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TOP 10 Singles Phone Chat Line Numbers With Free Trials

GuySPY Voice chat line image

GuySPY Voice

GuySPY Voice rating: 5 stars
866 520-3696

60 Mins Free Trial

RedHot Dateline chat line image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline rating: 5 stars
888 652-3736

60 Mins Free Trial

Livelinks chat line image


Livelinks rating: 5 stars
855 972-2699

60 Mins Free Trial

Fonochat chat line image


Fonochat rating: 5 stars
866 368-7505

60 Mins Free Trial

Vibeline chat line image


Vibeline rating: 5 stars
844 832-3542

60 Mins Free Trial

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We offer a list for the TOP phone chat line numbers for singles who are looking for fun, dates and more. Maybe you want to meet someone kinky and exciting; maybe you’d like to talk to someone who shares your interests; or maybe you want to chat with someone who’s sweet and romantic.

No worries. Thousands of singles just like you are on the chat lines, and they are waiting for you to give them call. So if you are looking for great conversations then we will help make your dreams a reality.

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TOP 10 Chat Line Numbers For Singles

Looking for someone nice to talk in the middle of the night? Flirting on the phone with a complete stranger can be quite fun. Thousands of people do it regularly. Chat lines are not only a good way to meet potential new partners, it’s also a great way to brush up on your romantic skills. So if you are looking for great conversations then here are 15 great free trial chat lines for singles that you should try.

RedHot Dateline image

RedHot Dateline

RedHot Dateline 5 stars rated (4034)
888 652-3736 60 Mins Free Trial

RedHot Dateline, a hot, easy to use chat line that offers free trials to anyone that's interested to call and try their service without paying a dime. Members and paying users get access to thousands of other singles looking for love and companionship on the internet. Also, RedHot Dateline offers a certain amount of moderation to protect each user’s privacy and to prevent unwanted transactions. So it’s not one of the most interesting chat line out there, but despite this, it does offer a lot of value and it’s certainly growing in popularity over the years.

Livelinks image


Livelinks 5 stars rated (6207)
855 972-2699 60 Mins Free Trial

Livelinks, Since its founding, Livelinks has become one of the more well-known phone dating services in North America. Unlike other singles chat lines, Livelinks encourages its users to build up friendships before engaging in the sexy stuff. The platform was also developed to protect each member’s anonymity, and paying members get the option keep track of certain people by adding them on a special list. This allows users to have continuous conversations with people they like without compromising their anonymity.

GuySPY Voice image

GuySPY Voice

Gay GuySPY Voice 5 stars rated (3405)
866 520-3696 60 Mins Free Trial

GuySPY Voice is the singles chat line for those who prefer wild and hot interactions. Over the years, this chat line has gained the reputation of naughty people who are only interested in having fun. No complicated relationships are allowed; only sexy people who want to unleash their imagination. The only downside is that GuySPY Voice's chatlines don’t get a lot of moderation, but other than that, it’s a great service. A special free trial period is also available for interested parties who want to try GuySPY Voice but are not sure about what it has to offer.

Fonochat image


Fonochat 5 stars rated (2241)
866 368-7505 60 Mins Free Trial

Fonochat is one of the most popular chat lines for phone dating. Unlike other chat lines, Fonochat is into interracial members, and american users seem to like it. This platform feels more like a hybrid between tinder and traditional phone chatlines, and as you might guess, many people use Fonochat to talk to sexy singles latino girls, basically, their main latino chat line. Fono Chat is still relatively new, but with hundreds of online local callers at any time. Fonochat is a great chat line for singles to have fun in.

Vibeline image


Vibeline 5 stars rated (536)
844 832-3542 60 Mins Free Trial

Vibeline was setup like Romance with a little Live Chat thrown into the mix. It began as a free affair dating site, but gradually developed to include singles and the recently divorced. They also offer both online and phone chat conversations, so it works well for different people with different preferences. Most members of Vibeline are regular callers, so it’s a good idea to use their free trial chat line a few times before you commit yourself to a full membership. However, registration is not necessary to use the chatline. Anyone can use it regardless of their membership status.

Two Talkers image

Two Talkers

Two Talkers 5 stars rated (792)
888 423-2838 60 Mins Free Trial

Singles deserve all the fun and excitement they can get. What better way to get started than by calling Two Talkers chat line? Two Talkers is designed for social interaction and instant connection among singles within a local area. It’s a chat line that encourages friendly conversations, meaningful topics and even some hot romance. So for all singles out there who want to widen their network and meet new acquaintances, Two Talkers has a community of singles that’s waiting to connect, chat and have fun with you. Worried about your privacy? Two Talkers maintains a safe and secure platform that can guarantee the confidentiality of each call. Call now to discover the thrill that awaits you.

Phone Sex Numbers image

Phone Sex Numbers

Phone Sex Numbers 5 stars rated (678)
888 994-4763 30 Mins Free Trial

Cheers to all the sexy and hot singles out there! Now is your chance to take your social life to the next level by calling Phone Sex Numbers line. True to its words, this singles chat line guarantees the steamiest phone dates you can imagine. From horny conversations to hardcore flirting and all the way to mind-blowing phone sex, you can expect only the best interactions to satisfy your wildest sexual desires. Feed your curiosity, let go of your inhibitions and jump into the bandwagon to discover the excitement that awaits you. Start talking with real and genuine singles that are up and ready for a private live chat now. Remember, all singles’ private chats are 100% secure which means that you can get really dirty until you’re fully satisfied.

Talk121 image


Talk121 5 stars rated (74)
866 838-5612 30 Mins Free Trial

Talk121 is an interesting singles chat line. It’s definitely kinky, but its membership fees are also meant to keep out the riffraff. Most users here are not afraid to talk about what turns them on, and some tend to have a very pragmatic view of relationships. In any case, Talk121 is a chatline that caters to people who are not afraid to demand what they want. It’s also not the kind of chat line for people who are used to vanilla type relationships. So if you think you can handle what they have to offer and their callers then Talk121 may be a good choice for you.

Chatline Dating image

Chatline Dating

Chatline Dating 5 stars rated (602)
877 448-8935 30 Mins Free Trial

Being single entitles you to have fun, to explore and to express your interests freely. Chatline Dating for Singles is the best chat line experience that can make your single life even more exciting. It caters authentic and true-to-life experience for adult singles that are looking for ways to connect and interact with each other. It is designed for those who want to meet new friends and engage in good conversations, for those who want to flirt and play around, for singles that are looking for a romantic partner, and even for those who want to get naughty and explore their erotic personalities. Call now and see what it has in store for singles like you!

Tango image


Tango 5 stars rated (124)
855 760-3085 20 Mins Free Trial

Tango is all about professionalism and quality control. If you want a chat line that is reliable and safe then Tango has what you need. Its only problem is that it’s not as wild as other singles chatlines, but if you are concerned about security then this is a good platform to use. Tango considers each user’s privacy very seriously. It also has special measures and protocols to prevent doxxing and security breaches. So if you need chat line that cares about your security and privacy and allowing you talk to other singles without worring about your privacy then this is the one to choose. Free trial available for the users of

Megamates image


Megamates 5 stars rated (212)
877 648-7182 30 Mins Free Trial

Megamates is a chat line for people who like to experiment with new tastes and new kinks. Members and frequent users aren’t exactly the most romantic people on the planet, but they are open-minded. You can find almost any taste or preference here, and more. Megamates also offers minimal oversight, so it’s less restrictive than other chatlines. However, it has its fair share of rules and moderators, and it’s best not to put those to the test. That one caveat aside, MegaMates is a great chat line for singles who are not afraid to explore their sexuality.

Interactive Male image

Interactive Male

Interactive Male 5 stars rated (107)
827 331-1231 20 Mins Free Trial

Interactive Male is another relatively old chat line, and has endured the test of time. What makes this particular chat line special is that it offers several different categories, which is good for picky singles. Interactive Male caters to all kinds of tastes, and works well for people who are interested in more than just a casual fling or a short tryst. The chat line also has a lot of name recognition. So it’s got a lot more traffic than most other single chat lines out there, but keep in mind that not all of them may be to your liking.

VoiceRoulette image


VoiceRoulette 5 stars rated (122)
990 121-3939 10 Mins Free Trial

VoiceRoulette chat lines for singles tends to cater to the more urban parts of North America, and caters to the preferences of those demographics. This chat line’s features are fairly basic however, and the users tend to be young as well. People who are interested in using VoiceRoulette should remember this and act accordingly. This particular single’s chatline may cater to a certain demographic, but it’s versatile enough to handle all kind of singles.

ChatlinesUSA image


ChatlinesUSA 5 stars rated (192)
737 129-4283 10 Mins Free Trial

ChatlinesUSA's users tend to be older, and includes many career people. Because of these features, the conversations are more patient and mature. Experienced users know what they want, and tend to have finer tastes when it comes to conversation. They are also more demanding, but that’s to be expected. If you want a chat line that allows you to escape from the rigors of work then ChatlinesUSA is the "mature" option for you.

Lavender Line image

Lavender Line

Lavender Line 5 stars rated (107)
827 432-1231 20 Mins Free Trial

Lavender Line is a relatively old chat line, and over the years it’s still a great option. The owners and developers have improved on its original design, which proves its popularity and resilience as a singles chat line. It also offers a versatile group of users and members, and does it cater to any specific niche. Compared to newer brands, Lavender Line’s users tend to be evenly distributed across various age groups, whereas newer chatlines tend to cater to young people. Here you will find single people from all walks of life, from recent-graduates looking for work to divorcees looking for new love. So if you are looking for versatility then Lavender Line has plenty to offer.

MetroVibe image


MetroVibe 5 stars rated (87)
732 532-1298 5 Mins Free Trial

MetroVibe is a combination of phone chat and a party line, and is a good choice for singles who prefer lax and open conversations. Compared to other chat lines, MetroVibe is not very intense nor does it have a lot of hot kinks (though they’re also there if you want them), but it does offer good comfy conversations with people who are looking for love as well as sexy conversations.

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Which One Is Your Favorite Chat Line?

Local Singles Are Waiting For You

Grab your phone, dial any number provided and enjoy! Free-trial available for first time callers

888 652-3736

RedHot Dateline - 60 Minutes Free Trial

How Chat Lines For Singles Work

Call Your Favorite Singles Phone Chat Number

First, you will need to dial the local or generic number provided to you, after which you will be connected to singles in your area. All conversations are confidential, and you won’t be forced to provide any information that you don’t want to offer

Introduce Yourself and Record Your Greeting

Next, you will be asked to record a greeting message. This recording should include what you are looking for in the chat lines, so you should try to be specific. Are you looking for a casual hookup, a sexy adult phone chat or something more serious? Various other users and members will listen to this message, and will decide if they want to speak with you or not

Listen to Other Users Greeting in the Chat Line

Browse through the chat line and look for the people you want to meet. Like you, there are looking for other singles. Listen to their messages, and you might just find a voice that you will fall in love with.

Pick the Caller You Like

Pick the person with the greeting message that you liked the most and you'd like to talk to and send them a message to initiate a conversation.

Start a Private Live Chat with your Single Partner

Start your private conversation. You are free to disclose your information or keep it private indefinitely. You can also bring up any topic you want as long as your partner agrees to discuss it. And from there, it’s all up to you. So have fun.