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60 Min Free

Livelinks Rating 855 972-2699
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60 Min Free

Fonochat Rating 866 368-7505
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Two Talkers

60 Min Free

Two Talkers Rating 888 423-2838

All the free 60-minute chat lines on our list are accessible to first-time callers in the U.S. and Canada. There are no hidden charges and the number won't appear on your phone billing statement. We won't ask for your credit card details or personal information to start any free trial.

Go over our list of chat lines to discover the one that best matches your needs and interest. You may call any toll-free number to start connecting with a fellow caller for some private conversation. When you're done with your 60-minute trial period, you may move on to the next chat line to see what other unique surprises await you. Make the most out of it by calling all the numbers on our list.

Here's the final takeaway: To get updates on the latest chat line numbers that offer 60 free minutes, make sure to save this page in your bookmarks. Press Control + D for Windows and Command D for Mac.

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Chat Lines With 60 Minute Free Trial

Here's our complete list of the best free trial chat lines that offer 60 minutes free to all first-time callers. Use these free minutes to chat with local singles and make new and exciting social connections. Remember, all numbers at any time and no cost are accessible within the U.S. and Canada. So don't hold back, and don't miss the chance to experience the fastest, easiest, and most direct way to enjoy a full 60 minutes of free phone chat.

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60-Minute Free Trial

Livelinks Rating

To kick off your chat line dating venture and to provide you with an exciting treat as a first-timer, Livelinks is giving away 60 chatline minutes to all its first-time callers. Covering 1,500 cities within North America, it is one of the industry's most popular and stable dating lines. Thanks to its widespread connections and aggressive promotional campaigns, it also offers users the widest and largest network. So if you're quite unfamiliar or new to chat line dating, Livelinks can provide you with an excellent head start by using its free trial minutes.

For years, Livelinks has lived up to its famous mantra to promote real people, connections, and fun within its phone lines. It is also highly regarded in the dating industry as one of the best places to enrich your social life and meet local singles looking for meaningful conversations and a more direct approach to dating. Adding up to its long line of features is the awesome bunch of adult callers that make up its chat line community. And for the best part, Livelinks is 100% free for all female callers, while males are given 60 minutes of free access on their first call.

If you're seeking a fun, private, and secure way of exploring the local adult community near your area, Livelinks is providing you the perfect opportunity to start now.


60 Minutes of Free Trial

855 972-2699
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60-Minute Free Trial

Fonochat Rating

If you're searching for a Latino chat line number that offers a great deal plus a genuinely friendly environment, Fonochat is the phone line to dial. The Spanish lines' 60 minutes free trial access offers an interactive social immersion like no other. It can introduce you to hundreds of local hot Latinos and sexy Latinas looking forward to meeting a fellow caller with whom they can have fun interactions. Furthermore, it also guarantees a secure and clear-cut connection that allows callers to explore different topics and engage in various forms of conversation, from relaxed to erotic.

Fonochat is suitable for adults who want to talk to Spanish-speaking callers and those who want to uncover what it's like to have a phone date with a Latino. It also offers a great opportunity for singles interested in knowing more about the Hispanic culture of dating. In addition to these, Fonochat has other features that add up to its versatility as a phone dating line, such as having Spanish chat rooms and English chat rooms plus a secure system that preserves the identity and privacy of its callers. It also promotes diversity and unique social connections, ideal for callers across different races, gender identities, and sexual preferences. For you to experience a genuine Latino phone date, call Red Hot Dateline's free 60-min. chatline number now and create exciting bonds.


60 Minutes of Free Trial

866 368-7505
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Two Talkers

60-Minute Free Trial

Two Talkers Rating

If your idea of a hot phone date involves a lot of erotic conversations and dirty talks, Two Talkers is a great choice for that. This sex line's 60 minutes free trial is one of the most extensive in terms of phone dating features and erotic elements. It considers privacy and security its premier feature to allow callers to enjoy uninhibited phone chats, sexy discussions, and phone sex. But don't be deceived by its bold and fearless nature because many singles call mainly for friendly and wholesome conversations. Indeed, it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to interactive social experience via live phone chat.

Two Talkers offers a youthful and trendy vibe that makes it an excellent choice for young and adventurous chat line users. It is recommended for both entry levels as well as seasoned callers. And because there are hundreds of online users at any given time, it is a suitable choice for people who have a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule. You can simply call at your most convenient time and look forward to having a wide range of options to enjoy. So give yourself a hot treat now. Maximize this adult line's 60 minutes free trial by engaging in steamy phone dates or pleasant conversations any way you want.

Two Talkers

60 Minutes of Free Trial

888 423-2838
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GuySPY Voice

60-Minute Free Trial

GuySPY Voice Rating

Popular among gay men, male bisexuals, and bi-curious, GuySPY Voice gives 60 minutes of free chat line experience. If you're calling for the first time and you're within the bounds of the U.S. or Canada, you can conveniently access its free trial chat number. You can use these free minutes to explore the awesome chat line community, meet local gay singles and get intimate on the phone. There are virtually a lot of pleasant surprises that await you within this famous gay line that features countless forms of private conversations and non-moderated chat rooms.

GuySPY Voice currently covers over 1,300 cities all across North America. With its wide scope of coverage, connecting with other hot local gays has never been this convenient and accessible. Getting started is fast and easy because it involves only three basic steps; dial the number, record a greeting and start connecting. And since it's practically expected for anyone to get hooked within this chat line, it has made signing up for membership an easy-breezy process. For a more delightful deal, affordable chat packages are available anytime with additional perks for initial purchases. This means that you can continue having fun within GuySPY Voice even after consuming your 60-minute free trial.

Don't let yourself wonder for too long about the other great possibilities that await you at GuySPY Voice. Use the 60-min trial minutes to determine if this phone dating line satisfies your needs and interests.

GuySPY Voice

60 Minutes of Free Trial

866 520-3696
RedHot Dateline Image

RedHot Dateline

60-Minute Free Trial

RedHot Dateline Rating

Adults on the lookout for dating lines with 60 minute free trial can stop the long search now because Red Hot Dateline has something great to offer. Known as one of the sexiest and fiercest phone lines, Red Hot Dateline offers exciting experiences that go way beyond your imagination. First, every call is private and uncensored. Second, adults can talk to genuine men and women who call for casual chats, friendly interactions, naughty talks, and even phone sex. Third, it guarantees instant connections 24/7. Most importantly, it is always safe and secure, so you can unleash your wildest fantasies without leaving any trace after the call.

Women don't have to pay for the services, while male callers enjoy free 60 minutes of pure adult fun and entertainment. After this trial period, Red Hot Dateline offers affordable chat packages for as low as $4.99 for a 10 minute-access. Initial purchases are likewise entitled to additional perks. But for now, if you want to experience a whole new level of late-night chats for a pleasant happy ending or early morning talks to boost your day, Red Hot Dateline can give you the most satisfying 60 minutes of phone chat free of charge.

RedHot Dateline

60 Minutes of Free Trial

888 652-3736
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60-Minute Free Trial

Vibeline Rating

Vibeline is a premier chat line that's designed for the beautiful black urban community. It currently covers more than 1,200 cities across the U.S. and connects thousands of callers every day. As a special treat, it also offers 60 free chat minutes to all first-time callers, plus a chance to discover its full features. You can make use of these minutes to explore the chat line, browse through online callers, get connected to a local black single, and enjoy a private conversation anyway you want.

Vibeline defies the impression that all chat lines are created the same. It features a live connector that is easy to navigate even among first-timers. Functions include connection requests, private messaging, adding callers to your hotlist, blocking some callers and location services, among others. You can access all these features when you dial this free chat lines' 60-minute access number. Once you've consumed all the free minutes, you can regain access by purchasing additional minutes at reasonable rates. There are three ways to do this; you can purchase by calling the Vibeline chatline number, through the website's Buy Now section, or their 24/7 Customer Service representative.

If you want to satisfy your desire to have a black phone date or to meet an African-American single, activate your free access now to find out what pleasure awaits you.


60 Minutes of Free Trial

844 832-3542
60 Minute Chat Lines

How It Works

How Chat Line Numbers With 60 Minutes of Free Trial Work

To give you a better idea of how the 60 minutes free chat works, here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) that can address any concern you might have in mind right now. In addition to these, we also included several key points that can serve as your guidelines for safety each time you call chat line numbers.

Why Do These Chat Lines Provide Only 60-Minutes Free Access and Not More?

The chat line companies on our list provide only 60 minutes of free trial to preserve the chat line environment's privacy, safety, and security. These free minutes are enough for new users and curious visitors to have real hands-on experience on how the chat line works and what to expect from other callers.

The trial period allows free access to the most important features of the chat line for new users to fully understand the mechanics, plus an opportunity to have a real live interaction. Limiting the trial period can prevent prank calls, bogus callers, and intruders from disturbing the integrity of the chat lines.

How Many Free Trials Can I Use?

Each chat line company on our list offers its own 60-minute free trial number. Once you're done with the first free trial, you can proceed to call the remaining ones. We are continuously strengthening our partnership with different chat line companies to provide you with more free access opportunities. Try to visit this page regularly for new updates on free trials.

What Information Do I Need to Provide to Access 60 Minutes of Free Phone Chat?

You don't need to provide personal information or payment details to start using the free 60-minute trials. There is also no need to sign up for a membership. All you will need is your phone and the free trial access number to start exploring the chat lines for free.

Are Chat Lines Safe and Secure?

All the chat lines on our list are guaranteed safe and secure. Chat lines preserve the identity of their callers and do not ask for any personal information. All conversations are 100% private, and each live chat ends the minute one of the callers decides to hang up. Furthermore, personal numbers are always hidden from other callers, which means that you can call as often as you want without leaving a trace.

How Do the 60-Minute Free Trial Chat Lines Work?

Activating the free trial for each chat line is fast and easy. Start by selecting a chat line from the list and then dial its number. Listen to the voice prompt and press 1 to activate your free trial. Please note that first-time callers are the only ones who can have free access.

The voice prompt will guide you through three basic steps. First, state your chat line name and record a short greeting message which serves as your profile. Second, listen to the greetings of other online callers. And third, send out chat invitations to callers that appeal to you the most. Alternatively, you may also accept chat requests sent to you by others who were able to hear your recorded greeting within the system.

Once a caller accepts your chat invitation, or you decide to accept a chat request, you may start having a private conversation with your chat partner.

How Do I Record a Chat Line Greeting?

Before recording your greeting, you will hear a cue from the voice prompt. You should come up with a greeting message that is catchy enough to trigger the other callers' curiosity. Make it short yet meaningful by stating your purpose for calling the chat lines and what you're particularly looking for in a chat partner. For a greater impact, record your greeting in a quiet environment to ensure your message's clarity and try to use your sexiest tone.

Remember, your chat line greeting serves as your profile within the chat line system. It also represents your presence every time you go online. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to come up with something that's both inviting and pleasant to hear.

Here's a takeaway, you have the option to listen to your recording before submitting it in the system. If you're not satisfied with your greeting, you may do it all over again. Otherwise, you may listen to some sample greetings first, accessible within the chat line system, to better understand how to add a more distinct character to yours.

What Can I Expect From Calling Chat Lines?

Anything is possible each time you call the chat lines. You can expect casual conversations, friendly chats, stimulating topics, erotic talks, and genuine phone sex experiences, among other forms of adult entertainment. Whether you want to engage in wholesome topics or dirty talks, you'll surely find ways to entertain yourself using the phone dating lines.

Callers usually call the adult lines to gain exciting connections such as new friendships, acquaintances, late-night chat buddies, intimate bonds, and even real-life relationships. If you think you're one of those people who consider themselves lucky in love, you might just find a romantic partner amidst the stream of callers.

What Makes Calling Chat Lines Better Than the Traditional Way of Meeting New People?

Calling chat lines is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to meet new people. You don't have to follow a certain schedule to meet up or hang around in public places just to meet other singles. You can simply call at your most convenient time and within the comfort and safety of your own home. More importantly, you can protect yourself from the risks associated with dating and hanging out with strangers.

By using phone dating lines, you can be completely in control of your social life. You can decide whom you want to talk to at any time, depending on what you're in the mood for. Moreover, you can control your pace when it comes to social interaction. So if you're feeling shy or anxious about talking to strangers, the chat lines can offer you the security blanket you need to muster that confidence.

How Much Information Should I Disclose to a Chat Partner?

You are responsible for the amount of information you disclose to your chat partner. Remember that you're under no obligation to share any personal detail about yourself. In fact, you can stay anonymous for as long as you want or until you're ready to share more about your private life.

To ensure only the best experience while using the free 60 minutes chat lines, don't disclose any sensitive details such as your real name, home and work address, bank details, and persons related to you. This can guarantee your safety and minimize potential risks. And as a general rule, it is important to protect your boundaries at all times when talking to a stranger.

What Topics Are Explored in Private Chats?

Private chats are always confidential and non-moderated. This means that you can explore any topic that will satisfy you and your chat partner. You can kick off the conversation with a funny joke, a clever pick-up line, or an icebreaker. Once you're off to a good start, you can engage in any form of interaction that you like.

Feel free to enjoy some casual and friendly chats by talking about your hobbies and interests. Try to find common ground with your chat partner. If you want to take things to a spicier level, you can flirt with each other, explore your wildest fantasies and even share some naughty little secrets. How far your private chat would go depends entirely on how much you and your chat partner are willing to give to each other.

Should I Agree to Meet Up?

For you to have only the best chat line experience, don't agree to meet up with a chat partner after only several chat sessions. No matter how fond and confident you are about your phone date, agreeing to meet up is associated with several risks and dangers. Remember that you're still talking to a stranger whom you don't know on a personal level. Therefore, agreeing to meet up on impulse is not recommended.

Here's the deal, if your chat partner is forcing you to meet up in person and it's against your will, consider it a red flag. A sincere chat partner should be more concerned about establishing a certain level of trust and genuine connection. If you agree to meet up in person, do it in a public place like a cafe or restaurant and ask a friend to look after you from a distance. Lastly, don't meet up inside a car, hotel, or room where it's just you and the person you're meeting.

Safety Tips and Precautions

In our commitment to providing you with a safe environment where you can socialize with fellow chat line callers, we feel that our responsibility is to be mindful of your safety. Here are some safety tips and precautions that you need to observe when using the chat lines with 60 free minutes;

  • Don't disclose your bank or credit card details during the trial period.
  • You are not required to sign up and provide personal information.
  • Stay anonymous and avoid topics that point out to your real identity.
  • Avoid mentioning other people in your life, such as family and friends.
  • Don't call the chat line when you're drunk, emotional, and vulnerable.
  • Block or report callers that make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable.
  • Don't agree to meet up in private.
  • Don't force yourself to engage in dirty talks or phone sex if you're not ready for it.
  • Trust your gut feel about a certain caller. You can always look for other chat partners who can give you a more gratifying time.