19 Signs You Are His Priority

Joe Blankenship

By Joe Blankenship

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19 Signs You Are His Priority

Whether you’re just dating him or in a relationship with him, you may start to wonder if you are his top priority and how much he values you in general. This is very normal, and there is no need to take it as a sign that something is wrong. However, there are times when if you’ve been dating for a while and you’re not getting the same attention as you once were, you may start to ask yourself this question too.

It’s more common to wonder if you’re his priority early on when things are new, so don’t be too concerned. If you want to find out if you’re his priority, keep reading below.

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Priority signs.

1. He wants you to meet all of his friends and family.

This is a good sign that he’s serious about you and that you are his priority. Introducing you to his friends and family is likely something he doesn’t take lightly, and he knows it’s an important step in your relationship so he makes sure it happens. If you weren’t his priority he wouldn’t bother trying to mesh two important parts of his life.

2. He wants to meet all of your friends and family.

Just like he wants you to meet his friends and family and be more involved in his personal life, he also wants to meet your friends and family. He wants to be a part of your personal life, too, because you are a priority to him, and the people in your life who are important to you are also important to him. It would be a red flag if he wasn’t interested in meeting people you are close to.

3. He includes you in all of his activities.

You know for sure that you are his priority if he tries to include you in all of his activities. It’s not that he’s clingy or needy because he gives you space, but he enjoys your company and wants you to feel included, even when it’s something small, like going to the store. He values the time he spends with you and wants you there.

4. He’s considerate about how you’re feeling.

He prioritizes your feelings and wants to make sure you are as happy as you can be and as comfortable as you can be in the relationship. If something hurts your feelings, he acknowledges it, and if he did something wrong, he apologizes and tries to fix it.

When you’re not a guy’s priority, they simply don’t care to ensure you are okay, and they ignore you or maybe don’t even realize how you’re feeling.

5. He lets you choose where you go out to eat.

This may seem like something simple, but if he lets you choose where you go out to eat more often than not, you are definitely his priority. This indicates that he wants you to be happy with your meal and the experience, and he wants to make sure you get to go to all of the places you want to go to.

Some guys don’t care what their girlfriend wants and won’t even ask them what they’re in the mood for. They’ll just choose whatever they want without considering what she wants. So if he lets you choose, he considers you a priority of his for sure.

6. He’s protective.

Most boyfriends are protective of their girlfriends when it comes to other guys, but if you’re his priority, he’s protective of you in general. It’s not because he doesn’t trust you or he’s paranoid something bad will happen, and it’s not overly dramatic or exaggerated.

He’s protective enough that he’s not overbearing, and he does it because he values you in his life and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you.

7. He wants to look good for you.

If you tell him you don’t like that one shirt he wore one time, you won’t catch him dead in that. He prioritizes not only you but your opinion, and he always wants to look good for you. If he knows he’s going to see you, he’s going to make sure to clean up nice for you.

8. He remembers the little things you’ve mentioned.

When you’re a guy’s priority, he’ll remember the little things you’ve told him. Like when you mentioned your favorite food or when you went to the movies and told him about your all-time favorite movie. Not only will he remember these little details about you, but he’ll also prove that he remembers them without you asking him to.

He might surprise you by taking you on a date to the restaurant you mentioned was your favorite. He’ll also pay attention to what you don’t like and avoid those things as much as possible.

9. He makes sure he gives you most of his attention.

It would be impossible for him to give you his undivided attention, he has a life too, but he does his best to give you the most attention possible. He always answers your phone calls and makes time for you, even on his busiest days.

10. He texts you back.

Some guys are terrible texters, but despite that, they make sure to text you back. They do their best to remember to text you even if they forget to text everyone else or don’t like texting. A guy that doesn’t prioritize you wouldn’t care to make an effort, so if you notice him texting back quickly and several times throughout the day, you are one of his priorities.

11. He’s willing to adjust his plans for you.

Not everyone is flexible. Some people are unwilling to change their plans for anyone, no matter what, but if you’re his priority, he would move mountains for you. He’s willing to be a little bit late if you ask him to pick you up first, or to adjust his plans if it’s about you, however, he won’t budge when it comes to plans he makes with you because he prioritizes them.

12. He’s honest.

A man that prioritizes you will always be honest with you. He has nothing to hide and has no reason to be dishonest. He tells you things how they are, even if they’re not what you want to hear, because he knows it’s more important that you know the truth, even if that means you might not be the happiest for a moment.

13. He includes you in decision making.

He wants you to make decisions with him, not because he’s indecisive and can’t choose by himself, but because he values your input and what you want. When deciding, he prioritizes your wants and needs, and he knows it’s not all about what he wants.

14. He would drop everything for you.

You know a man prioritizes you when he would drop everything if you needed him. It won’t matter if he was in the middle of something. If you say the word, he’s there.

15. He really listens to you.

A guy that cares about you listens to you and pays attention, but a guy that prioritizes you will listen to you even if it’s an inconvenient time for him or even if it means you’re interrupting something he’s doing. He really listens to what you have to say, and he’ll have a conversation with you if you’re going through something instead of simply telling you that it’ll be okay.

16. He’s always on time.

Not only are you a priority for him, but so is your time. He doesn’t want to waste your time or make you feel insignificant, so he makes sure to always be on time when he’s made plans with you.

17. He does everything possible not to let you down.

The last thing he wants to do, if he prioritizes you, is let you down. He’s not perfect, but he’ll do everything he can to not mess things up with you.

18. He values your opinion.

He values your opinion more than anything, and although he may not always share the same opinion, he wants to know what you think. This is because you are his priority, and he cares about how things affect you too.

19. He’s proud to be seen with you.

You are a priority of his if he wants to show you off to the world because he is proud to have you by his side, and he is proud to be seen with you too.

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Remember, you can meet a guy who will prioritize you anywhere. It could be in the most unexpected place, like talking on a chat line or through a mutual friend. There are guys out there that will make you their top priority, show you that you are their priority by always listening to you, giving you attention, and including you in their life as much as possible. It might take time, but you can be someone’s priority.

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