How to Know if a Guy Likes You

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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Guys are very hard to understand sometimes. Many of them don’t quite know how to portray their emotions, and sometimes they’ll give you mixed signals and misleading ideals. It’s important to focus on your man of interest to really figure out what’s going on inside his brain.

You need to open up his head and check out what he is possibly thinking. For many men, showing emotion is a weakness and a chip in their armor of masculinity, so they won’t always be so forward with how they feel.

Don’t get discouraged though, ladies. Men also have hearts, and they know how to fall in love, just like women do. They’re just really bad at showing it and can have a hard time portraying how they feel.

Follow the tips listed down below and see if your man of interest likes you as simply a friend or something more. Once you master these tips, you’ll be able to discern and figure out your guy faster than he can even realize.

1. How Does He Act Around Other Guys?

Check how he acts around you.
How does he act around other guys.

Men are extremely territorial over girls that they have an interest in. If he’s targeted you as a person of liking, then he will go out of his way to show other girls who are near you or aiming for your attention. Watch what he does with her hands when another guy approaches the two of you for conversation.

Sometimes tease and pick on you to show that you two are close, or he might even go as far as to comment on your body and compliment you. These are all small signs he’s giving off that are directed at the other guy. He wants them to be aware that you’re his property and that nobody else can ask for your affection.

It all sounds highly restrictive and toxic, but in truth, it’s simply him just being jealous. Guys are terrible at hiding their jealousy and often lash out misleadingly or blindly at anything interrupting their chances of pursuing you.

2. Do You Start Seeing Yourself in His Everyday Life?

Is he trying to be around you?
Is he trying to be around you?

When a man becomes interested in a woman, he will stop to no avail to talk her ear off. He will want her attention every single day at every single moment, and he won’t rest until you give it to him. It’s not in a creepy or addictive way; he simply wants to know as much as he can about you.

He will probably try to start molding his hobbies and likes what you like. For example, if you tell him at some point that you’re a huge fan of painting, he may start showing you sculptures and drawings he has created. He will try to adapt and show you that he is trying to have more in common with you.

This is normally a sweet thing a guy can do to woo a girl, and sometimes works when showing that they’re interested. However, try not to take it in a stalking fashion. After all, guys don’t know how to express their feelings properly, and this way can sometimes be ill-received.

3. What Does His Body Do Around You?

Physical reactions whenever you are around.
What are his physical reactions whenever you are around?

Guys do things with their bodies when they like a particular person. It’s a wide mixture of physical and intimate things, so let’s take it step by step and check off what he does and doesn’t do. By the end of it, you should have a good hypothesis forming in your mind on whether this man is aiming for a new best friend or a date to dinner.

Is He Touching You?

As mentioned, guys can be very open about liking a girl based on what they’re doing to your body. Shy guys aren’t always the best example to use in this situation, however, most guys will go out of their way to initiate physical contact with you in the slightest degree.

Whether it’s placing his hand on your shoulder when he’s balancing himself, messing with your clothes or hair while mocking you, or even going as far as to hugging you from behind as a form of greeting. All guys do their own little ways, so keep an eye out for anything he does.

Does He Find Your Jokes Funny?

Are you sitting with a group of friends at the lunch table telling your dumbest jokes on the planet? Is everyone giving you confused looks at your horrible sense of humor? What about that one particular boy who is busting up and holding his ribs to keep himself together after each of your jokes?

Truth be told, if a guy is busting a gut over your lame dad jokes and dumb pick-up lines, this is usually a dead giveaway that he’s interested in you. I’m sorry, sweetie, but that joke you’ve been telling just isn’t as funny as you thought. The good news is that cute guy likes you, though.

What’s He Looking at?

Is he always looking in your direction? Maybe when you’re talking to her, he’s always giving you direct eye contact and focusing on every word you say. This usually is a fair sign that he’s interested in you, as he will give you as much attention as possible.

You are his current focus, and in doing so, he will give you every second of his day if he could. He will want to listen to all of your stories, explanations, and rants.

The most important thing is that he will constantly have his eyes on you, so be aware that you don’t have a new stalker or creep in the workplace or classroom. You simply have a secret admirer.

Does He Get Super Nervous?

When you notice a stray hair or zit on her face, does he get extremely wound up and nervous? Maybe he’s more hesitant to do things that would embarrass him or place him in awkward situations around you? Does his face glow up like a red blinking light when he’s too close to you?

If you said yes to most of the above, then yes, that guy is interested in you. He’s going to feel more self-conscious around a girl he’s interested in because he only wants you to see the better sides of himself.

He wants you to be interested back, so he will appear to be more nervous and frightened of situations that might put him in any form of negative lighting. He will also be a little more clumsy and loose-lipped, as nerves do funny things to the human body. Not only should you keep bandaids on-site, but your eyes should be peeled.

Does He Talk Excessively About Other Girls?

Guys love making girls feel jealous. It’s one of those driving factors that really lets them know that a girl is interested in them. Have you noticed lately that he’s been going on and on about old flings or ex romantic partners?

Maybe he’s a little too chummy with some of your female best friends, or that he goes out of her way to get their attention sometimes? He’s probably trying to put herself on your radar and get you to notice him. Guys aren’t very smart with girls and don’t seem to realize that this can sometimes hurt the girl he’s actually trying to impress.

However, it’s a sign regardless that he is interested in you. Just make sure he doesn’t get too close to any of your other gal pals.

4. What’s He Wearing?

How does he dress up whenever you're around him?
How does he dress up whenever you’re around him?

Pay very close attention to his sudden change in wardrobe. Analyze every new cologne he’s tried out this week, every new fashion trend that you know he picked up out of a magazine, and look at how he’s been doing his hairstyle. Guys will try many different things to impress the girl of their dreams, including dressing and carrying themselves.

If he’s been going out of his way to make sure he smells good 24/7, or that even when you two are out on a hiking trip in the middle of the woods, that he’s still prepping his hair when he’s around you, then he most likely likes you.

He wants you to see him as a handsome and confident man, and the only way men seem to know how to perfect that is by appearing flawless in front of you constantly. Cut the guy a break every now and then when you notice a nice hairstyle, and tell him to stick to it. It’ll save him some time down the road when he’s juggling three other ideas on how to part his bangs.

5. Watch Him Open Up About His Feelings

Check how he opens his feelings.
Watch him open up about his feelings.

A lot of guys will appear to be rather stoic around girls they’re aiming to impress. They won’t want to show their feelings or get into all of the sappy stuff that girls love to eat up. Guys don’t believe in emotions, and many of them are made to reject them.

However, if you notice that one of your friends has been rather sensitive and sappy around you lately, then perhaps he’s debating opening his feelings up to the world. He may be wondering what life would be like if he just let go of the stigma around me, because he’s falling in love with a girl.

It’s like a poisonous dagger when a man falls in love with a girl for the first time. Not only do they not know how to react to it, but they also let it change their entire perspective on everything.

So if a guy has been watching some chick flicks, reading poetry, or strolling through nature, he’s most likely deep in thought. The subject he’s most likely thinking of, however, is probably you.


Guys aren’t very hard to figure out in the end. Most of them will be very easily attracted to a girl based on how you treat him and how kind you are. If you notice that they’re starting to update their wardrobe, treat you differently, or start to grow rather interested in your hobbies or skillsets, then it seems you have a man interested in you.

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