How to Sound Sexy on the Phone

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By Joe Blankenship

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How to Sound Sexy on the Phone

Have you ever wondered what people hear and think whenever you speak? Was there ever a time when you felt self-conscious over the phone worried that your voice doesn’t sound sexy enough? It’s natural to feel this way especially when you’re trying to flirt and impress someone.

After all, you hear yourself all the time but you never really know what’s going on within your listener’s mind.

Why Your Voice Matters on the Phone

Creating a suitable impression over the phone is quite tricky especially while having a phone date over the chat lines. Apparently, you’ve already been turned off by other people’s voices one way or another.

And this perhaps triggered your doubts about how you sound on the phone. Do I sound too whiny, too needy, too desperate, too soft or too bubbly?

improve your sexy voice on the phone
Make improvements with how you sound on the phone to avoid disappointing your phone date.

There is really no need to worry if you’re talking to someone you’re already romantically-linked to. However, your voice matters when you’re on the chat lines and having a phone date with someone who doesn’t know you. The reason is obvious. Your voice says it all and creates the impression you’re trying to achieve.

Remember, your voice can potentially make or break a phone interaction. Therefore, you have to learn how to cultivate a sexy-sounding voice if you want to attract someone.

Guide to Sounding Sexy Over the Phone

sounding sexy steps
If you’re ready for it, let’s dive into the secrets to sounding sexy on the phone.

A Sexy voice doesn’t always come naturally. There may be some who had been gifted with a captivating voice and they sound effortlessly sexy over the phone. For those who are not as lucky in this aspect, here are some tips that might come in handy on your next phone date.

1. Lower down your voice pitch

Using a low-pitched voice can help you attract someone sexually over the phone. There is an actual study that supports this claim. Lowering down your voice can help you communicate sexual desire. This could be a suitable strategy if you’re aiming for hot and steamy phone sex.

2. Speak in a relaxed manner

Do you know how you sound when you’re excited? Drop that tone and try to speak in a calm and relaxed manner. Don’t sound too happy and promotional. Studies had shown that women have a natural tendency to tone down their voices when they are talking to someone they’re attracted to.

They drop their girlish tone to a lower, calmer and sexier register. Pretend that you’re talking to someone you like and your tone would naturally drop down several notches.

3. Act nice and be pleasant

Try to act like a good girl or a nice guy – light, pleasant and approachable. Assume that role while talking on the phone. It’s like shifting your personality on the lighter side with no strain or heaviness in your voice.

Basically, a sexy voice is warm and inviting. It almost sounds as if it’s spoken from the chest and not from the head (head tone). The easiest trick to achieve this is by playing the role of a good girl/boy.

4. Speak slowly

Take your time and speak at a slower pace. This can help you gradually build up your confidence and can prevent you from buckling with your words. It can also minimize your risk of stuttering in case you’re feeling nervous.

Speaking too fast will make it seem too casual and you might end up sounding bubbly or authoritative. So take your time while speaking and try to be more suggestive with your choice of words.

5. Practice the pause

Don’t get overly excited and avoid talking continuously. Pause every now and then and allow your phone date to sense that something else is coming up. Pausing creates room for excitement about what’s coming next.

Moreover, try to use shorter statements when responding. Make each word count. This is a technique that can keep your phone date hanging on your every word. It can also build up the curiosity that ultimately leads to flirtation and later on, sexual desire.

6. Leave something to the imagination

Keeping your voice in low-pitch and low-tone register is just half the job. The other half is winning over your phone date’s interest and making him/her want you more. You can make this happen by leaving something to the imagination.

Allow your phone date to wonder about you. Pause for a few seconds, whisper some words in between, sigh or breathe deeply and speak softly. Allow him/her to wonder what you’re doing and anticipating over the course of your conversation.

7. Develop a delightful and sexy laugh

Belly laughs with snorting sounds are unflattering over the phone. Therefore, it’s best to avoid sudden outbursts of laughter if you want to sound sexy and desirable.

The safest option for women is to respond with a giggle or light-hearted laugh with some breath in it. For men, short and husky or deep-toned laughs sound very masculine.

8. Let your words flow as you exhale

Inhaling while you talk can make you sound bored, upset or even sick. Letting your words flow as you exhale can give you a more relaxed and sexy tone.

It also allows you to modulate your voice if you want to sound charming, seductive or a bit melodic. Modulating your voice can add some depth and a distinctive character to it.

9. Put subtle emotion in your voice

A voice that is devoid of emotion sounds atonal and robotic. We know for a fact that audible expressions are important when it comes to phone dating. Subtle emotions can be sexy during a phone date and adds texture and richness to your voice.

You can also use this to convey a message like if you want to take your conversation to the next level or if you feel like being naughty.

Tips and Tricks on How to Have a Sexy Voice on the Phone

To develop a sexy voice on the phone, you must first know how you sound. Try listening to your voice on your voice mail or create an audio recording. Use the voice that you intend to use for phone dating.

From here, you would be able to make an assessment on how you sound. Is your voice too pitchy? Are you talking way too fast? Do you sound too desperate? Start making the necessary adjustments based on how you sounded.

tips to sound sexy on the phone
Check out our best tips on how to sound sexy on the phone

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get started;

1. Lay down on the bed or couch while speaking on the phone

We’ve mentioned that high-pitched squeaky voices are far from sexy. So for women, it’s best to have a slightly toned-down phone voice. One trick that can help women achieve this is to talk on the phone in supine or lying down position.

Talking on the phone while laying down on the bed doesn’t only contribute to a sexier and deeper voice. It also sets the right mood for an intimate conversation.

2. Practice the breathy voice

Subtle breathiness in your voice sounds sexy and seductive. Most women have a breathy voice by nature while some can manage to pull it off with some voice modulation.

For men, it takes some practice. A simple trick to achieve a breathier voice is by talking on the phone in a slouched and lazy position. It may not be good for your back health and posture but the strain can add breathiness and a hint of roughness to your voice.

3. Sighs and Whispers

Hold the phone speaker close enough to your mouth to make your whispers more audible. Gentle sighs and whispers are the closest you can get to sound sexy.

Of course, it is not advisable to whisper your words throughout the course of the conversation. Use it only when you’re trying to suggest something or if you feel an arousal coming. Whispering a few words every now and then can also be a form of seduction.

4. Be sensual

The only way to take your conversation to the next level is to seduce your phone date. Anyone can take the lead towards getting sensual but it’s usually the men who make the first move.

Using a low, deep and confident tone, make an attempt to heat things up by asking your phone date if she loves touching herself. A husky voice followed by ragged breathing can potentially arouse your phone date and trigger her dirty imagination.

5. Touch yourself

The most natural way to bring out your bedroom voice is to be sexually-aroused. You must feel sexy in order to sound sexy. So if you want to get on with your sexiest and most seductive voice, the best way to go is to stimulate yourself during the course of your phone date to gradually heat things up. This is perhaps the most natural way to sound effortlessly sexy.

6. Clear your throat to get rid of any obstructions

It would be much easier to play with your voice if there are no obstructions in your throat. Clearing your throat prior to a phone date will also enable you to adjust the volume of your voice and to modulate its property.

You can do this by drinking warm water infused with lemon and ginger. Alternatively, you can take some throat lozenges to ease the scratchiness and soothe any discomfort.

Parting Words

A sexy phone voice can be worked on with some practice and conscious efforts. So don’t feel bad if you have a pitchy, squeaky or croaky voice. There are simple tricks that can do wonders to your voice to make it sound sexy and attractive over the phone.

changing to a sexy voice
Hopefully, you were able to practice some of our tips and tricks to develop a sexy voice.

Still, the best advice that we can give is to feel confident and sexy during your phone date. Nothing beats certainty and an air of sheer confidence in your manner of speaking. Try to savor the moment, feel beautiful and everything else would follow.

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