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Chat Line Numbers for Men with Free Trials

GuySPY Voice chat line image

GuySPY Voice

GuySPY Voice rating: 5 stars
866 520-3696

60 Mins Free Trial

RedHot Dateline chat line image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars
888 652-3736

60 Mins Free Trial

Livelinks chat line image


Livelinks rating: 5 stars
855 972-2699

60 Mins Free Trial

Fonochat chat line image


Fonochat rating: 5 stars
866 368-7505

60 Mins Free Trial

Vibeline chat line image


Vibeline rating: 5 stars
844 832-3542

60 Mins Free Trial

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Treat yourself to some fun and engaging private conversations with local women through chat lines for men. Now could be the perfect time for you to kick off, relax and give your social life that much-needed boost by having stimulating private chats right in the convenience of your own home.

We’re providing you with hot phone lines for men that can instantly connect you with other local callers who are looking for casual chats, phone dates and sexy interactions. So, if you’re in the mood to talk to women right now, get your phone ready because we’re about to reveal to you the best chat line numbers for men that offer Free Trial.

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The Best Chat Lines for Men

We’re providing you a complete rundown of the best and most trusted chat lines that offer Free Trial to all first-time callers. Each chat line guarantees top privacy and security to deliver an excellent live chat experience for men who are seeking for high-quality phone dating services.

RedHot Dateline image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline 5 stars rated (4034)
888 652-3736 60 Mins Free Trial

Red Hot Dateline redefines the concept of phone dating with its sexy brand image and aggressive marketing campaigns. Men who are on the lookout for hot phone lines that guarantee steamy conversations and spicy interactions will find satisfaction in this chat line. Gone are the days when you have to go to public places just to socialize and meet other singles. Red Hot Dateline makes it easier for the busiest men to talk to women via phone chat and discuss every topic in mind from wholesome to naughty – and perhaps get into some dirty business as well. What’s even more exciting is the chance to meet new friends, make new acquaintances and even a love interest. If you’re ready to have fun now, grab your phone and get on with your 60-minute Free Trial.

Livelinks image


Livelinks 5 stars rated (6207)
855 972-2699 60 Mins Free Trial

Well-known for its extensive and widespread advertising campaigns, Livelinks has gone a long way in the chat line industry. It continues to serve hundreds of callers every single day through its reliable and secure chat line system. If you consider yourself an entry level to live phone chat, Livelinks can offer you multiple options to warm up and get started. You can always expect diversity in their callers ranging from innocent ones all the way to the more aggressive types. You always have a choice not matter what it is that you’re in the mood for. To make the deal sweeter, Livelinks offers free chat line minutes to men who are calling for the first time. So if you want to uncover what possibilities await you within this chat line number, use your Free Trial now.

GuySPY Voice image

GuySPY Voice

Gay GuySPY Voice 5 stars rated (3405)
866 520-3696 60 Mins Free Trial

Popular among gay men and male bisexuals, GuySPY Voice brings a whole new level of chat line experience to men. As a leading gay line, It continues to be one of the leading phone lines in the industry for its bold and daring approach to men live chats. Hot and single men are always welcome to join the fascinating community of callers that make up GuySPY Voice and discover new experiences through live phone chats. All forms of interaction are encouraged within the system that features private men chat rooms. So if you’re curious about the conversations and sexual escapades that take place within this local chat line, feel free to dial the number to claim your free chat minutes.

Fonochat image


Fonochat 5 stars rated (2241)
866 368-7505 60 Mins Free Trial

Say “hello” to hot and sexy Latinas who are about to give you the most sensual phone chat you can imagine. Fonochat is the main hub for Spanish-speaking chat line callers who want to make new friends and engage in stimulating conversations. Whether you’re calling for casual talks, flirty chats or spicy interplay, Fonochat can deliver you a pleasurable experience like no other. Favored for its privacy and security features, it remains to be one of the most reliable phone lines for men over the years. So if you’re thinking about having a sensational phone date tonight with a Latina, Fonochat can offer you an endless array of choices. All of them are genuine callers who are anticipating a good time. Indeed, Latino chat lines just got even better. To get started, dial the free trial chat line number now and enjoy the next 60 minutes for free!

Vibeline image


Vibeline 5 stars rated (536)
844 832-3542 60 Mins Free Trial

Vibeline is more than just your average men's phone dating line. Amongst other black chat lines for men, it is the only one that is specifically-designed for the fun and fearless black community. With hundreds of callers at any given time, you can always expect to meet beautiful and amusing local black women that can captivate your attention. You can enjoy fun and casual chats, sexy discussions and yes, even romantic conversations that can keep you up all night. Vibeline is not just an exciting local chat line for men, it can also be the source of new friendships and meaningful connections. So if you want to interact with fabulous black women, a full 60-minute free trial is waiting for you.

Phone Sex Numbers image

Phone Sex Numbers

Phone Sex Numbers 5 stars rated (678)
888 994-4763 30 Mins Free Trial

Boys will be boys as they say but why settle when you can be a man? Phone Sex Numbers offers the hottest and steamiest sex lines for men that can guarantee lustful adventures and sex escapades like no other. Note that this is not your average dating line because it is lightly moderated and encourages sexy adult conversations between singles all the time. So whether you’re a sensual lover or a really aggressive one, you can always count on Phone Sex Numbers to satisfy your dirty fantasies. And for the best part, you can expect hundreds of callers at any time of the day which means that you will never run out of options to explore. Talk to real singles now and experience the real thing by activating your free trial.

Two Talkers image

Two Talkers

Two Talkers 5 stars rated (792)
888 423-2838 60 Mins Free Trial

Noted as one of the trendiest men phone lines in the industry, Two Talkers features a youthful vibe and a fun-loving breed of callers. If you’re quite new with the chat lines and you want to make a fun exploration, calling this chat line number might be an excellent way to start. Aside from protecting the privacy of its callers and ensuring that all conversations are private, Two Talkers also has one of the most reliable platforms. You can always count on uninterrupted chats and clear-cut connections. It is lightly-moderated which ensures that every male caller can have only the best experience. If curiosity has gotten you by this time, you’d be pleased to know that Two Talkers also offers you 60 minutes of free live chat. So call now and see what pleasant treat awaits you.

Chatline Dating image

Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating 5 stars rated (602)
877 448-8935 30 Mins Free Trial

Treat yourself to a pleasurable phone chat experience through Chatline Dating. Famed for its excellence in providing authentic live chat experience for men, this chat line number continues to make waves in the phone dating department. In fact, men phone lines are continuously reaching phenomenal milestones as more and more women are discovering the exciting conversations and sexy discussions that take place within Chatline Dating’s secure toll-free number. And the fact that it’s very easy to use makes it even more encouraging. To get started you only have to follow three basic steps. First, dial the number. Second, record your greeting. And third, choose a chat partner. Within a minute, you can start chatting in private. If you’re all set, activate your Free Trial now to discover hundreds of women who are waiting for their perfect phone date.

Talk121 image


Talk121 5 stars rated (74)
866 838-5612 30 Mins Free Trial

Men who are looking for hot phone dates, friendly chitchats and stimulating discussions can always rely on Talk 121. Known as one of the men phone lines that regularly offer free chat line minutes, it has maintained its consistency in terms of quality and uninterrupted service. In fact, it is one of the most competitive local dating lines for men who are looking for romantic interactions. Talk 121 features local chat numbers that can instantly connect you to a pool of local female callers who might just be around the corner. It also consistently offers exciting promotions and even free services to those who want to give it a try. Enter the exciting world of Talk 121 now and start talking to lady callers that are ready for a delightful experience.

Tango image


Tango 5 stars rated (124)
855 760-3085 20 Mins Free Trial

Get up close and personal with awesome women through Tango Personals. Known for its unique dating services and reliable chat numbers, callers can always look forward to an exciting time and life-changing experience. It offers a great opportunity for men to meet their perfect match right in their local area. This makes Tango Personals ideal for men with busy lifestyle as well as to those who are seeking for a reliable singles phone line. You can simply call on your most convenient time right in the comfort of your own home and start connecting with local women who are out there searching for their dream man as well. Amongst all men chat lines in the industry, Tango Personals offers the most wholesome image which makes it suitable for those looking for genuine friendships and real-life romance. If you think this is the right local chat line for you, go ahead and avail the Free Trial.

Megamates image


Megamates 5 stars rated (212)
877 648-7182 30 Mins Free Trial

Megamates takes phone dating business seriously as it brings into the spotlight its edgy features and advanced mailbox system. Popular among men with various inclinations for using the chat line services, Megamates offers a wide range of options from casual phone chats to serious dating. It also caters to men who want to stay connected with several women to determine compatibility. Chat packages are available at affordable rates plus an option to avail pre-paid priority messages. Rates start at $19.99 for 1 week unlimited message retrieval and 3 pre-paid priority messages that can be used to keep in touch with your favorite callers. For value-added services, avail 1 week unlimited live chat and direct connection plus messaging features for $23.99. If you want to test the waters first, a 30-minute free trial awaits all first-time callers.

Lavender Line image

Lavender Line

Lavender Line 5 stars rated (107)
827 432-1231 20 Mins Free Trial

Originally designed for female-to-female interaction, Lavender Line also welcomes male callers who have a thing for bisexual women. In this age of polyamory and open relationships, this phone chat line has opened opportunities for men to explore various female gender identities and expressions. Conversations can be casual, friendly, entertaining, sexy and even erotic. A little flirting here and there is likewise encouraged to give this men phone line an interesting and exciting twist. Be aware that consent is important to maintain a pleasant chat line environment at all times. However, live phone chats for men can go anywhere between naughty to sexually-stimulating and can even get erotic at any point. To have a quick taste of the action, Lavender Line offers 20 minutes of Free Trial.

Interactive Male image

Interactive Male

Interactive Male 5 stars rated (107)
827 331-1231 20 Mins Free Trial

Interactive Male welcomes different gender expressions to accommodate all types of callers, kinks and sexual interests. This chat line takes privacy and security to a whole new level and guarantees 100% confidential and non-moderated live chats. Men are free to engage in various interplay and phone sexual escapades any way they want. Apparently, the local lines for men just got even hotter and more exciting as Interactive Male opens its doors to men who want to join the party. Moreover, this men’s phone line offers a generous free trial to give callers a full experience of its features. Membership can be availed for as low as $4.99 for 10 minutes and $29.99 for 90 minutes. Promo rates are available for first-time purchases. To get into the zone, start with your free trial now.

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Which One Is Your Favorite Chat Line?

Meet local women by using the chat lines

To start, grab your phone and dial your choice of Free Trial chat line number. First-time callers can access all the free chat lines on our list.

888 652-3736

RedHot Dateline - 60 Minutes Free Trial

How Chat Lines for Men Work

Dial any of the men chat numbers with free trial from our list

Identify the men chat line that best suits you and dial the free trial number. All phone lines feature a toll-free number that won’t appear on your billing statement. There are also no applicable charges. Once connected, a voice prompt will provide you the initial instructions and cue you for the next steps.

Record a greeting message

The voice prompt will ask you to state your chat line name followed by a cue to start recording your greeting message. Your recorded message serves as your profile within the chat line system. It is how other callers will discover or find you as they browse through the recordings of fellow callers. Therefore, it is important to choose a snappy name that’s easy to remember and to record a greeting message that’s brief yet catchy to attract other callers.

Listen to other callers’ recorded greetings

Once your recording gets into the system, you can start listening to the recorded greetings of other callers. You have the option to listen to each one of them, skip some and proceed with the next ones until you find a greeting that appeals to you.

Send a private chat invitation or accept a chat request

You can start sending out private chat invitations to callers whose greetings appeal to you the most. You may also start to receive your own chat requests from other online callers who already heard your greeting message from the system. You have the option to either wait for your chat invitation to be accepted or to give in to one of your live chat requests.

Start a private conversation with your chat partner

Once connected with a fellow caller, you can start chatting in private right away. Get the conversation rolling by greeting your lady chat partner followed by a funny icebreaker or a pick up line to clear the air. At this point, you’re also free to engage in whatever type of interaction you both agree on. So loosen up, be confident and have fun.