Late-Night Pillow Talk Benefits

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Late-Night Pillow Talk Benefits

Pillow talk is something that everyone experiences, whether you’re aware that it’s pillow talk or not, and it occurs for a number of reasons, such as, lack of time to talk to each other during the day or because it usually feels easier to discuss things during this time. Keep reading to learn all about pillow talk and its benefits.

What’s Pillow Talk?

Pillow talk is a kind of conversation you have, typically with your significant other, and it can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how deep of a conversation you’re having. You could have a pillow talk conversation last longer if you’re really enjoying what you’re talking about with each other.

Pillow talk typically happens when you’re laying together, relaxing, while you’re in the midst of choosing what to watch on tv, or after you’ve watched a movie and you’re not quite tired enough to go to sleep.

Why Do People Pillow Talk?

People talk reasons.
Why people pillow talk.

You may not have noticed that you’ve had pillow talks with your significant other simply because you didn’t call it that, but it’s very common and happens in all relationships. These are some of the reasons why people commonly pillow talk.

Because they don’t have time to talk during the day

If you both work and have busy schedules, it’s very likely that you don’t get a chance to have light conversations and gossip with each other about what’s going on or share news about your social circle.

You barely have time to check in on how the other is doing, so of course, you’re not going to have time to have a light conversation. This is why in some relationships, pillow talk is extremely important because it’s when they get to communicate with one another.

It’s smoother for a difficult conversation

When you’re talking with each other in bed, you’re in a safe space, somewhere you should feel most relaxed and comfortable because it’s where you wind down and rest after a long day.

This is why it’s easier to have more difficult conversations during pillow talk, because it won’t be taken the wrong way or as such a terrible thing since the person is in a calm mindset.

To touch base on a matter

During pillow talk, most topics are light and easy; this is why it shouldn’t be difficult to change topics during pillow talk if you’re not happy having that conversation. It’s the perfect time to just touch base on certain things that are going on and then move on to a new topic.

What to Talk About During Pillow Talk

Common pillow talk topics.

Below you will find ideas of what to talk about during pillow talk with your partner.

Weekend plans

Talk about what you’d like to do with your partner this weekend. Bring up things you’ve been wanting to do, for example, a seasonal activity that may be going on or a movie you’ve been wanting to see together.

This is a great time to check what you have coming up and figure out when you can set time aside to do something with just the two of you or remind each other of any upcoming group activities you may have.

Gossip about what’s going on in your social circle

Share the latest happenings in your friends’ life that your partner might not be up to date on. You might not have gotten the chance to fill them in completely throughout the day, and now that you’re just settling into bed to go to sleep is the perfect time to do so.

Things that bothered you that day

If something happened during the day that really upset you and you want advice or just want to get it off your chest, it would be a great idea to share what happened during pillow talk. That way, you’ll be able to go to sleep with your mind more at ease.

Special moments in your relationship

During pillow talk is when most couples talk about special moments in their relationship that they happened to remember for whatever reason.

One topic that might come up is how you first met, and you and your partner can reminisce about how you met, who introduced you, what you felt about each other in that initial moment and silly things that happened, amongst other things.

You could also talk about the first time you told him you loved him or who said ‘I love you’ first. Basically, any special moment that occurred between the two of you can be revisited during pillow talk.

Family problems

Perhaps you argued with one of your family members, or you’re typically on really good terms with your siblings, but you had a fight. If it’s not something major, you’re not going to go out of your way to bring it up during the day, so now is a good time to mention it and see what your partner has to say about it to hopefully help you overcome the issue and find a resolution.

Perhaps you have some type of concern with one of your family members because someone is ill or had some sort of emergency; this would also be a good time to talk about it with them so that you feel better about the situation.

What you love about the other person

During pillow talk, it’s common to feel like you can really open up with your partner and be vulnerable with each other and share what you truly love about them. It makes the moment special and romantic and will make you feel more in love with them after having this conversation during your pillow talk.

The good parts about your relationship

Another sweet conversation that can take place during pillow talk is acknowledging all of the positive things about your relationship. This is a moment you can compliment each other on what you think the other person is doing well within the relationship or ask for more of something you liked.

Concerns or fears you may be having

Because this is a time where you can feel more vulnerable with your partner, it can be easier to talk about your concerns or fears, and take the opportunity to get it all out of your mind so that you feel more relieved and at ease and can actually get some rest.

What Not to Talk About During Pillow Talk

There are certainly a few topics that you don’t want to mention during pillow talk because it could cause an unwanted argument or tension between you and your partner.


If exes are a touchy subject, don’t bring them up during pillow talk. Some people don’t mind if an ex comes up in the conversation, but usually, it can cause jealousy or anger from the other person because they don’t like hearing about your ex.

It’s better to play it safe and avoid the topic all together. You wouldn’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings or make them feel like this isn’t a safe space to talk with each other.

Past fights.

Leave the past in the past and avoid bringing up things you’ve previously fought about. If you weren’t able to agree on something, now is definitely not the time to address those matters. You don’t want to add stress or discomfort right before bed time.

Things that you know could cause a fight.

If something you know could cause a fight, avoid bringing that up. You shouldn’t bring any unwanted tension to pillow talk time.

Pillow Talk Benefits

Pillow talk benefits.
Benefits of pillow talking.

These are some of the benefits of pillow talk:

1. Strengthens the relationship

The most important benefit you will get from pillow talk is that it strengthens your relationship. Having important, special, and vulnerable conversations with your partner strengthens your relationship.

It’s a special moment where you can talk about anything together, and it’s just the two of you discussing with no pressure to have any conversations. It just flows.

2. Allows you to develop a stronger emotional connection

Because of the types of things you can discuss during pillow talk, you can develop a stronger emotional connection with your partner. During this time, it just feels easy to say what’s on your mind without bringing any issues into it and letting things happen naturally between you.

3. Makes you feel more comfortable with your partner

Pillow talk will bring you closer to your partner and make you feel more comfortable with them. The more you have this time to talk to each other and open up as much as you want, the more comfortable you will feel with them. You get to know each other more, and on a deeper level, that can only bring comfort to the relationship.

In conclusion, pillow talk has a lot of benefits and is something natural that occurs in most relationships before going to sleep. It’s important to explore different topics that come to mind during pillow talk to allow a stronger, more meaningful connection to form with your partner.

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