Topics to Talk About on a Gay Chat Line

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By Sandra Malco

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Topics to Talk About on a Gay Chat Line

The dating world is a difficult place to maneuver, especially if you find yourself single most days. Relationships with men are challenging, and meeting gay men that you can relate to feels nearly impossible at times.

If you’re just searching for an opportunity for a conversation, gay chat lines are a great route to take. They offer a personal way to get to know a guy without going the route of public dating. It gives you the time to meet new men, and you just may find the right man for you.

Gay chat lines are very common among chat line users. It can be challenging to find people that match your sexuality, so this is a great way to always know for sure.

But finding the right things to say, especially when you’re starting, can be quite difficult.

Topics to Talk About

Topics to talk about on a gay chat line.
Topics to talk about on a gay chat line.

If you’re lost for words and need to find some interesting topics to discuss during your chat, look no further. Here are some topics that will liven up the conversation:


Where you come from says a lot about who you are. Gay singles are looking for men who can be emotional and sensitive and in touch with their feminine side. He may tell you about growing up, and he may even tell you about coming out. Everyone has different stories, and the roots of someone are a great start to really understanding who they are.

You may be able to bond over similar lives growing up, and it will provide plenty of smaller details to discuss over. Whether you both wanted to be fashion designers or you both failed your driver’s license test four times, there will be plenty of things to talk about. Also, someone who can laugh about his past and move forward is someone that you may want to keep talking to. It shows that he has more of a free spirit, which goes a long way in the world.

Favorite hobbies and interests

This is a light topic that you could carry on for hours. Maybe you were both bad at sports, or you both adore iced coffee from Starbucks. Either way, you can learn small details about someone in a lighthearted and easy way.

Since gay men are known to take care of their image and reputation, you may even be able to share tips on the types of hair products you use. As you are talking about your interests, make sure you take a mental note and listen to what he is saying. Try to remember his favorite nail polish color for future reference. If you end up chatting again, you’ll want to be able to bring those things up again to showcase your interest.

Social life

Learning about his social life will help you decide if his life will work out with yours. You may go out to the gay bars every weekend and have a blast dancing to Katy Perry, while he might prefer a night in with movies. Or he could be flamboyantly extroverted, and you may fall on the quiet side.

This is also a great opportunity to learn about his gal pals and who he surrounds himself with. What someone does with their free time speaks volumes about the type of person they are.

Career goals and dreams

Ask him about his job and what he hopes to do with his career. Not everyone has to have a solid answer. He may have dreams of acting on Broadway, and gay men are always very passionate and energized about their dreams.

You may both know a lot about a niche theatre project that other people just don’t understand. Maybe you both want to be influencers, and it could be a great opportunity to work together. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll (hopefully) be somewhat involved in his future.

Life experiences

Where someone has gone and what they’ve done with their life is important to learn when getting to know someone. Asking broader questions about his life experiences may get him to open up about deeper things, which will help you segway into the more personal questions. Being gay can be tough in this world.

Gay men have to face many obstacles due to prejudice and homophobia, so you could both take the time to share the prejudice you’ve both undoubtedly faced. As your conversation grows and he becomes more vulnerable, try to offer up some personal thoughts and vulnerability.

What you want from this chat

Sometimes you have to be straightforward and honest. No one likes to waste their time. If you don’t just want to sit around chatting about random topics, tell him. In a polite manner, of course. If you’re a power-bottom, and things aren’t taking off, make sure you take the time to go for a top that works for you.

But you should get straight to the point, so that you can both go for what you want and make the most out of your time. There should be no problems as long as you go across the idea as kindly as possible.

Topics to Avoid

If you want to keep the conversation flowing and impress the man you’re chatting with, you’ll want to be careful with what you say.

Past relationships

Who someone has dated or slept with before chatting with you is none of your business. His sex history could be overwhelming, and it seems to be too strong of a topic to bring up at first. If he brings it up and wants to rant about his ex, let him. He probably had a toxic break up and may want to share his anger towards his nasty ex.

But it is not a topic that you should bring up. It can come across as too personal, and he may become offended or bitter when you bring it up. Some people have really bad pasts with their exes and do not enjoy even thinking about them.


Hopefully, you are both on the same side of this spectrum, given your sexuality. But some people may surprise you. If you are looking to avoid an intense argument, it is recommended that you avoid bringing up politics. Unless he brings it up and you feel comfortable talking about it, there is no point in mentioning something that usually gets people very emotional.

The “non-topic”

Even if you are nervous, please don’t be this person. The guy that just goes “hey” and tries to have small talk for the entire chat. It is off and generally boring to most guys. Let your personality shine, and talk about actual things. 

How to Know How the Chat is Going

The best way to tell how your chat is going is to focus on the types of responses you are getting. If he only replies with short sentences, he is probably losing interest in the conversation. A gay man will let you know if he is interested because he is forward and bold. If you can make him laugh and get him to put effort into the conversation, then you’ll know that you are getting somewhere.

But if you feel as though you are losing interest and want to talk to someone else, it is more than okay to do that. The chat should go well for both of you because you should both be putting in the effort. But if it doesn’t, find another guy who will actually interest you.

Final Thoughts

Gay chat lines are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn about different people’s experiences. Try not to take things too seriously, especially at the beginning. You have plenty of time to experiment and talk to different guys.

Be yourself, and allow men to attract themselves to you. Chat lines will be most beneficial to both of you when you sit back and have a good time, so try to let loose a little. Don’t forget to have fun, and go meet some new men.

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