How to Be an Easy to Talk to Person

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By Payton Kramer

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How to Be an Easy to Talk to Person

Most people want to be easy to talk to. To be a more likable person, you have to be. But learning how to be more approachable isn’t always easy.

Everyone wants to be approachable and likable. It is hard to be the one person no one wants to talk to at a party or the person no one wants to take on a date because of your personality.

So if you are looking to become easier to talk to and learn how to have a more attractive personality, this article is for you.

Why Should You Be Easy to Talk to?

Reasons why you should be easy to talk to person.
Reasons why you should be easy to talk to person.

There are plenty of great reasons why you want to be easy to talk to. There aren’t many good reasons why you shouldn’t be easy to talk to, so it is best to work on how approachable, and likable you are in general. 

You will become much more likable.

People often approach those that everyone likes. If they know that they can always talk to you, they will like you a lot more. Being someone that others trust will get you far in life. Everyone you talk to will feel appreciated and understood, which will only boost their confidence in both themselves and your relationship.

You become more selfless.

Becoming easy to talk to allows you to step back and down from your inner selfishness. It isn’t always easy to be approachable, especially since you have to sacrifice some of your bad habits. But being selfless will help you in many of your life experiences, not just conversing.

More friends.

Along with becoming more likable, your number of friends will multiply. You will always have people to count on because they can count on you. You will have so many more people in your life to share memories with and have a great time with. And you won’t have to have a fear of ending up lonely since people will always be around. And if they know they can count on you, your chances are high of them always sticking around and also being just as good of a listener to you as you are to them.

Relationships are easier.

As you practice becoming easier to talk to, your communication skills will grow. In relationships, you need to be good at listening and communicating your feelings if you want them to stay healthy and last.

Great first impressions.

If you are easy to talk to, you can guarantee that you will always make a great first impression. With every interview you have or new person you meet, you will always find that others are impressed with your conversation skills and how they are drawn to you. It will help you succeed in any business or professional career. Those who are seen as people-persons often thrive in the career world.

Eight Different Ways to Be Easy to Talk to

Eight different ways to become an easy-to-talk-to person.
Eight different ways to become an easy-to-talk-to person.

1. Smile.

Let your conversational partner know that you are having a good time by smiling. A smile can be warm, welcoming, and earnest. You will be able to draw others in when you practice smiling a genuine smile, so they know you are genuine in your conversations. If you fill up the conversation with words, you won’t give off a kind vibe. If you want to appear the most intelligent, smile and allow your partner to talk for as long as they want.

2. Body language.

Body language will say a lot about how easy you are to talk to. Try to avoid crossing your arms, as it will make it seem like you are not being open with the person you are talking to. Keep eye contact to show them that you are paying attention and focusing on what they have to say. Make sure your feet are pointed towards them and lean in when talking.

This will not only be a nice distracting thing to focus on, but it will also give you an excuse if you seem to zone out or mess up in any way like that. Also, feel free to nod your head occasionally. It is a great way to nonverbally signal to someone that you are listening to what they have to say, and you understand or agree with their thoughts and opinions.

3. Ask questions rather than only responding.

A conversation is much like a two-way street, and there is a give and take and a push and pull. To show someone that you are interested and involved in the conversation for more than just yourself, ask them questions. And not just questions that can be answered with one word, but questions that require more in-depth answers.

Most people fight to be the loudest person in the room, but you don’t have to make them fight. Let them get their words out because it will make them feel good and show how mature and kind you are.

4. Be positive and encouraging.

No one needs you to bring your pessimism into a conversation, especially if you want to be more approachable. Embrace a positive mentality when talking to others. It will make you much easier to talk to because you bring light to things.

When people know that they can count on you to encourage them, they’ll always go to you first. A little bit of effort to stay positive will greatly impact that route that most of your conversation goes over time.

5. Refrain from judgment.

If you want to be the first one for people to reach out to, you will have to hide any judgment. People want to open up to those who are understanding and sympathetic. So you have to avoid letting any judgments show. If you were being vulnerable with someone, you wouldn’t want them to judge or criticize you at all. Just stick to questions that aren’t filled with accusations or connotations. You may scare someone off if you come off too aggressive during your conversations.

6. Find common interests to relate to.

A good conversational partner can steer the conversation to places where you both have something to say. Finding common interests is a great start to mastering that skill. The goal is to get someone to talk the most in the conversation, so knowing a lot about the topic you are asking about will get you far. Of course, you don’t have to relate to every topic you discuss, but it will be helpful.

7. Laugh with them.

There is no need for a whole conversation to be completely serious. The key here is to remember to laugh with them, never at them. Having a good sense of humor will automatically help you be easier to talk to. If you can joke back and forth with someone, you’ll always be able to ease the tension and create a fun conversation.

8. Practice conversing with an open mind.

You may not always agree with the things someone is saying to you or the opinions you know that they have. But to be more approachable, you have to be more agreeable. Whether that is agreeing to disagree or not, it is up to you. But try to go into conversations with an open mind, and consider the perspectives and ideas of those around you. You may learn a lot more from others than you had initially thought you could.

How to Know if You Are Easy to Talk to

There are plenty of ways to determine whether or not you are already easy to talk to. You will start to notice that you are respected by your peers and those you talk to on a day-to-day basis. You’ll be surrounded by people that trust you and enjoy your company. And you may even be called the life of the party.

If you feel like a therapist most days, it is most likely because of how easy you are to talk to. Sometimes it can feel burdensome, but it is very much worth it overall. If you are easy to talk to, you’ll have a lot of friends who trust you with everything, and that is worth a lot. People will see you as the calm non-judgmental friend that they can reach out to when things get tough for them. You’ll be the type of person that everyone will remember because you’ve had an impact on their life.


Sometimes it is challenging to become an easy person to talk to. You have to stay positive all of the time, even when you don’t feel like it. Being judgmental is a big part of being human, so negating that feeling from your conversations has to be challenging to keep up with.  

But being the best version of yourself outweighs allowing your bad habits to win. Practicing overall kindness, selflessness, patience, and positivity will make you the best you can be. So practice good conversation and make yourself the easiest person to talk to in any room.

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