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Vibeline chat line image


Vibeline rating: 5 stars

From: 2pm to 3am PST

844 8323 ----

60 Mins Free Trial

Livelinks chat line image


Livelinks rating: 5 stars
855 972-2699

60 Mins Free Trial

GuySPY Voice chat line image

GuySPY Voice

GuySPY Voice rating: 5 stars
866 520-3696

60 Mins Free Trial

RedHot Dateline chat line image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars

From: 2pm to 3am PST

888 6523 ----

60 Mins Free Trial

Fonochat chat line image


Fonochat rating: 5 stars

From: 2pm to 3am PST

866 3687 ----

60 Mins Free Trial

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The black chat lines creates opportunities for you to meet urban black people and establish meaningful connections. To help you kick-start a rewarding social journey, we're giving you a list with the best chat lines for African-Americans that offer free trials to first-time users. This is your chance to meet local urban blacks and engage in private live chats.

Connect with urban callers near you and join the party of ebony people at the black chat lines. Use any of the free trial numbers and treat yourself with a satisfying phone date with a black chat partner. Browse through our full list of chat line numbers for blacks and pick your top choice to experience an awesome social adventure now.

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The Best Picks for Black Chat Lines

Discover the best picks of black chat lines that offer great experiences and meaningful encounters with local urban singles. Treat yourself to an exciting time and meet beautiful ebony people near you that might turn out to be your best chat partners and favorite hot phone dates. We made sure to provide you with the choicest chat lines that cater to African-Americans across the U.S. and Canada. To start, use any of the free trial chat numbers to explore the features and connect with local black callers at no cost

Livelinks image


Livelinks 5 stars rated (6230)
855 972-2699 60 Mins Free Trial

A consistent favorite of black chat line callers, Livelinks is perfect for those who want to meet black singles for pleasant chats and fun conversations. It takes urban dating to a higher level with its wide network coverage, a steady stream of callers, and a stable platform that allows local black singles to interact safely and comfortably. Livelinks aims to bring back real and solid connections through actual live conversations. The service provides many perks to its members like ad-free access, capability to call using any phone number, saved greetings, and hotlisting of favorite chat partners. And as a special treat to first-time users, a full 60-minute free trial is available plus an amazing discount for the initial purchase of a chat line package.

GuySPY Voice image

GuySPY Voice

Gay GuySPY Voice 5 stars rated (3419)
866 520-3696 60 Mins Free Trial

Among urban blacks, sexy chats and stimulating talks are always hot items. This makes GuySPY Voice a premium African-American chat line. It caters primarily to fun and fearless black gays and male bisexuals in their main gay phone line to establish meaningful connections. Social chats between blacks just got even hotter with GuySPY Voice's happy hour, which is between 6 and 7 am daily. The happy hour offers free chat line usage for members that are active during regular hours. And as the cliché goes, "fantasy never ends for those who enjoy the black phone lines.". Other perks for active black users are; instant notifications when favorite chat partners are online, access to loyalty programs, and speedy renewal of membership.

Vibeline image


Vibeline 5 stars rated (556)
844 8323 ----

From: 2pm to 3am PST

60 Mins Free Trial

Black chat line numbers are notable for their character and lively nature. This makes Vibeline one of the top African-American chat lines for social chats, rewarding conversations, and even hot phone sex. Vibeline basically celebrates the snappy and fun attitude of urban black singles. The constant goal of this black phone line is to provide a modern and innovative system that can host hundreds to thousands of simultaneous black callers. This is crucial because of its steadily increasing number of users. Vibeline is also accessible through a universal toll-free number that guarantees easy navigation with a user-friendly IVR system. With its efficient phone-in service feature, it makes the process of connecting with a black chat partner fast, easy, and hassle-free.

RedHot Dateline image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline 5 stars rated (4056)
888 6523 ----

From: 2pm to 3am PST

60 Mins Free Trial

When it comes to uncensored live chats between black chat line callers, Red Hot Dateline is one of the leading choices. It is a trusted chat line company that promotes black phone lines for the awesome African-American community across North America. It continues to provide a safe and secure platform for black men and women where they can indulge in their most intimate desires. With its sexy image and aggressive promotions, it continues to win the attention of black singles that are looking for local callers to connect and chat with. Red Hot Dateline is a singles' chat line where you can converse with like-minded black singles and have fun while enjoying the live chat experience.

Fonochat image


Fonochat 5 stars rated (2256)
866 3687 ----

From: 2pm to 3am PST

60 Mins Free Trial

Fonochat is the most popular chat line that caters to Spanish-speaking singles or Hispanics. It is also a versatile chat line that promotes inter-racial chats between local singles, making it a suitable chat line for blacks that love to explore and experiment on new experiences using the chat lines. For years, Fonochat continues to offer a fun and safe place to interact with like-minded individuals regardless of race and ethnicity. It encourages new friendships and meaningful relationships, bridges gaps, and defies individual differences. So if you're a black single that would love to chat with local Latinos or Latinas, Fonochat is the best social hotline for you. Discover its warm and welcoming community now using the free trial.

Phone Sex Numbers image

Phone Sex Numbers

Phone Sex Numbers 5 stars rated (754)
888 994-4763 30 Mins Free Trial

Urban black singles that want to satisfy their sexual urges can always rely on Phone Sex Numbers to give them the quickest solutions. As one of the naughtiest chat lines for blacks, it is also the best source of genuine sex chats and phone quickies. Amongst all the black chat line numbers on our list, Phone Sex Numbers is the most diverse and flexible. Despite its sexy branding, it features a lot of African-American chat line callers that are looking for wholesome topics to discuss and casual phone dates with black singles. Some of its best features are; non-moderated chat rooms, clear-cut reception, and affordable chat line packages. Use the free trial toll-free number now to have a first-hand experience of this black party line.

Chatline Dating image

Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating 5 stars rated (615)
877 448-8935 30 Mins Free Trial

Chatline Dating is a mainstay on our list of the best free black chat lines. Aside from consistently providing free trials to first-time callers, it also designates an exclusive category for black phone chats and phone dates. It has an awesome community of urban blacks that are looking forward to meeting local singles for fun interactions and stimulating live chats. With its secure and private black phone chat rooms, callers can engage in almost any topic from casual to sexy. Chatline Dating also encourages callers to socialize from the privacy of their home to feel more comfortable and relaxed. It promotes safe dating experiences as you enjoy the juicy live chat sessions with local singles.

Two Talkers image

Two Talkers

Two Talkers 5 stars rated (808)
888 423-2838 60 Mins Free Trial

Meeting hot and ebony singles is fast and easy using the Two Talkers black chat line. This phone line exudes a fun and free-spirited vibe, making it a suitable place for black chat line users to meet, chat, and have fun. With easy-to-use features, simple instructions, and efficient VoIP system, connecting with like-minded black people is a breeze. Most of its users are young adults that are quite aggressive in trying out new things and in exploring their sexuality. So be prepared to match their energy and passion. Two Talkers can be whatever you make it, which means that you can share a bit of yourself, or you can be a mystery. Spark up instant connections and find black chat buddies now using the free trial.

Talk121 image


Talk121 5 stars rated (82)
866 838-5612 30 Mins Free Trial

The best way to enjoy Talk 121 is to engage in a private live chat and experience a short-term encounter with a caller. This makes it an ideal dating line for black people who enjoy random phone dates and conversations with strangers. Meeting black callers on Talk 121 is not just fun. It is also safe, secure, and confidential. There are hundreds to thousands of modern black singles across the U.S. that are enjoying the live chat system that supports all types of phone interaction. The private chats are free from moderation, allowing callers to explore any topic that can satisfy them. On top of all these, Talk 121 also offers affordable chat packages all year round.

VoiceRoulette image


VoiceRoulette 5 stars rated (128)
990 121-3939 10 Mins Free Trial

If you're looking for a versatile ebony chat line that can help you find love, friendship, or companionship, Voice Roulette should be your first choice. Its chat line roulette system will make it easier for you to connect with real black singles that you'll find interesting, amusing, and relatable on all aspects. Voice Roulette features decent, mature, and serious callers that you can share your most intimate secrets with. You can also talk about your hobbies and passion because it promotes conventional phone chats between blacks. And it is more than just a dating line for black people because it's also a place where you can share your ideas and interests with a "friend" through phone conversations.

ChatlinesUSA image


ChatlinesUSA 5 stars rated (198)
737 129-4283 10 Mins Free Trial

Known as America's classic and premier chat line, Chatlines USA caters primarily to English-speaking callers. It also has a specific category for black chat line callers making it one of the top choices among single blacks. For years, it's been the social line that offers the quickest and easiest way to chat with local women through its basic platform and direct phone-in service system. It also has black phone chat rooms that are strictly monitored by moderators for aggressive and unruly behavior. So if your idea of a fun phone date is one that's wild and rowdy, you'll have to keep it low to stay on this chat line. Chatlines USA supports all forms of black interaction as long as they're decent and low-key.

MetroVibe image


MetroVibe 5 stars rated (100)
732 532-1298 5 Mins Free Trial

Metro Vibe is one of the most trusted and premium chat line companies in North America. It caters to modern African-Americans that are looking for serious connections and relationships. It is not primarily for immature hook-ups and childish plays but is more geared towards real dating, love, and intimate bonds. This makes it a popular choice among single black men and women that barely have time to socialize due to their career and busy lifestyle. Metro Vibe offers fun and private black chat rooms, and features hundreds of urban callers. So if you want to connect and converse with modern black men and women near you, Metro Vibe is an excellent place to get started.

Social Voice USA image

Social Voice USA

Social Voice USA 5 stars rated (239)
844 2681 ----

From: 5am to 5am PST

30 Mins Free Trial

Quality phone chat for black singles with similar interests and strong compatibility has become a reality with Social Voice USA. Known as one of the leaders in the industry of chat line dating, Social Voice USA continues to support black men and women in finding their ideal match. And whether you're looking for a friend or an urban lover, you'll find every means to enjoy its lively community. With hundreds of callers at any given time and coast to coast coverage, Social Voice proves to be a social hotline that has maintained impressive standards over the years. As a black party line, it offers a fun and energetic vibe to make each live chat experience meaningful and memorable for every caller.

Tango image


Tango 5 stars rated (143)
855 760-3085 20 Mins Free Trial

Tango Personals consists of a community of people that enjoy new social encounters regardless of race and ethnicity. Everyone is welcome to join its party line, which makes it a popular choice among black callers that want to make new friends or find real-life "sweethearts". It promotes the basics of dating long before text messages, and social media platforms entered the scene – and that's through meaningful voice chats. Just like most chat line services, Tango Personals doesn't promote personal profiles. The callers can stay anonymous and enjoy private live chats via its secure system. It also promotes free black chat lines that are accessible to all first-time callers; and reasonable chat packages with additional perks to regular customers.

Megamates image


Megamates 5 stars rated (239)
877 6487 ----

From: 2pm to 3am PST

30 Mins Free Trial

Targeting modern black men and women with high standards in dating, Megamates lives up to its high-end and cosmopolitan image. It offers exclusive features and other unique services that cater to the specific needs of trendy African-Americans. Some of these are computerized matchmaking systems, private messaging, speech recognition, and hotlist notifications, among many others. Megamates is a popular chatline for black singles because it promotes real connection and puts emphasis on the benefits and safety of phone dating. It also supports the idea that lasting relationships always start with meaningful conversations. Regular black callers appreciate Megamates' unlimited usage packages with pre-paid priority messaging, which helps to stay connected with favorite chat partners.

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Which One Is Your Favorite Chat Line?

Start Connecting with Local Black Singles Now!

Treat yourself with a delightful experience by chatting with local black callers now. Meet hot and sexy urban blacks and enjoy private live chats and satisfying phone dates. To start the fun, activate your top choice of free trial number from our list.

855 972-2699

Livelinks - 60 Minutes Free Trial

How the Chat Lines for Blacks Work

Pick your choice of black chat line

Check out our full list of black chat lines and pick your choice. Dial the free trial number, listen to the voice prompt, and key in your choice for language selection and category. Note that some chat lines may have a different set of instructions, but they work the same. After pressing your options, wait for the cue and state your preferred chat line name or alias.

Record a short greeting message

Record a short self-introduction that will serve as your chat line greeting message. This is what the chat line users would hear from you as they browse through the active callers in the chat line system. Try to come up with an attractive recording to increase your chances of getting more private chat invitations. Briefly mention your purpose for joining the black party lines and what you're looking for in a chat partner.

Listen to greeting messages

Check out the active callers by listening to the greeting messages in the system. You may listen to each recording or skip some of them whenever you want so you can proceed and listen to the next ones. This can help you get to know more about the active users so you can find a suitable black chat partner.

Invite active callers to a private live chat

Send out private live chat invitations to the chat line callers that captured your attention and interest. You may send multiple invitations to maximize your chances of getting into a private chat room right away with a chat partner. Once an active caller responds to your invitation, you will get a notification in the system. Be aware that at any moment, you may also receive chat requests from the callers who listened to your recorded greeting.

Enjoy a private conversation

Relax, be confident, and enjoy a private conversation. If you feel uneasy or self-conscious, break the ice with a funny joke or witty pick-up line. You can engage in any topic and converse with your chat partner any way you want as long as you're both comfortable. If you're happy with your experience, add this caller to your favorites to maintain your connection. Otherwise, you may block this caller or take no action.