What to Talk About on the Phone With Your Partner

Joe Blankenship

By Joe Blankenship

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What to Talk About on the Phone With Your Partner

Whether you’re a man or woman, straight, bi, or gay, we all love a little bit of phone conversation with our boo. Chatting on the phone with someone who gives you extreme butterflies is sometimes the highlight of one’s day and can mean the absolute world to the couple in love.

If you know anything about relationships, you’ll know that communication is key so if communication is key.

You better talk to your man or woman over the phone – and quite often.

Now, if you see each other every single day you don’t have to spend every day talking on the phone too but even a goodnight call is never too much. But for those of you who aren’t blessed with seeing your baby daily, what exactly should you talk about when you do get the chance to hear her voice?

It all depends on the message you’re conveying at the moment, so for example, if you’re trying to swoon her and get her to fall in love with you, you’d want to talk about something she loves with all of her heart or your future together.

If you’re horny on the other hand, maybe you should try talking her into some sexy phone chat? Just make sure she’s someone who’d be down with that in the first place.

What to Talk About: For Deep Relationships

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1. Your future together

If you and your partner are getting serious or have been serious for some time now, it might be a good time to start discussing some plans for the future. It doesn’t have to be exact and permanent plans, but it could be somewhat of a start.

Into having kids and getting married? Maybe you could talk about this over the phone to make it a little less awkward but still get your point across.

This way it’s easier for men to open up about their true feelings too. Remember, talking about it doesn’t mean it is going to happen it just means that you are willing to work towards it.

Don’t scare him or her off if they aren’t someone looking for kids or marriage, but again you shouldn’t be with someone who has different future plans than you anyway, so it’s ok, to tell the truth.

If you’ve been with someone for some time and have that deep connection with them, it’s time to start talking about future plans together regardless.

Maybe you see the two of you buying an apartment together soon and getting a fur baby, or maybe you two want to tour the world and make music.

Whatever future you are working towards, I’m sure they would love to hear about how they are a part of it and what you have planned for them as part of it as well.

2. What you love about him or her

No great phone call with your loved one would be complete without letting them know just how much you love them but also what it is you love about them. And don’t be cliche either saying things like “I love your smile and your butt”. Instead, be personal and unique to them.

If they have a super quirky personality that is unlike anyone you’ve ever met and that’s what draws you to them, tell them just how much you love their weirdness and how sexy it is to you. Maybe they have the cutest laugh you’ve ever heard from a girl or the sexiest smile you’ve seen on a man – tell them.

There’s nothing better than a boost of confidence and dopamine at the same time all because someone you love told you just what they truly love and admire about you. This boost alone could make you fall in love even more with the person dishing out the compliments.

We also think it’s much easier to tell someone how you really feel over the phone sometimes, rather than in person, especially when it comes to saying things romantically.

Feelings and attraction can be conveyed just as easily over the phone too, minus being able to touch or hold the person you’re talking to, but that can always come when you do see each other again.

That only makes you long for them even more, so saying how you feel over the phone is beneficial in many ways in the sense that it can really deepen your relationship.

3. Deepest secrets

Do you have the balls to tell them your deepest, darkest secrets? We suggest you start growing some.

If you’re ever going to win the trust and love of another human being, you have to be vulnerable and you have to be honest. Telling him or her one of your darkest secrets shows both of those courageous traits all in one.

Furthermore, she or he will trust you more all because you decided to give away information that you don’t tell other people. In fact, make sure you tell them something that you haven’t told many or any people at all. This will make her or him feel super special and will draw them closer to you in more ways than one.

Of course, be super careful about the information that you do share because if you share something with him or her that they don’t approve of it might hinder your relationship more than it should, so be mindful of what you share.

Not all secrets are meant to be told.

What to Talk About: If You’re Horny

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1. Physical attraction to them

Maybe you’re feeling a little bit frisky tonight and when you jump on the phone with your baby you just want to relieve some tension. Try talking about your physical attraction to them to spice up the mood.

Let her know how her curves give you tingles when you run your fingers down her back and onto her hips. If your boo is a man, let him know how you love his chest and arms, and how his muscles feel so good wrapped around you.

Depending on the type of person you are with, you can get a little more or less graphic with it, everyone is different.

Sometimes it’s ok to talk about your physical attraction to them, as long as they know it’s much more than that. And letting them know how your attraction to them is different than anything else in this world will really get them on their knees for you.

If you’re feeling sexy and frisky tonight, let them know just how much you crave them physically and see if they don’t melt right there in your hands.

2. Fantasies

One of the sexiest phone calls you will ever have is talking about fantasies with your partner. Especially a fantasy they’ve never heard before. Just be sure to tell them anything that might piss them off as that has been known to happen.

We just hope you’d know your lover by now to know what will get them hot and what will get them bothered.

Let him or her know how you’ve had a sexual fantasy for some time now and you’d love to try it out with them if they’d be willing to be your first and only. In fact, let them know if they fulfill your fantasy, you’ll fulfill theirs.

Talking about your fantasies here will be a give and take situation, you talk about yours and then allow them to speak on theirs. If both of you are willing, it might be something to try out both fantasies over some time together.

However, beware, talking about fantasies and things you’d like to do sexually just might lead you into a whole other type of conversation.

3. Straight up phone sex

As we just stated, you can talk about something you imagine sexually with your partner and allow it to lead into phone sex, or you could just start out with it – whatever floats your boat (and whatever your partner prefers).

If you’ve never had phone sex, you should really try it out. It’s one of the most invigorating experiences you can ever have with your partner, and it can bring you super close.

Not to mention having phone sex will allow you two to want each other so bad that the next time you physically see each other, you won’t be able to resist the urge.

What to Talk About: For Fresh Relationships

Couple talking in the middle of the night.

1. Hopes, dreams, and goals for the future

With new relationships, it’s always good to talk to each other about your hopes and dreams for your future. Your partner wants to know what type of person you see yourself being when you’re older and what goals you have for yourself. These goals say a lot more about you than the goals will say themselves.

Having goals shows that you are focused and that you have high hopes for yourself. It also shows your partner that they might have picked a good one, and not someone who just wants to sit around and not do anything with their life.

Talking about your goals and hopes for your future can also inspire him or her to talk about theirs. Who knows, maybe you have similar dreams and can work on them together?

2. Past failures and how you plan to overcome or did overcome them

Never be ashamed of things you’ve been through, and never be afraid to tell someone that you went through it. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will look up to you and respect you knowing that you went through some hard times but you pulled through and came out ten times stronger.

Again, this could inspire him or her to talk about what they’re going through and you might even be able to help them get through something they’ve never been able to get over. Sometimes you go through things so that you can help someone you love later on in life.

Hearing how strong you are now, even though you went through some pretty rough times in your life, will show him or her that you’re a strong-willed person and that you deserve respect. This could even make them see you in a higher light just by knowing how much of a soldier you are.

3. Funniest moments that you’ve had

There’s nothing better than making someone you care about laugh, in fact, those who laugh together, last together. Laughter is also the best medicine and is amazing for your body, so not only are you strengthening your relationship but you are also helping your own internal health.

Laughter is one sure-fire way to bring you closer as a couple, and if you let him or her know some of the funniest moments in your life, it will break that barrier down that is sometimes up when you’re with someone new just because you don’t know that person.

When you tell someone about funny things that have happened to you, especially embarrassing things, it allows that wall to come down brick by brick, and your partner can start to feel much more comfortable with you.

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