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Meet the ChatlineDating.com Team

ChatlineDating.com has an efficient team that values commitment and hard work. Their constant brainstorming of ideas and strong support system enables them to become the game-changers in their field. With a positive work environment, passion to learn and professional relationship, they are able to deliver rewarding experiences to a lot of chat line users. Let’s meet the people behind the team.

Sam Lynn

Telecommunications Topic Writer Sam Lynn is a resident writer and also works as a telecommunications consultant. She helps with the over-all operations of the company and monitors the smooth flow of the system on the side. Sam also works towards the improvement of the site content and quality while focusing on more relevant topics that most callers would love to know about.

With her fun personality and open-minded disposition, she always pushes for fearless topics that are up-to-date, timely and trending.

Afton Lynn

Writer for Love Topics: Afton focuses on writing topics about love and intimacy. She values the combination of research, experience and opinion of others in developing a clearer concept for her articles. With extensive background as a writer, along with exceptional skills in digging interesting topics, Afton has made valuable contributions to the company.

Afton is sociable by nature and has an endearing personality which makes her the ideal “go-to” person when you need some encouragement.

Joe Blankenship

Founder, General Topic Writer Joe is the Founder, and the pillar, of ChatlineDating.com. He is well-known for being perfectionist and meticulous about the content. As the Founder of the company who happens to be a good judge of character, he has the ability to sense passion, talent and commitment in people. He pays attention to how people carry out their responsibilities and is good at monitoring progress.

Joe is everyone’s friend and mentor in the company. His leadership skills and constant guidance pushes everyone to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Thessa Dela Rosa

Head Graphic Designer Thessa works as the Head Graphic Designer who manages the over-all look of the website and application. Her creativity and extensive experience in the field of web and graphic design has contributed a lot to the company’s marketing efforts. Through her ideas and natural “eye for beauty”, ChatlineDating.com was able to establish a vibrant image with a steady positioning in the chat line industry.

Thessa’s work attitude, consistency in delivering quality work and openness to changes make her one of the most active members of the team.

Marvin King

Head of App Development Marvin is the resident geek, and the most innovative and inventive person on the team. His dedication to bring new changes and improvements is what makes ChatlineDating.com one of the most reliable sources of chat lines. He is also regarded for being the person who’s always willing to run the extra mile to achieve the highest quality of results.

Contrary to popular beliefs about being a geek, Marvin is actually outspoken, hilarious and has a very active lifestyle. He radiates an energy that contributes to the positive vibe in the workplace.

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