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By Joe Blankenship

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One of the greatest nightmares in a relationship is realizing that your partner is falling out of love and starting to lose interest in you. Sensing that a typically caring and loving girlfriend is acting cold and distant is a major concern for almost every guy. When this happens, it’s natural to feel worried, or even alarmed, that she might leave you hanging.

The best way to understand what is going on in your relationship is to talk things through and ask if there is a problem. It’s an instant solution, but you may not like the outcome, and emotions can get high in the process.

However, there is always a plan B, which is to make your own observations first before popping the question. In doing so, you need to be aware of the sure signs that she’s losing interest in you to avoid misinterpreting her actions.

To help you deal with such a dilemma, here’s a checklist that can help you confirm if your girlfriend is drifting away from you. Checking at least five from the list is indicative of a serious relationship issue.

1. She Would Rather Be With Other People.

If she would rather spend time with other people than do things with you, it is a sure sign that your girlfriend is losing interest in your relationship. Choosing other people over you may not be conclusive for some, but everyone would agree that it’s utterly disappointing and hurtful to get left behind.

Love doesn’t work that way because if you love and care for your partner, you would never miss the chance to spend some quality time with him/her unless there is a logical reason that prevents you from doing so.

2. You’re Running Out of Things to Talk About.

When conversations become taxing, and you cannot think of a way to keep them going, it’s a sure sign that she’s not interested anymore. Her lack of spontaneity indicates that she’s not enjoying the conversation.

If you ever find yourself in this situation and you don’t want to argue about it, just dismiss it in the best way you can. Certainly, something is bothering or distracting her. If it’s any consolation, at least you are aware that something is off, and you can prepare yourself for what’s coming next.

3. Things Often Get Awkward Between You.

Another sign that she’s losing interest is the growing tension between you. That feeling of awkwardness becomes stronger no matter how much you try to ease up the situation. Simple things like having dinner together or watching movies make you feel like you’re with a stranger instead of someone special. Such tension can take its toll on your relationship. Unfortunately, it could also mean that she’s slipping away from you.

4. She no Longer Finds Your Jokes Funny.

A happy couple finds a lot of reasons to laugh, and it’s almost natural and effortless. Often, it doesn’t take much effort and energy to lighten up the mood, even when things are tough. If you can make her laugh with your corniest jokes, you’re clearly on her good side. Otherwise, if you’re finding it hard to even make her smile, or she no longer laughs at your jokes, it’s a clear sign that she’s losing interest in you.

5. You’re Unable to Connect With Her.

You used to know what she particularly likes, and you’re familiar with the things that make her happy. If, for some reason, you’re finding it hard to connect with her wants, needs, and feelings, it’s a clear indication that something is distracting her.

Sadly, it could also mean that she’s losing interest. Perhaps she has outgrown your relationship, or her needs have changed over time, and you failed to realize it. Either way, this is not a good sign in your relationship.

6. She Fails to Respond to Your Phone Calls and Messages.

Do you feel that it’s taking her longer than usual to respond to your texts and calls all the time? Does it bother you that she’s starting to become unresponsive? If your answer is “yes,” it could mean that something has really changed with her. Your doubts and feelings of rejection could mean that she’s slipping away and is no longer as interested in you as she used to be.

7. Your efforts are always not enough.

She used to be happy with the simplest things. But lately, you notice that your efforts are no longer enough to make her happy. You’re also finding it hard to please her. It’s as if every time you give her one thing, she seeks something else. Regardless of how hurtful it is, you have to recognize the fact that she’s changed. Sadly, it also means that she’s no longer content with what you can offer.

8. You Feel Alone in Your Relationship.

Feeling alone in your relationship.
Feeling alone in your relationship.

Couples go through different stages in a relationship. You may lose the spark at some point, but if your feelings for each other are far stronger than the odds, things have a way of working out. Unfortunately, not all couples make it through. Over time, things can get monotonous and unexciting.

Everything else becomes a routine that you just end up going with the flow, feeling alone yet playing it safe. When you’re in such a situation, you can easily sense that you’re slowly growing apart from each other, as if you’re living separate lives.

9. It Shows in Her Body Language.

A girl’s body language can reveal a lot if you’re mindful enough to take notice of the signs. For instance, crossing her arms across her body while talking to you, having a blank expression, and avoiding eye contact, are all signs that she’s not interested.

You also need to pay close attention to the tone of her voice. Does she sound bored, irritated, or unconcerned every time you talk to her? If she does, it could only mean that she’s losing interest in talking to you.

10. She Refuses to Have Physical Contact With You.

One of the hallmarks that a girl is losing interest in you is if she refuses to make physical contact or avoids any form of it. This could significantly hurt your ego, but it’s undeniable that she’s trying to keep her distance from you. Her refusal to give in to your romantic gestures communicates everything loud and clear.

Therefore, making a careful assessment of your intimacy level can give you definitive answers to confirm your suspicions that she’s losing interest.

11. Lack of Appreciation and Mutual Support.

It is important for couples to appreciate one another and to extend mutual support at any cost. Consequently, if you feel neglected and your girlfriend is unsupportive, something is definitely wrong. It could mean that she doesn’t care enough or is too preoccupied with her own life.

On the other hand, if it’s unlikely for her to behave in such a manner and something feels odd about her actions, she may be losing her grip on your relationship.

12. She Refuses to Spend Time With Your Family and Friends.

If she refuses to spend time with the people that matter most to you, she clearly wants to detach herself from your personal life. Her lack of enthusiasm to meet your family and friends could mean that she’s afraid of commitment and is not yet ready for anything serious. However, it could also mean that she doesn’t want to establish rapport with any of them because she’s no longer into you.

13. She Constantly Lies About a Lot of Things.

Constantly making excuses and lying about a lot of things can easily ruin a relationship. If you are certain that your girlfriend is lying to you, it indicates that she is hiding something. Such a form of deception and betrayal can lead to a toxic relationship, which can adversely affect your dignity because she is disrespecting you. The fact that she disrespects you means that she doesn’t care anymore.

14. She Complains a Lot.

Mood swings are quite common among girls, but hearing her complain endlessly is an entirely different story. If you feel that she’s always putting the blame on you and complains over the simplest things all the time, it’s a sign that she’s losing interest.

Her irritability and bad temper can also, in effect, put a lot of strain on your relationship. These are usually caused by numerous unresolved issues and a lack of communication. Still, whatever the reasons are, her complaints reveal that she’s no longer happy or satisfied in your relationship.

15. You Feel That You Are no Longer a Part of Her Future.

If the distance between you start to get more palpable with each passing day, you’ll start to feel that your plans are becoming irrelevant – almost nonexistent and impossible to visualize. You no longer talk about your future, there are no clear signs that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together, and you’re just enduring the present situation.

Feeling this way means that you’re growing apart and her needs are changing. As painful as it is, if you feel that you are no longer a part of her future, it’s time that you accept the fact that her feelings for you are not the same anymore.

Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, which makes it even harder to decide whether to hang on or to let go, even though you’re seeing signs that she’s losing interest. If you feel that she’s changing and slowly drifting away from you, you can either talk or give each other some breathing space.

A lot of things can change if you’ll allow yourself to think things through. Instead of demanding and pointing out her shortcomings, be mature enough to accept that, sometimes, when people change, they also outgrow their own feelings.

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