13 Gift Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

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By Sam Lynn

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13 Gift Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship can be super hard work even if the two of you love each other and truly want to make it work. There are always little things that the two of you can do for each other and with each other through phone or video chat, to keep the love fresh and alive, however. And one of those things is to send each other cutesy little gifts to show you just how much you care about them.

Before running to the mall and picking up something that you just think they might like, it is better to really sit and ponder on what exactly you might be able to give them that will really touch their heart. Something that they just don’t want but also need. Something that shows exactly how you feel about them and your relationship with them.

A few quick pointers for picking out the best gifts for your long-distance lover before we share some of our truly lovely gift ideas for couples.

  1. Make it personal. Whatever your gift may be to them, make it specific to them. Not something that every girl or guy would love like a candle or cologne, but something that would make them say “oh my God, I can’t believe you remembered.”
  2. Don’t overthink or overbuy. The best gifts come from the heart, start there.
  3. Give something to them that would make them feel sad but happy at the same time. Sure, they’re probably going to love anything you get for them, but sometimes a gift that makes them cry with joy could be the very thing that takes you to the next level in your relationship.
  4. Don’t buy something that says more than you want it to say. Basically, if you just started dating a few months ago, no need to get an engagement ring just yet. Unless you’ve already discussed it with them and agreed to it, of course.
  5. There doesn’t have to be a reason. The best gifts, especially in a long distance relationship, are those that don’t have a reason to be given. The only reason you want to give it to them is that you want to show them that you are thinking about them even though they aren’t there. That is why gifting during a long-distance relationship is so important, it lets them know that you really care about them and are thinking about them even when miles and miles apart.
  6. Always insert a note, letter, or card with your gift explaining what you bought for him or her and why you bought it. Sometimes a gift might make more sense to her or him if you let them know exactly what you want them to use it for.

Gift Ideas for New Couples That Are in a Long-Distance Relationship

New couples gift ideas when they're in a long distance relationship.

1. Dual-zone watches

There is nothing else out there that says “I’m here with you, always” better than matching watches. The two of you can set it to your time zones, and even set it up with an app to your smartphone and have it beep at the same time, letting you know it’s time to think about each other! You could also allow that beep to indicate it’s time to jump on a Skype call!

2. Heartbeat ring

Probably one of the coolest inventions in the world is a heartbeat ring. A ring where you can literally feel the heartbeat of your lover. She (or he) will melt in your heart knowing that they will always be able to feel your heart (and vice versa) wrapped around their fingers. Literally, feel one another’s heartbeat through the rings.

3. Picture/quote mug

Picture or quote mugs are adorable in the fact that you can custom make a mug just for the two of you with a quote he or she loves, and a photo of the two of you when you were able to be together. If the two of you haven’t been able to even meet yet, send them a mug with your best photo and a quote to them from you. Every time they take a sip they’ll be reminded of how much you truly love them.

4. Make a book out of the emails/texts

Chances are the two of you have been chatting it up for quite some time now, so why not get a book made with the sweetest, longest, yet mushiest texts and emails that you can find from each other? Include back and forth messages from both of you and don’t make it one-sided. This is sure to make them cry with tears of joys when they flip through and see how it all began!

5. Matching coordinating bracelets

There are bracelets that are made specifically for long-distance relationships, and you can even get them engraved with yours and theirs time zone, state, or names so they can always have a reminder that the two of you are connected through always simultaneously wearing the matching bracelets.

Gift Ideas for Long Time Couples That Are in a Long-Distance Relationship

Long distance couple with a video chat app.

1. Promise rings

If it’s not that time just yet, but you’ve been together long enough that you know this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, buy them a “promise to be with you until you are ready to get engaged” ring. This not only shows your commitment to them, but it also shows her or him how much you are really digging them even though you all are miles and miles apart.

On the other hand, if you two are ready for engagement then go ahead and get that ring!

2. Gift them a star

Seriously, you are now able to give your loved ones the gift of a star named after them! You will basically “buy” a star in the sky, name it after them, and send them the certificate! How romantic is that?

3. Photobook or a photo blanket

You’ve been together for quite some time now and we’re sure that you have tons of pictures together from when the two of you were actually able to be around each other. Making a photo book of the two of you or a photo blanket that they can literally sleep with will keep the two of you close at all times. If you don’t have many or any pictures together, make a book or blanket with their life story and photos of them from childhood and up if you can.

4. Mixtape of all your favorite (and meaningful) songs

Nothing makes you feel better than music, and it can really touch your heart when it comes to emotions, especially love. Give the gift of his or her favorite songs, the songs that are considered “your song”, and the first song the two of you ever listened to together.

5. 30 days of letters

This idea is super sweet and super thoughtful and requires a lot of work behind it. Basically, you could buy a set from online or you could make your own by making an entire month’s worth of cards, notes, or letters with anything you want to say on them. You could ask them to open them one per day, or you could make them specific such as “open on days you’re feeling lonely”.

Gift Ideas for All Long-Distance Lovers

Gift for all types of relationships that are in a long distance relationship.

1. Long-distance touch lamp

Probably the most adorable long-distance gift in the world is the touch lamp for long-distance couples. This is why we wanted to let everyone in on this cute and super sweet idea. The idea is that both parties will get matching lamps and connect their lamps to WiFi and when one partner touches the lamp it lights up on the other person’s end!

2. Pillow for missing them

This gift may make them cry, even while they’re using it, but it’s important to have something like this for those times that you just need someone to hold or hold you. The pillow can either be something personal like a photo of you two, a quote or saying for them, or you can get a pillow that says “If you miss me hug this pillow” and your partner will have something to hold onto that is the closest thing to you at that moment, in those moments.

3. Wooden postcard

You can now send a beautifully engraved wooden postcard to your lover’s door instead of those ordinary 90s postcards, it’s almost like a picture or artwork and a love message, rather than just a card saying hello. They can set it up in their home while you are miles apart and always be reminded of how much you love them!

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