Common Mistakes to Avoid on Chat Lines

Payton Kramer

By Payton Kramer

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Common Mistakes to Avoid on Chat Lines

When you’re chatting with someone on a chat line, maintaining proper phone etiquette is essential at all times. Below, you’ll find a list of not only things you should keep in mind when you’re on a date or getting to know someone for the first time but also things you need to remember when you’re simply talking on the phone.

1. Don’t overshare.

reserved woman.
Don’t share everything about you all at once.

You want to avoid oversharing for a couple of reasons. The first one is to prevent coming off as boring. When you’ve been going on about something for too long, the conversation can quickly become boring, especially if it’s one of your first times connecting with that caller and you’re in the early stages of getting to know each other.

The second reason to avoid oversharing is that the callers on the chat lines are strangers. It’s true that everyone you meet, no matter how you meet them, starts out as strangers, but you need to be cautious about what you’re sharing.

Avoid divulging information such as where you live, whether you live alone, and other potential pieces of information that could be used against you or pose a threat. This doesn’t mean you can never share these details, but you should ensure that you can trust the other person before doing so.

2. Don’t interrupt the person you’re talking to.

No one appreciates being interrupted, so be mindful of when you decide to speak. It can be challenging not to interrupt someone over the phone because you can’t physically see when the other person is about to talk. However, try to wait a few seconds before you say something if you’re unsure if it’s your turn to speak.

You don’t want to wait too long, as sitting in silence on the phone can become uncomfortable or feel awkward. It’s understandable if you accidentally interrupt the other person a couple of times; just ensure it doesn’t reach the point where they feel the need to mention it.

3. Don’t abruptly hang up.

dropped phone call.
Don’t hang up chat line conversations abruptly.

Could you imagine how bad it would make you feel if the person you’re talking to on the chat line suddenly hung up on you? You’d be left wondering if they hung up on purpose, if their phone died, and what you did to make them hang up on you all of a sudden, amongst other things.

This is why you should never abruptly hang up. It can be difficult to find a way to end a conversation if you’re not into it and the other person is, but sometimes you just have to be direct and cut to the chase.

It’s better to say, ‘I’m sorry to cut you off, but I’m not feeling the conversation and don’t want to waste your time.’ than to disconnect from the call.

4. Don’t talk the whole time.

This is an important one you want to ensure you avoid doing. When you’re on a phone date, it’s easy to get carried away, talk about yourself or something else, and not realize that you’ve been talking for a while.

You need to remember that you’re getting to know the other caller, too, and it’s not just about you and what you have to say. You can try a few things to ensure this doesn’t happen. First, be aware of how long you’re talking for; if it’s been a couple of minutes, it’s probably time for the other person to say something.

Second, to make it really easy, end with a question that redirects the conversation back to them whenever you share something. This is a good move because even if you talk a little too much, they’ll feel good. After all, you’re asking them something about themselves and showing interest in what they have to say, too.

5. Don’t get distracted.

It’s difficult to avoid distractions, for some more than others, but you need to try to stay as focused as possible. This could mean connecting to a chat line only when you’re alone, when your surroundings are quiet, or when you have nothing else pending.

On the flip side, perhaps you’re someone that has to be doing something to focus on the call, and it could be helpful to have a pen and paper nearby so you can mindlessly doodle while on your phone date. Figure out what works best for you and what will keep you focused.

6. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do face to face.

It’s easy to get carried away with the fact that you’re on a phone date and the other person can’t see you. Sure, this means you can be a little more laidback, and you don’t have to get all dressed up or give how you look a second thought, but you still want to practice proper date etiquette and act accordingly.

If you typically wouldn’t burp face to face, don’t burp on the phone just because you think they won’t hear you. They might not, but there’s also a good chance that they could hear you, and that would simply be embarrassing and a turn-off for the other caller.

7. Don’t chew gum.

Listening to someone chew gum over the phone is incredibly annoying to most. You need to be aware that when you’re on the phone, the phone is usually right on your face, or at the very least your mouth is close to a microphone.

This means that it’s very easy to pick up on the sound of someone chewing gum, and while some people might be able to ignore it, it could drive others crazy. So just spit your gum out to be safe.

8. Don’t ask for personal details.

Woman keeping details.
Avoid asking personal details on chat lines.

Finding the perfect balance between asking too little and too much can be tricky, but it’s important to find that balance because you don’t want to come off as a creep.

Just as we’ve suggested that you don’t overshare because you’re talking to a stranger after all, you don’t want to ask too many questions because this is something that all callers should practice for safety reasons. So take it easy, and let the conversation flow naturally without being too nosey.

9. Don’t forget to favorite your favorite callers.

The worst thing that can happen is that you’re disconnected from a caller for some reason, and you were really hitting it off, but you forgot to favorite them. You may be reconnected, but there are so many callers that who knows when that will really happen.

As soon as you start enjoying a conversation with someone, dial the corresponding number on the keypad to favorite them. If you continue talking and realize you don’t like them that much, or if you change your mind after a couple of calls, you can always go back and edit your favorites list.

10. Don’t run out of minutes.

One of the best chat line features is how quickly and easily you can purchase more minutes on a chat line. If you’re on a call and you run out of minutes, the call will be paused, not disconnected, and you’ll be prompted to add more minutes to your account.

This takes seconds to do, so it’s not a huge deal if it happens to you, but ideally, you’ll be prepared and have plenty of minutes to talk without interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I accidentally did something I wasn’t supposed to do?

Don’t stress too much if you accidentally did one of the things we mentioned above. It’s not the end of the world, especially if no one mentions or complains about it. Just try to make sure that you don’t do it next time you’re on the chat lines so that your calls go better.

What if the other caller does something on this list?

If one of the other callers you’re talking to does something on this list, it would be appropriate for you to bring it up. You don’t have to be rude; simply let them know that you noticed they did whatever bothered you, and politely ask them to avoid doing it.

Surely, they’ll understand, just as you would if someone brought it up to you. You might want to wait a bit before saying anything to see if they continue to do it or if it was just a one-time thing, just to be safe, so your complaint doesn’t seem annoying.

When you’re chatting on a chat line, it’s easy to get nervous and accidentally do something we mentioned above. That’s okay; sometimes you won’t even realize you’re doing it. So be patient with yourself, take notes of what you really want to avoid doing, and put yourself out there.

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