How to Know When a Girl Likes You

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How to Know When a Girl Likes You

One of the most important dating skills that any guy can have is the ability to spot a girl who is attracted to them. This isn’t always easy, particularly when dealing with shy or aloof girls, but there are plenty of signs that can help you.

These signs are usually subtle and hard to pick up, but they can tell you a lot about how women feel about you regardless of their words. So if you’re ready to learn what these signs are then let’s get started.

1. She Doesn’t Pull Away

When a girl likes you she'll not pull you away from her.
You know a girl likes you when she doesn’t pull you away.

Let’s start with the most visible sign that a girl likes you: Distance. If she moves close to you then that’s a sign that she likes you or is interested in you. Likewise, when you move closer, if she doesn’t move away from you, then that’s another sign that she likes you.

Of course, if she pulls away from you, or if she wants to maintain a certain distance, then that’s a sign that she’s not into you. When this happens, it’s important that you respect the girl’s personal space, and allow her to dictate how far you are from one another.

2. She Has a Certain Way of Looking at You

She looks at you differently than any one else.

How a girl looks at you can tell you a lot about her state of mind. For example, if she looks interested, intrigued or even agitated by your presence, that’s a good sign because it means that she’s paying attention to you. On the other hand, if she looks bored or uninterested then that’s a sign that she’d rather be somewhere else.

Moreover, it’s much better for a girl to have negative feelings about you than no feelings at all. Remember that negative feelings can still be turned into positive emotions with a little time and work, but indifference means that she’ll probably try to avoid you, even if she does it in a nice way.

So if a girl looks like she wants to leave as quickly as possible then you’ve pretty much failed. On the other hand, if she looks like she wants to talk to you or at least then there’s a good chance that you have her attention.

3. The Way She Touches Her Hair

Every time she's looking at you she'd be touching her hair.

How women touch their hair is often a sign of their mental state, and that state is usually attraction. When a girl touches her hair in a flattering way, she may be signaling her interest in you. The action is often conscious but there are many girls who touch their hairs in flirtatious ways without being aware of their feelings.

For example, research data suggests that there are girls who show attraction by touching the hair near their ears while smiling. There are also women who prefer to move their head slightly right or left before touching their hair with a finger.

For more info on this topic, you should consult a psychology forum, or you can go look at videos of dating and pick up artists, and observe how women behave around guys they like.

And of course, it’s not just the way she touches her hair. There are plenty of other minor cues to look out for, like how she responds to what you’re saying and how they move their hands while talking. So be patient and look for those subtle cues. They’re not always accurate but they can give you a good idea of how girls feel about you when you talk to them.

4. She Uses Pick Up Lines When Speaking to You

She tries using pick up lines to keep the fun going.

Believe it or not, but women use pickup lines too. A study has found data that supports this phenomenon. Women use pick up lines on guys they’re attracted to in order to open them up for conversation.

Remember that pickup lines exist to put strangers at ease. So it makes sense for some women to use them, particularly if they’re the ones initiating the conversation.

They might use pickup lines to get your attention or even get you to notice something about them. They also use certain lines that they’ve heard other women use.

In any case, when a woman uses a pickup line when talking to a guy then that’s a clear sign that she’s into him. So if this were to ever happen to you, just play along. After all, flirting is fun.

And speaking of flirting. Some girls may also use certain lines to be funny. When this happens to you, don’t hesitate to give her a laugh or smile, regardless of how you feel about the joke.

Women trying to be funny is often no different from guys trying to do the same. The goal is to get the other person to open up and have a little fun. So when a girl wants you to smile or laugh then that’s one sign that she’s into you.

5. She Responds Well to Your Cologne

She like the way you smell, and she mention it.

Most people react well to good scent and this is true for women as well. Women generally react more openly to men who use colognes than men who don’t, and this is because certain scents stimulate their senses.

A recent study has found that cologne usage among men may change the way women behave around them. Remember that colognes often mix well with natural bodily odors.

Not only do they enhance natural masculine odors, they also hide musky and unpleasant smells. So try to test your favorite cologne on different women, and check out how they react. The effects may be subtle but they can have a big impact on how well you talk to or attract women.

Additionally, your cologne can also help create certain impressions about your personality. For example, if you use a lot of cologne, women may think of you as the guy who uses a lot of Axe, or that guy who likes expensive cologne.

That may not sound particularly impressive but there are plenty of women who are into guys who like to use cologne. And of course, smelling good is always better than smelling bad. So you’re more likely to attract women even if you just use cheap colognes.

6. You Attract Other Women

A woman likes something that's something that everyone else's looking for.

Women often feel attracted to men who attract other women, and this is because women tend to have a group instinct when it comes to sexual market value. So when a girl you like mentions something about you being attractive to other women or even her female friends, that may be a sign that she is attracted to you.

In fact, a recent study has found data that seems to support this ( So another way to guess a woman’s attraction is by looking at her friends or other women in general. If they approve of you or are attracted to you then there’s a good chance that their feelings are shared by the girl you like.

Another way to test this theory is to look at how your favorite girl talks to her friends while they’re watching you, or discussing guys. If they look like they’re impressed by you, or they find you attractive, then there’s a good chance that she shares their feelings.

Finally, you can always check out a woman’s social media. You can use the search function to see if she mentioned you to her friends during an online conversation. If she has, check out how the conversation went. If her friends are positive about you then there’s a good chance that your dream girl likes you too.

7. She Repeats Some of Your Words

She's constantly talking to you.

This is true for a lot of people, and not just women. Repeating and paraphrasing the words of a person you are talking to is often a sign that you like them. People sometimes do this consciously, while at other times, the process is completely unconscious.

For example, in one conversation a guy might say, “I really love Netflix. They have a lot of great shows.” The woman he’s talking to may say something like “I love Netflix too. I love many of their shows.”

She didn’t completely repeat what the guy was saying, but she clearly used many of the same words that he did, and there’s a good reason for this. Repeating words and phrases is one-way humans signal agreement or even appreciation.

So when you talk to a girl you like, observe her speech patterns. If she keeps repeating or paraphrasing certain words that you use then that’s a sign that she may like you.

This doesn’t mean that she agrees with you completely, of course, but repetition and paraphrasing are signs that the person you’re talking to wants to be on your good side.

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