touchy. Hug her when you say hello and goodbye, surprise her with a hug from behind, or put your arm around her as you walk. You can also hold her hand, even when you’re sitting across from her. Another option is her waist; this might make her blush because few people touch her there.

It’s not a common thing friends do. You can take her by the waist to bring her in for a kiss or find the right moment to put your hand on her waist as you walk. It’s a bit more intimate than just putting your hand on her shoulder.

7. Flirt with her.

Flirting with her will likely make her blush 99% of the time. Flirting can be purposeful, and it can be verbal or physical. There are many ways you can flirt with her, and some methods might make her blush more than others. This is normal, and you just need to try different flirting techniques to discover what makes her blush the most.

8. Gently tease her.

The keyword here is ‘gentle’. If you tease her excessively, you risk hurting her feelings or upsetting her, two outcomes you definitely want to avoid when trying to make her blush. Aim for a positive response by teasing her gently.

The nature of the teasing will largely depend on her personality. Find little things about her that you can playfully tease her about without actually picking on her. That’s the best way to make her blush with gentle teasing.

9. Surprise her.

Man surprises woman at the beach.
Surprises will make her blush.

Surprising her is another way to make her blush. This can be through an action or perhaps even a gift. For instance, if you’re going to dinner and she often splits the bill with you or tries to pay, surprise her by covering the bill. This will likely make her blush.

You could also surprise her by offering to pick her up instead of meeting at the restaurant. Any gentlemanly action has a high chance of making her blush. Women tend to appreciate these gestures and often feel special when surprised.

10. Speak affectionately about her.

If she hears you saying sweet things about her to someone else, she’s bound to blush. Even if she doesn’t overhear you, but you’re standing with her when you do it, it’s likely to make her blush. This will stir positive emotions in her, leading to a physical reaction, like blushing. It could be as simple as referring to her as your girlfriend before it’s official or when the relationship is still very new.

11. Smiling at her.

Woman smiling.
Smile at her to make her blush.

Smiling can go a long way. Seeing you smile at her can make her blush if she finds you attractive and loves your smile. It might seem too simple and sometimes even unintentional, but if you smile at her, you’ll likely make her blush.

12. Tell her your true feelings.

Be sweet and open with her, sharing your genuine feelings. Whether in person or through a heartfelt written note, your sincerity in revealing your emotions will likely make her blush.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do all girls blush? Yes, all girls can blush. In fact, everyone can blush. It’s a natural human reaction that can occur for various reasons. Sometimes, blushing may occur after an embarrassing incident, and sometimes it’s related to romantic feelings.
  • Is it easy to make a girl blush? Not always. It can be easy to make a girl blush, but it can also be difficult. There isn’t a single correct answer to this question because everyone is different. Some girls have a tougher shell, and it might be harder to make them blush.
  • Is it bad if she doesn’t blush? It’s not necessarily bad if you haven’t noticed her blushing. However, you might want to be on the lookout for other signs that indicate she might not be interested in you, just to be sure.
  • What if she doesn’t make me blush? Blushing is a two-way street; just as you can make her blush, she will likely make you blush at some point. If she doesn’t make you blush, it might be a cause for concern. However, before concluding that she hasn’t been able to make you blush, ensure you’re certain of this. It’s possible that you simply haven’t noticed.
  • Why do people blush? Understanding why someone blushes gives you a good basis for figuring out how to make them blush. People blush for various reasons, and it’s usually their body’s way of showing that something you’ve said or done has given them butterflies. It makes them feel good for one reason or another. Blushing is a physical response to an emotional stir you’ve created within them with your actions or words.

There are many ways to make a girl blush, and many of them are quite simple. They don’t all require a deep emotional connection; there are surface-level, physical things you can do to make her blush.

Chances are, several, if not most of the methods included in this list, will make her blush, providing you with various approaches.

Don’t hesitate to try them all out and figure out which one makes her blush more or blush faster – that’s the one you’ll want to remember.

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