How to Find True Love in Phone Dating

Joe Blankenship

By Joe Blankenship

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How to Find True Love in Phone Dating

Phone dating has recently become so congested that it’s particularly challenging to determine who’s in it for casual relationships and who’s in it for serious relationships. This is a disadvantage for the few of us who are looking for the love of our life. Our soulmate: someone who will be with us through thick and thin. We’ve seen enough movies about true love, so it must be possible, right?

In these modern times when “no strings attached” seem to be the trend, can we ever find true love in phone dating? Good news: yes, it’s totally possible! Bad news: you may inevitably have to come across the wrong people and experience heartbreaks along the way.

In your pursuit of true love, the first thing you should be looking for is not true love itself, but a person who’s interested in the same thing as you: a healthy, long-term relationship.

10 Signs Your Phone Date Is Interested in a Committed Relationship

Signs your phone date is interested

Sure, you can simply ask one’s intentions to skip all the hassle. However, asking doesn’t always work. Even a casanova can tell you everything you want to hear if that’s what it takes to keep you around until he gets tired of you.

In phone dating, there are two types of people: those who want to keep things casual and those who want to pursue a lifelong committed relationship. Whatever kind of relationship you’re interested in, it can be challenging to figure out who’s who among everyone you meet.

But lucky for you, we can help you narrow down your search. We’ve put together 10 signs to help you determine if your phone date is interested in a committed relationship.

1. They want to take you out on an actual date.

Not everyone who buys you dinner is interested in something long-term, but someone who makes an effort to take you out on a meaningful date in someplace nice definitely is.

However, it is also possible that your phone date could be looking to pursue a committed relationship but aren’t able to take you out on an actual date due to a number of reasons, including distance and conflicting schedule. In these cases, a simple promise to take you out one day is just as much as a good sign that they want something serious.

2. They’ve had long-term relationships in the past.

According to Jonathan Bennett, a relationship and dating expert, the biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. If your new love interest has a pretty impressive history of commitment, there’s a good chance that they are looking to pursue something long-term. Similarly, you can’t expect someone who had nothing but flings in the past to suddenly be interested in commitment. Although it is possible, it is less likely to happen.

3. They’ve asked about your dating history.

If they seem curious about your dating history, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re on the same page. They want to know about your previous relationships because they are looking for clues whether you are interested in commitment.

4. They introduce you to family and friends.

Meeting family and friends is a big deal. Once you get to know each other’s social circle, it really does take things to the next level. If your phone date has displayed an effort to introduce you to their family and friends, even through phone calls or video calls, they’re definitely up for a long-term relationship.

Similarly, someone who’s interested in a serious relationship will express interest in meeting the people who are close to you as well. Someone who sees you as nothing more than a fling won’t consider introducing you to their family and friends because they think there’s no point having them meet you if they don’t intend on keeping you around anyway.

5. Their future plans include you.

Another surefire sign that they want to pursue a committed relationship is when they start talking about future plans with you. Whether that’s two weeks from now or two months down the line, the fact that they envision you being with them in the future says a lot.

You might notice them constantly making plans to go on a vacation or do something fun, all of which include you. When talking about the future, they have stopped saying “I” and started saying “we”.

6. They open up about their life.

People who are only looking for casual flings tend to steer clear from deep, meaningful conversations. So if your phone date talks about their experiences, shares their worries, and reveals their secrets, it is likely that they’re interested in something serious and long-term. Their willingness to open up about their life is a sign that they’re comfortable around you and they’re looking to create a genuine bond.

7. They talk about creating traditions.

When you and your love interest had a good time doing a particular activity together, and they want to do it again on a regular basis, it’s a clear sign that they are trying to establish traditions. For instance, your phone date randomly called you in the morning and you ate breakfast together.

If they want to make those random video calls during breakfast as a tradition, they’re definitely not playing games with you. Setting traditions not only applies in scheduled video calls at a predetermined time of the day, but also in giving each other nicknames, planning to spend a holiday together every year, and anything else you want to experience together regularly.

8. They drop subtle hints about their relationship goals.

Keep your ears open for subtle hints about what they want in a relationship, as it can reveal where the relationship is headed. If you notice that they’re bringing up topics about marriage, sharing a house, or even wanting children, it could mean that they see you as a potential life partner. Even if you haven’t talked about how these things apply directly to your lives, it’s still a good sign.

9. They’re making small commitments.

Someone who’s interested in a serious relationship will take tiny steps towards the direction of commitment. If your love interest claims to have cut contact with other phone dates, chances are, they’re ready to give you their full and undivided attention.

You can also see someone is making small commitments when they start asking to be exclusive, planning future dates, or showing interest to meet your family and friends. Acts of commitment come in many forms. You just have to pay attention to the little things.

10. They make talking to you a priority.

It goes without saying that communication is one of the keys to a successful relationship You’ll know for sure that the relationship is going somewhere if your phone date is making regular communication a priority just as much as you do.

When someone’s pursuing a serious relationship, they won’t disappear and go off-grid for days, leave texts unanswered, or fail to return multiple phone calls. If your phone date constantly checks on you and calls back when they say they will, then things must be going pretty well.

5 Tips to Make a Phone Dating Relationship Work

How phone dates work

Now that you’ve found someone who’s interested in a serious relationship just as much as you, you’re one step closer to finding true love. Finding the right person is enough, you should also know how to make the relationship work. Here are 5 tips for a healthy phone dating relationship:

1. Practice regular clear and honest communication.

It goes without saying that consistent transparent communication is crucial to make a relationship work. It takes two people to have good communication. So if one of you is unwilling to participate for any reason, the best thing to do is talk another time when both of you are willing to talk.

Whenever you communicate with your significant other, try to:

  • Talk without interruptions and distractions
  • Make your message clear
  • Listen to your partner when it’s their turn to speak
  • Share positive feelings with your partner
  • Be aware of your tone of voice
  • Remember that you don’t have to be right all the time

2. Let each other know about your schedules.

Being aware of each other’s schedule helps you and your partner determine when is the best time to talk and when should you expect each other to be busy. Inform your partner of your regular working hours for the whole week and they should do the same.

If any of you is working on flexible hours and doesn’t have a specific time set for work, the person with the flexible working hours can send a quick message to their partner before working and another one after their shift.

Knowing each other’s schedule also avoids any misunderstanding caused by missed calls and late replies. If you’re trying to maintain a healthy and committed relationship, the last thing you want to happen is for your partner to think that you’re ignoring them when you’re just actually swamped with work or in the middle of something important.

Here are some tips on how you and your partner can adjust to each other’s schedule:

  • Set an alarm whenever your partner starts working and whenever their shift ends.
  • The person with flexible working hours can work at the same time as their partner so they can have the same schedule.
  • Communicate last-minute schedule changes.
  • Don’t be a disturbance to your partner when they’re busy.

3. Give your significant other compliments and reassurance consistently.

Any relationship requires compliments and reassurance, but a phone dating relationship needs those things more often. It’s easy to overthink and doubt where you stand in your partner’s life, especially if you’re not always with each other and the foundation of the relationship is only over the phone.

Everyone needs reassurance and validations from the people we love, it’s simply how we are as human beings. Your partner may be dying to hear how you feel about them, but they won’t ask you about it. So the best thing to do is to share positive feelings with your partner as much as possible.

Listed below are some reassuring statements you can say to your significant other more often:

  • I appreciate you.
  • What I love about you is…
  • I’m here for you.
  • We’re in this together.
  • I love you.

4. Get creative with sexting.

In phone dating, sexting is the way to achieve sexual intimacy without being together physically. It is the act of sending seductive messages and images to your partner to get them sexually aroused and excited.

Whether or not you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, exploring sexting won’t hurt. In fact, sexting is proven to be beneficial in a relationship.

Below are some tips for a fun, enjoyable sexting experience:

  • Initiate sexting when your partner is not in the middle of work or something important.
  • Take it slow and pay attention to the buildup.
  • Don’t stray too far out of your comfort zone.
  • Put some effort into your nude selfies and give your partner a heads-up before sending it over.
  • Be aware of the “emoji sex code”.
  • Make use of video and voice recording features.
  • Have fun with dirty talk.

5. Plan an actual date as soon as possible.

Meeting in person isn’t always as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors to consider, including distance and conflicting schedules. It’s unreasonable to expect your partner who lives thousands of miles away from you to take you on an actual date whenever you want. Similarly, you should also be understanding if your partner can’t find time to take you out to dinner yet.

However, whatever the circumstances are, it is important to plan an actual date. It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow or the day after. You don’t even have to promise a specific date, but do fulfill your promise and make it happen as soon as possible.

But as the saying goes: it takes two to tango. An actual date won’t be possible if both individuals involved in the relationship will make an effort to make it happen. If you’re far away from each other, consider meeting halfway.

If you have conflicting schedules, perhaps both of you can make adjustments? If you and your partner are both willing to go through great lengths to see each other, nothing is impossible.

Planning a date fuels the relationship with hope and excitement. It also gives your significant other something big to look forward to. Just the thought of seeing your true love is enough to keep you going and make your relationship last.

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