How to Get a Girl Interested in You

Afton Lynn

By Afton Lynn

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How to Get a Girl Interested in You

After you’ve scored her number and took her out on a first date, are you the guy who typically ends up on date two, three, and then eventually you are a couple? Or are you like most guys bombing it after date numero uno and you just can’t seem to catch a break at catching (and then keeping) her attention?

Getting the girl to give you her number is the first step, then calling her up and going on your first outing together is the second step. But how do you pull on her heartstrings and get her to want you more than just a first date or just spend more time with you period?

How do you catch and then keep this girl’s interest and have her begging for more? We’ve decided to dig deep and give you all of the best tips and suggestions there are to scoring extra brownie points with that really cute girl you’ve been eyeing for some time now.

Make sure you never overdo it and sound cheesy, a healthy balance of both sensitive and strong is what will get you in the “more than friends” zone. Once you’re there it’s pretty much up to you to keep it progressing forward.

Making Her Want You More

She wants more from you as a person and friend.

The three key ingredients

There are essentially three things that most women look for in a man and almost always will never turn down, eventually. If at first, you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again. Women love men who are persistent and don’t give up, especially on them.

Being a determined man means that you’ll be determined at winning her love, you’ll be determined at helping her succeed in life, and you’ll be determined enough to start a family with her later on in life.

After persistence and determination come strength, every single woman alive loves a big, strong man, that’s the opposite of what women are and men are there to combat our soft, sensitive side.

Of course, we want our men to be sensitive at the right times too, but never be more sensitive than us, then we will feel like we’re competing with you and that will never work. Last but not least, the third main ingredient to being a man that women could get with is to have goals in life.

If that means go to school and work part-time right now so that you can have your own one-bedroom apartment and drive a beat-up car that you paid for, then, by all means, show off your bad side Hunny! A man with goals and ambitions is sexier than a man who wants to suck off mamas tit any day.

Tips to Keep Her Attention

Women wants attention. They love it the most.
  1. Always be honest. Never lie about what you want and who you are, this will hurt you more in the long run than telling her a truth she might not like at first make it end into a toxic relationship
  2. Share something unique about you. If you know you’re not like a lot of other men in certain areas, share that with her. Chances are that’s the one thing that will set you apart from the rest of the world in her eyes.
  3. Don’t check out other women while out with her. Trust me, she’s watching to see if you are looking at the waitress with the big boobs or the girl behind you with the big ass. If she notices that you’re only interested in her, she might give you the business that very same night.
  4. Have gentlemen qualities, but stay a man. Sadly, it seems as if the “old ways” of being a man have been stripped away lately and I say we bring those days back, days where men were men. Where the same man who slapped your ass and pulled your hair in the bedroom was also pulling out your chair at dinner and opening your door to the car before a date.
  5. Show her you’ve listened to her. Nothing is hotter than a man who listens and then plans out a special day doing just what he knows she loves. If she’s a picnic type of girl, take her on a picnic date. If she loves Chinese food, ask her out to an amazing restaurant you know of.

8 Rules on How to Get a Girl Interested in You

Keep your woman happy.

1. Show her who you really are

Let’s just hope that person that you really are, is someone she’s compatible with. Nevertheless, it’s much better to show someone who you are in the very beginning rather things get complicated and someone’s heart gets broken later down the road. Of course, you do want to focus more on the positive sides of you and not the bad.

She wants to know that you’re someone she can trust, someone she can laugh with, Since you’ve caught her attention already, possibly even had a first and second date, you still need to keep her attention, and the best way to do that? Show her all of your amazing qualities.

You’ll also need to let her know exactly what you are looking for in a relationship or in a potential partner should these several dates lead to something more. Or if you’re not looking for love, she needs to know this upfront. Never, ever lie to a woman just to get her in your sights or in your bed.

A scorned woman is lethal and dangerous, don’t play her like that.

2. Have confidence in yourself

Have confidence in yourself, otherwise she won't have it in you.

God loves him, but I have a best guy friend that is always downing himself and posting sappy Facebook statuses about how “ugly” he is, how he’ll “never find someone” and he’s just going to be old and alone. This makes girls feel super uncomfortable and actually drives women away, not towards you.

Sure, women love to be able to “fix” a guy, but we don’t want to have to play the role of mama too and tell you just how special you are – that’s what we need from you. Instead, we’d rather you have some weird manly dilemma that we can fix, then move on with the relationship.

We don’t want to have to remind you every day how beautiful you are because that’s what we expect from our men. A man without confidence will outshine a woman’s needs from her man and will mess up the entire dynamic of the couple. Have confidence in your sexy self!

3. Make her feel like the only girl in the world

Once you’ve got that sexy, manly confidence going, and you’ve shown her who you are, it’s time to show her just what she means to you. Showing her that she’s your number one girl, over moms, aunts, sisters, and friends, will have you scoring double and triple points in her book.

Yes, we love it when you love your mama and all the women in your family, but once you get a certain age your loyalty lies within your new family, your wife or husband, and children. And we damn sure don’t want no skirt chaser, even with your eyes, so keep your hands and your eyes on us and she’ll love you for life.

4. Surprise her

Surprising her with something that she loves kills two major, big birds in the love game, not just one. If you shower her with her favorite flowers and candy, then take her to her favorite restaurant and buy her favorite food while you’re there, you’re bound to have one of your most favorite nights ever with her that night afterward.

It shows that you care about her enough to put your own feelings and loves to the side, giving her everything she desires instead. But what’s the second major player in this that she’ll love you for, for life? You listened to her.

Not only did you listen to her but you put a plan into action after listening to her and what she loves. That’s quite possibly one of the sexiest things a man can do, listening to his woman and giving her everything she talked about and loves the most.

If she doesn’t love you more after this, we say you found a bad apple and it’s time to search for a better one!

5. Be by her side when she’s having a bad day

Couple supporting each other.

Hopefully, this isn’t something that will happen by your second or third date, but maybe she’ll just be having a shitty day and she’s feeling really down about herself. Be there for her.

Don’t smother her and don’t physically be there with her if she wants to be alone, but let her know you are there for comfort and support.

If something really tragic happens, offer to come over and just hold her or if she needs anything at all, dinner, a little bit of money to help with something major, do what you are capable of doing, even if that is just physically being there for her and wrapping your arms around her.

Let her know that if there’s any way you are able to stop the pain or stop what’s coming her way, you’ll be there to protect her. You might not really be able to stop it but hey, it’s a super sweet gesture and she could forget about the drama altogether and just start thinking about kissing you, her hero.

6. Show her inspiration and encouragement

Following up with being there for her on bad days, it’s important to show her you are there on all days, good and bad. This means that you can be of inspiration and be an encouragement to her 24/7, your positivity and energy will phase her at some point – we promise.

Show her that you’ve been through something compromising but you ended up coming out on top, better than before. If she’s going through something and has to make a hard decision, offer her some ways to choose the better path.

7. Make her laugh

Make her laugh every day.

If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything – just about. Women absolutely love and adore a man who can make her laugh until her cheeks are sore. While it may hurt on the outside, it feels damn good on the inside.

It’s super important to have a sense of humor, just be wary of the type of humor you have compared to what type of humor she can handle. Some women are stronger than others, and that’s ok, just find out before you start talking shit about something she loves and then she ends up hating you more than loving you afterward.

Tell her some silly jokes, if she’s open-minded maybe a few dirty jokes too, and then talk about some funny things that have happened in your life too. We promise, getting her to laugh is going to be one of the best ways to have her falling for you more and more.

8. Allow her into a part of your life you don’t let others into

We left this for last because we feel like this would be the last step before true commitment, maybe even true love. Do you have kids and you feel comfortable finally letting her meet them? Let her know this is a super special moment for you and that you don’t introduce every girlfriend or girl you’re dating to them.

Maybe you’ve got a deep secret that nobody knows about, tell her, and let her know that she’s the only one who knows. Allowing her into your life in this way is going to bring a super close connection not just in your hearts but in your mind, body, and soul as well.

There are many ways that two souls connect and allowing someone into a very personal space for you speaks volumes about how you feel about this person. When she finds out she is the only one you are allowing in on this kind of level, she’ll fall so hard for you she won’t even feel the ground!

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