Signs She Is Trying to Make You Jealous

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By Joe Blankenship

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Signs She Is Trying to Make You Jealous

There are many reasons why a girl would want you to feel jealous. As strange as it may seem, seeing a pang of jealousy in your eyes could give her a sense of satisfaction, knowing that her behavior has an impact on you. Often, making a guy jealous is a girl’s way of triggering his actions and feelings. It’s also her way of pushing a guy to take a step forward before it is too late.

Girls are undoubtedly creative when it comes to making a guy jealous. There are instances wherein such bold schemes lead to troubles and misunderstandings. Still, there is no stopping a girl who has every intention of eliciting feelings of jealousy for whatever it is worth.

Why Would a Girl Make You Feel Jealous?

Here are the most common reasons why a girl would make you feel jealous;

  1. She has strong feelings for you, and making you jealous is her way of making you notice her.
  2. She wants you to make an effort to approach her by being close to other guys.
  3. Making you jealous is her way of reminding you that she’s a good catch.
  4. She simply wants more attention from you.
  5. She feels insecure about your feelings for her, and she needs the assurance.
  6. It’s her way of making you feel threatened with other guys.
  7. She’s also jealous of someone (perhaps with one of your female friends), and she’s giving you a dose of your own medicine.
  8. She wants to see the look of regret on your face if you just broke up.

Regardless of how you perceive it, it pays to be aware of the signs that she’s trying to make you feel jealous. This would make it easier for you to take the necessary steps to move forward or to take a step back if you’re uncertain of how you feel about her at the moment. Knowing the signs can also help you devise your own plans that would enable you to handle the situation better.

Signs She’s Trying to Make You Jealous.

Signs that she’s trying to get you jealous.

How would you know if she’s trying to make you jealous? Here are the most definite signs;

1. She flirts with other guys in front of you.

If you see her being extra touchy-feely with another guy whenever you’re around, the chances are that she’s trying to make you feel jealous. Her behavior is an indication that she wants you to see what you’re missing for not being that guy. This is a common strategy among girls and even guys.

It always works and triggers a reaction, especially if she knows that you’re the jealous type. So the next time you see her being cheeky and sassy towards another guy right in front of you, consider it as a sign that she’s trying to make you feel jealous.

2. She talks about other guys as if she knows them well.

You are in the middle of a conversation, and she starts blabbing about a certain guy as if she knows him well. It may seem odd, but she might be sending you an indirect message to open up more to her and share interesting stuff about yourself as well. For all you know, she’s already pushing you to take a spot and put your best foot forward by not letting the other guys beat you in winning her affection.

3. She doesn’t respond to your text messages right away.

A girl who doesn’t respond to your text messages right away could mean a lot of things. However, if you are certain that your charm smites her and there’s something going on between the two of you, there’s a chance that she’s playing tricks on you by making you wonder about what she’s doing and who she’s with.

Additionally, if it’s taking longer than usual for her to reply to your texts or calls, she could be giving you the impression that she’s busy, chatting with another guy, or having fun somewhere. All of which can make you feel jealous.

4. She brags about the guys that call and text her.

This tactic may be cheap, but it can strike a chord if you’re into her. Wouldn’t you be alarmed or threatened if another guy is texting the girl you like? If she’s starting to brag about it, there’s a huge possibility that she’s giving you a gentle nudge to give her the attention that she deserves. This could also be her way of making you feel that you’re not the only guy on earth who can get her.

5. She lets you know that she’s actively using dating apps.

A girl is intentionally trying to make you jealous (or is essentially implying something) if she tells you that she’s looking for a date online. She is probably giving you a hint that she’s ready to go out on dates and that she’s available.

Giving you a lot of information about her dating life also indicates that she wants to see your reaction and hear your opinion about it. Furthermore, the fact that she’s telling you about her presence in the online dating scene is a sign that she wants you to feel jealous and to make a step forward if you want her.

6. She checks your reaction whenever she’s talking to another guy.

Here’s the scenario; she casually talks to a guy at a party and then glances in your direction to make sure that you’re watching. After a split second, she takes another glance to see your reaction. If this is the case, she is trying to make you feel jealous by approaching other guys and talking to them right where you can see her.

The idea sounds silly, but this is a classic move that many girls often do to make a guy notice them. It makes them feel more desirable and worth pursuing. In effect, witnessing a guy’s jealous response gives them a sense of satisfaction.

7. She asks favors from other guys in front of you.

A girl trying to make you jealous would act needy and get clingy with the other guys, but only whenever you are around. She would ask favors from them, but the real intention is to make you aware of it and to get your full attention, so you can jump right in. It’s pretty evident that she wants you to feel jealous of the other guys. You may find it manipulative, but a girl who wants you to feel a pang of jealousy would use other guys to see how you would respond.

8. She openly tells you about the guys who are asking her out on a date.

If a girl is trying to make you feel jealous, she won’t miss the chance to brag about the guys in line to take her out on a date. She would candidly tell you about them just to figure out how you would feel and react. Aside from wanting you to feel a trace of jealousy, this is also her manner of reiterating that there are many guys out there who are interested in her and are dying to be with her.

And if you’re someone who has a strong ability to read between the lines, you can easily sense whether a girl is fondly sharing with you her love life or is deliberately trying to unleash the green-eyed monster in you.

9. She posts pictures on social media of her having fun with other guys.

A girl who wants you to be jealous would most likely do everything to make sure that you won’t miss any of her happenings. This includes the use of social media. For instance, she constantly posts pictures of herself while having a blast with a bunch of guys and makes sure that you are aware of it. She is certainly on a mission to make you feel jealous. She wants you to see what you’re missing, or it could also be her way of figuring out how you would feel while she’s out partying and having fun.

10. She gets annoyed when you don’t get jealous.

Do you feel her frustration and annoyance whenever she fails to draw a reaction from you? Is she showing signs of indifference whenever you fail to give her your attention? A girl who is unsuccessful in trying to make you feel jealous would most likely resent you and have ill feelings towards you. Not all girls can handle such defeat, especially from guys that ignore them. As a result, you’ll find her irritable and sulky beyond words. She may even confront you for her wounded pride when you least expect it.

11. She makes a joke out of it by asking you.

When a girl asks you if you are jealous, she’s most likely giving you a reason to feel that way; and if she’s teasing you about being jealous, it means that she’s glad that you are. Either way, knowing that you are jealous pleases her. From her point of view, it means that you still feel strongly for her and that she still has your full attention.

If she acts popular around you and overstates her achievements, she’s craving for your attention. She would most likely do everything to make you notice her, such as approaching other guys, laughing out loud enough for you to hear, and boast about her accomplishments. In other words, she would do anything to make you realize that “she’s a good catch”, to the point of making you feel jealous.

13. She shows you pictures of attractive guys.

Does she show you pictures of good-looking men? Does she talk about the qualities that she’s looking for in a guy? If this is so, this could be her way of communicating with you what it takes to qualify her standards. She’s openly using other guys to persuade you and trigger your feelings for her, so you can start becoming more assertive.

14. She pretends to be interested in one of your friends.

A girl who wants you to feel jealous would pretend to be interested in someone close to you, like a friend or colleague. Aside from having a valid reason to talk to you, it is also a clever way to see your reaction. Here’s the logic behind this scheme; once you become aware that she likes someone from your social circle, you might just come to terms with your own feelings for her. To put it another way, a little jealousy can spark your initiative.

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