We’ve all heard about the battle of being single vs being in a relationship, we’ve all heard those in a relationship say that it’s better to be single, and we’ve all heard those who are single complaining about wanting a relationship instead. But is one really better than the other?

According to doctors and psychologists all over the world, it varies from person to person, because it really depends on your life at that moment and what you’ve got going on for you at that time. People who are confident, have a job, a home, and have things in order find it’s much more convenient to be in a relationship than those who are still searching for themselves.

The saying that you must love yourself before anyone else loves you also rings true when it comes to the battle of being one vs becoming two. If you’ve got plenty of time, and you’re still young and finding yourself, it might be better to stay single until you’ve figured things out a little more. 

It’s not just about your age either, there are 50 something-year-olds that are still out there searching and there are 18-year-olds right now with their forever one and only. It really just depends on you and your specific journey for yourself.

There is no set age that you have to be to meet your true love.

But as far as one actually being better than the other, as a whole, it is better to be loved and have someone to love - but it’s got to be with someone who treats you right and someone that you could spend your life with.

Pros & Cons of Being Single VS Being In a Relationship

First and foremost, it all depends on you

Before starting on the pros and cons of the single life vs lovers lane, let me just say that the timing, age, and circumstances in your life right now mean everything when it comes to staying single or saying yes to that guy or girl you’ve been eyeing.

This means that if you are fifteen years old reading this, chances are you are just fine being single and you’ve got all the time in the world to find that one for you. Age is just a number and you could meet your soulmate when you’re two years old, but you never need to rush or push anything if you are still young with time.

That being said, being older doesn’t mean that you’re ready for a relationship either. It’s also about the timing and circumstances of your life. If you’re not happy with yourself, your looks, your situation, your finances, your job, etc., chances are you won’t be happy with them either. It’s all about finding that right time to say yes and settle down.

Being single: Pros

In a relationship: Pros

Sometimes the person we’re in love with will inspire us to do something (or to quit doing something) causing us to have better health, and in return that creates longer lives. 

Being Single: Cons

In a relationship: Cons

Are You Happier Single or In a Relationship Test?

1. When you go out to the store or just to the gas station, would you rather:

  1. Have someone go in and pay/pump for you (or you always do it for your significant other)
  2. I’m independent! I do everything myself and you would make your partner do it for themselves too

2. Going out to the mall or even to the movies by yourself sounds:

  1. Scary as hell
  2. Um, what’s wrong with that?

3. During the day, you are usually found:

  1. With your significant other
  2. By yourself, at your best friends house, or at home watching Netflix

4. If you could choose one or the other, you would choose:

  1. Love or Family
  2. Friendship or Amazing career

5. You feel like at this stage in your life when you are alone for a few hours, you:

  1. Feel lonely or start missing someone
  2. Love it! 

6.  When you see couples together out and about, you think of:

  1. Your significant other or being with someone you like or are thinking of
  2. You’re not really paying attention to other people or couples

7. You feel like on a Friday night you would rather:

  1. Go out to eat with your significant other than come home & watch a movie
  2. Go to a party, hang out with your best friend, or spend time alone

8. When you are in a relationship, you are MOST happy when:

  1. You’re spending time together or just doing things together
  2. You can get time apart to hang out with friends and do other things separately

9. Most of your relationships have been:

  1. Long term or intended for long term
  2. Short-lived and/or meant to be just for fun

10. Think of the single most important person in your life right now (besides family), who is it?:

  1. Your significant other or someone you’re talking to/longing for
  2. Your best friend/Another acquaintance in your life

11. If your best friend and significant other were in the middle of an argument and it was your best friend that was being irrational, how would you MOST LIKELY respond?

  1. I would take up for my man/woman of course!
  2. Gotta stand by my homie but will let him/her know they’re wrong


Mostly 1’s - You are obviously most happy when you are in a relationship, and if you have your life together, your finances together, and you’re secure with yourself - we say go for it and we wish you the best of luck! There is nothing more beautiful than two people finding each other and falling in love!

Mostly 2’s - It seems as if you are most happy when you are single. Work your magic baby, because being single is where it’s at in 2020! Find yourself, find out who YOU are before you go looking for the one FOR you. It will happen when it’s meant to but it sounds like you are better off single for right now!

Mixture of Both 1’s And 2’s - If you got somewhere right down the middle (or close enough), you could possibly be ready for the next step - whether that means breaking up with someone or getting with someone. Maybe you needed to find out that you were ready for a relationship right now? Or maybe you needed a sign that it was your time to be single? 

Having this balance is absolutely perfect for both worlds, so be proud that you have found that balance, but if you aren’t with someone right now (or you are) and you’ve been questioning things - take this as your sign!