Why You Fall In Love So Easily and How to Control It

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By Irene Limas

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Why You Fall In Love So Easily and How to Control It

If you have made it this far, it is because you are aware of the issue you have with meeting people and instantly feeling emotionally attached to them. You may have noticed that the person you feel attached to does not reciprocate the same emotional attachment, which may make you wonder whether the problem lies with them or with you.

Signs You Fall in Love too Quickly

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Do you easily fall in love? Find out now.

To understand why you can’t help falling in love so fast, you need to be able to identify that you engage in this behavior and precisely what it is that you do.

1. You say ‘I love you’ too soon.

Even though you have only gone out with this person a few times, you already express your love to them. You may feel that it is the right thing to do, or that your feelings for that person are very intense, but in most cases, this is not a feeling that typically develops so quickly, let alone being voiced so soon.

If you find yourself telling the person you are dating that you love them before you are even in a relationship, you should take it as a sign that you are falling in love too fast.

2. You want to do everything with this person.

When developing feelings for someone, it’s common to desire to spend a lot of time with them. However, if you feel the urge to do absolutely everything with them after only going out a couple of times, it could indicate that you are falling in love too quickly and should consider taking things a bit slower.

3. You feel like you’re in love with more than one person.

If you are someone who falls in love quickly, you may feel like you are in love with multiple people at the same time. You may also find it difficult to determine which person you have stronger feelings for, and consequently, you may be hesitant to commit to any one person.

4. You think about this person a lot.

Another sign of falling in love quickly is when you constantly have a particular person on your mind. Even if you haven’t known them for very long, everything seems to remind you of them.

5. You tend to jump easily from one person to the next.

You don’t typically focus on just one person, and even if you believe you have feelings for someone, you may soon find yourself attracted to someone else, causing the previous person to become old news.

Why You Can’t Help Falling in Love so Easily

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Reasons why you can’t help falling in love so quickly.

1. Dopamine Hormones.

It may not be entirely your fault that you fall in love with everyone you meet. In fact, it’s likely not a conscious decision you’re making. It’s possible that your dopamine levels are slightly out of balance, which could cause you to develop feelings for people left and right.

Dopamine is a hormone that everyone possesses, and an excess of it may make you crave more and more, leading you to believe that what you’re experiencing is love rather than mere interest or a crush. Therefore, you may not be attached to a particular person but rather to the dopamine rush itself.

2. Low self-esteem.

If you have low self-esteem and lack confidence, it’s possible that you may easily develop feelings for someone who shows even the slightest interest in you, simply because you don’t think highly of yourself. However, you should be cautious about this and avoid feeling like no one else will ever be interested in you besides that one person.

Otherwise, you may end up in a relationship with someone who isn’t a good person and only attracted to you because of your vulnerability. It’s important to work on improving your self-esteem to avoid this situation.

3. Fear of being ignored or abandoned.

Perhaps you have experienced childhood trauma related to abandonment, which has caused you to fear losing the people in your life. As a result, you may be overly clingy and attached to your partner. To prevent this, it’s essential to work on healing your past traumas and not bring them into your current relationship.

4. Chemistry between both of you.

At times, the chemistry you share with a person can be incredibly intense, and you both may have a profound connection. This isn’t necessarily negative, but it can result in falling in love too quickly or with the wrong person.

Having chemistry alone is not sufficient for a successful relationship; it’s important to share common goals and values, among other factors.

5. You’ve never gone through a breakup.

Due to your lack of experience with heartbreak, you may not fully comprehend how devastating it can be to end a relationship and all it involves, particularly a serious one. This could be a valid reason you tend to fall in love easily. However, after going through the emotional process of a breakup, you may not find it as easy or frequent to fall in love.

6. You don’t think things through.

Another factor that may contribute to your tendency to fall in love rapidly is your tendency to act impulsively without fully considering the situation. As an impulsive person, when you experience strong emotions for someone, you act on them immediately, leading you to fall in love too quickly and prematurely.

7. You’ve never been in love.

As you reach a certain age and observe that your friends, colleagues, and others around you have already experienced true love, you may begin to feel desperate to have that same feeling, leading you to fall in love too easily and hastily.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone has their own timeline, and you shouldn’t allow this pressure to be the reason behind your tendency to fall in love too quickly.

Why This Can Be a Problem

Falling in love too quickly is not positive, as it can impede your personal development, leading to one of two problems.

Firstly, you may be unable to pursue strong feelings for a person due to frequently falling in love with someone new.

Secondly, you may fall in love with the wrong people because of your impulsive nature. Ultimately, your relationships are less likely to last if you fall in love too easily or quickly, and you need to find a way to control your feelings.

How to Control It

Taking control of your emotions.
Controlling emotions and feelings.

It’s not advisable to be complacent about falling in love so easily. The best approach is to learn how to manage your emotions and avoid acting on them whenever you feel like you have developed feelings for someone.

Admit you have a problem. 

The first step is to acknowledge and accept that you have an issue and that it won’t be advantageous for you but instead, it will work against you. It’s crucial to be aware of the problem so that you can solve it.

If you can’t confess that you have this problem to someone else, try practicing admitting it to yourself out loud, perhaps even in front of a mirror. Once you make it a reality and it’s not just in your mind, it will be easier to address and overcome it.

Take it slow.

It’s important to take things one step at a time when communicating with someone you’re interested in. Avoid being overly excessive in your communication and pushing things to the extreme. Texting or calling them every minute of every day is unnecessary.

You need to understand that giving them space is crucial. Remember that they have their own life to live, and they may not want to feel overwhelmed by you.

Ask for validation from your best friend.

Your friends are there to help and give advice during difficult times, like this one. Talk to your closest friend about your situation, ask for their opinion, and see if they recognize the behavior in you. Their advice and encouragement can be valuable.

Turn off your phone.

To avoid the problem before it begins, try to stay off your phone from the moment you meet someone new and start feeling interested in them. This helps you avoid constantly thinking about whether or not they have messaged you, and prevents you from initiating a conversation with them. Practicing self-control and building healthy communication habits can be achieved through this.

To sum up, there are various reasons why you fall in love quickly, but there are also several solutions to this issue. It may take time to adjust to new habits and learn to take things slower, but eventually, you’ll get there. Every step along the way is a part of your journey and experience with love.

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