Karmic Relationships

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Karmic Relationships

A karmic relationship isn’t a relationship that has to do with karma precisely or having past wrongdoings catch up to you in the relationship. It may be easy to assume that’s all it is, but there is more to a karmic relationship.

This kind of relationship tends to be very unstable, and when you’re in a karmic relationship, you experience really high highs and really low lows. There is also a lack of a deep bond, making it more difficult for this relationship to last.

Purpose of a Karmic Relationship

Karmic relationship purpose.
Karmic relationship purpose.

Due to the negativity surrounding karmic relationships, many people ask themselves what the purpose of a karmic relationship could be. Although while going through the experience of a karmic relationship, you don’t realize it, it is an opportunity to learn a lesson about yourself and your journey in love.

Karmic Relationships VS Twin Flames

Karmic relationships are often confused with twin flames, and although they do have some similarities, they’re not quite the same thing. A twin flame is someone with who you experience unconditional love that is very deep and strong.

Twin flames have an incredibly strong, almost magnetic connection and energy to them, and this connection is one that not only lasts for a very long time but it’s also formed very quickly. Usually, such a strong connection that is formed so fast crashes quickly, but that’s not the case for twin flames.

Another interesting thing about twin flames is that there is no codependency in their relationship because they grow together in the relationship. Now, a karmic relationship is different because although there can also be an immediate connection, it’s not deep enough to last.

There are usually lots of trust issues in karmic relationships, and unlike a twin flame situation, there is codependency in the relationship. A karmic relationship is basically a time bomb waiting to explode, and it won’t be going anywhere good.

Signs You’re in a Karmic Relationship

Woman and ocean.
Signs to identify a karmic relationship.

Because the term ‘karmic relationship’ isn’t as popular as other terms when talking about romance and relationships, it can be hard to know when you’re in one. It’s normal for most people to experience at least one karmic relationship in their life, and you may not even realize you’re currently in one. This is why we have compiled a list of the most common signs indicating you are in a karmic relationship.

Strong connection.

You have an incredibly strong connection. You swear that you’ve never felt something like this before with anyone you have been with. While this may be true, it may also feel like this because you are blinded by the overwhelming events that tend to happen in a karmic relationship.

On/Off Tendency.

You break up and get back together frequently, as if it were the normal thing to do. Although it may feel normal for this to happen in your relationship, it’s an unhealthy habit common in karmic relationships. It’s extremely difficult to call it quits because karmic relationships make you insecure, among other things.


Codependency is when you rely heavily on your partner for things you should be perfectly capable of doing on your own, which is very common in a karmic relationship. There is a lot of codependency in a karmic relationship, another reason it makes this type of relationship a toxic one, typically.

Lots of drama.

Especially because of the on/off tendencies, there is a lot of drama in karmic relationships. This, like many of the other signs mentioned, are things you may not notice at the moment because of the strong connection you feel to this person, but when you’re finally to step out of the relationship for good, and you see things with a clear vision, it will not be difficult to admit that it was a very dramatic relationship.

Bad communication.

People in karmic relationships do not have the best communication. This is part of why they break up and get back together many times. Arguments and miscommunications will become a common occurrence in this type of relationship.

Emotional rollercoaster.

It’s impossible for a karmic relationship not to be a roller coaster. It’s one of the key characteristics of a karmic relationship. So many drastic changes frequently occur, which can take a lot out of a person. The amount of drama one can experience in a karmic relationship takes an emotional toll on the participants.

You become insecure.

A karmic relationship is anything but stable, which understandably makes you insecure. You have a hard time trusting that this will work out, but you also have a hard time leaving them behind because of how much you rely on them because of the codependency factor a karmic relationship commonly entails. All of this can make you incredibly insecure, helping to make the relationship toxic.

It feels like you’re meant to be.

Despite the negative signs mentioned above, when you’re in a karmic relationship, you can’t help but feel like you’re meant to be with each other. Spoiler alert, you’re not. Staying in a karmic relationship is a terrible idea because you’re only wasting your time and emotional energy on someone who, although you think you’re incredibly compatible with, you’re not.

Stages of a Karmic Relationship

Couple in a karmic relationship.
Karmic relationship stages.

To help you better understand a karmic relationship, here are the clearest stages you’ll go through when you’re in one.

Stage 1: Initial romance.

Like any relationship, the first stage is where you feel the most in love. However, because of the strong connections in a karmic relationship, this initial romance can feel much more intense than when you’re in a typical relationship.

Stage 2: Repeating cycles.

The next stage of a karmic relationship is when you enter the phase of breaking up and getting back together repeatedly. This is the main stage of the relationship and where the most happen. This stage is where you will go through the most emotional difficulties and the one that will make you realize that this might not be a great situation to be in, leading you into stage 3.

Stage 3: Making a decision.

After going through the turbulence of a karmic relationship, you may have a window of opportunity where you can see all of the damage it is causing to both of you emotionally. If you’re able to catch a glimpse of that, you will have to make a decision to decide if you’re going to continue in this cycle or break free.

Stage 4: Taking action.

The final stage of a karmic relationship is none other than ending the relationship. Karmic relationships are almost impossible to remedy, and the likelihood of truly changing the bad habits that you have in this relationship is extremely low.

You’ll most likely get so worn out from all the constant instability that you will decide to end things. After ending the karmic relationship, you may just start to notice that you were in a karmic relationship.

Faqs About Karmic Relationships

The following are frequently asked questions about karmic relationships to help you better understand them.

  • Should I leave a karmic relationship?
  • Essentially, yes. You do not want to stay in a karmic relationship, and as it has been established, it’s not probable that you and your partner will be able to accomplish all of the changes needed to make the relationship work in a healthy way. Although it is a good learning experience, it’s not something you want to purposefully extend, even if it feels like you and your partner are meant to be.
  • Can a karmic relationship turn toxic?
  • Yes. A karmic relationship can easily turn toxic due to the emotional instability it can cause, and the general instability in the relationship. This is not a relationship that has a good environment for either person in the relationship.
  • How do I get out of a karmic relationship?
  • To get out of a karmic relationship, you must find an incredible strength within you and be extremely determined to end things. Since you’re used to breaking up and getting back together when you finally want to end things, you can’t allow yourself to be swayed back into the relationship, which requires a lot of determination.
  • Can I change my karmic relationship?
  • You can try to change your karmic relationship, but it is very difficult to truly change the foundation of a karmic relationship and set it on a better path.
  • Can I have multiple karmic relationships in a row?
  • When you’re in a karmic relationship, you’re with a soulmate whose purpose is to teach you difficult lessons. Although it’s not impossible to have several karmic relationships one after another, it’s not likely since they are so intense.

To conclude

You might not be able to avoid karmic relationships because they can be confusing to identify after having such a strong initial connection, but after identifying that you are in a karmic relationship with the help of the signs and other insights mentioned above, you should do whatever it takes to take a step back from the relationship, and analyze if you can both truly change things in the relationship to make it a healthier one, or if it’s best to end things.

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