Is Calling a Chat Line Considered Cheating?

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Is Calling a Chat Line Considered Cheating?

Are you the type of person who finds comfort and fun using the chat lines?

Sometimes, you engage in a chat line or a phone sex line because it makes you feel good. This is completely ok when you are single and trying to find someone to date or spend time with (even online), but what if you are in a committed relationship? Is this considered cheating? When does calling a chat line considered cheating?

Defining What Cheating Is

Meaning of cheating.
What is cheating?

Cheating has always been a big issue, whether you are in a relationship or not. You may have experienced it personally, or you may know someone who had gone through it. It could be your friend or someone very close to you like your parents. Cheating, unfortunately, is part of our everyday life and is something you have to deal with eventually.

But what counts as cheating? A lot of people would agree that having an affair or having sex outside of a monogamous relationship is cheating, and this is true. But today, there are a lot of other forms of cheating. The act itself has become subjective.

Did you know that a seemingly innocent chat or online conversation can evolve to something else and can be considered cheating by some? What are the different forms of cheating? Check below.

Romantic Cheating.

This is a straight-up affair. A romantic cheating means you are romantically attached to a person outside of your relationship. You feel an intimate connection with this person, and most of the time, you choose this person over your partner.

Sexual Cheating.

This is an affair solely about sex and outside of your relationship. You find a strong sexual desire to an individual other than your partner.

Emotional Cheating.

An emotional affair lacks the sexual of physical intimacy but plays strongly on the emotions. This means a relationship between you and your friend of the opposite sex, where you can comfortably share your thoughts or feelings that you cannot easily share with your partner. You tend to become more open to that person in the long run. Emotional cheating does not necessarily mean you are having an affair, but it can be equally threatening because it can evolve into something romantic and, worse, sexual. Your emotions play big time, and it can affect how you act.

Casual Cheating.

Just like sexual cheating, casual cheating is a form of an open relationship. You find and have satisfaction with another person other than your partner, which can be sexual and physical, but you don’t engage in an affair. Other people call it a hook up.

Online Cheating.

Online cheating is one that happens on the internet via webcam, chat, dating site, or email. It can be as simple as watching porn without the knowledge of your partner. Even tho you’re not involved in a physically sexual activity with other individuals.

Men and women from different backgrounds have their own perception on what cheating is.

Men tend to care more about physical cheating. If they caught their partner upfront flirting or having physical intimacy with another person, that’s pretty much the end game for them. An emotional relationship of their partner with another person does not count as something bad for men. It depends on the levels of jealousy.

Women, on the other hand, tend to analyze all sorts of things men do if it involves the opposite sex. Be it emotional, casual, or even flirting.

Calling the Chat Lines Is Cheating if

You can call your boyfriend a cheater if...
You can call your boyfriend a cheater if…

If you are in an open relationship and your partner knows you’re actively engaging in the chat lines, this may not be counted as cheating at all. But if you are married or committed in a serious relationship, this is considered as having an affair. So yes, calling a chat line is cheating for some people.

The mere fact that you are interested and aroused by another person, whether sexually or not, this is considered cheating in the boundaries of a committed relationship. Most of the time, calling a chat line tends to become sexual in the sense that you and the other person you are talking to satisfy each other through dirty talks.

Again, if you are looking for pleasure by using chat lines, this means that you want to be satisfied by another person. Although this person lives even a thousand miles away from you, you connect immediately, and this may not be so different from having a real-life affair. The only difference is the physical presence, but other than that, everything is the same.

Calling the Chat Lines Is Not Cheating If

Calling the chat lines isn't always cheating if...
Calling the chat lines isn’t always cheating if…

Some people consider calling a chat line a mere form of entertainment. Imagine this scenario; you are at home, you are bored, and you want to get a different kind of satisfaction. You went online and discovered a new chat line service and decide to give it a try.

You talk to a person, but you don’t know where he or she is really located. You engage in a conversation that later on turned sexual. You loved the feeling you get from it as you managed to entertain and arouse yourself. But that is the end of it. There is no physical contact at all, and there is no emotional connection.

For many men in a committed relationship, chat lines are just for entertainment purposes and can’t replace the satisfaction they feel in real life with their partners. However, some people use this kind of service because of the lack of something in their relationship.

It will always depend on how you view things. Are you not crossing the line? Does your partner thinks it’s ok? At the end of the day, it will still depend on your partner perception.

But the problem always lies in people in a relationship. Many men and women use a chat line because they are not satisfied with the way their relationship — whether emotionally or sexually — is going. Engaging on a chat line is not physical. You can always tell this to your partner, but if he or she reacted differently, clearly, you are crossing their line.

Key Takeaways

The truth is, cheating manifests in different forms, not just having an affair or sex. If you are hiding the fact that you are calling a chat line, it could be an emotional infidelity on the side of your partner.

If, from the beginning, you use it as a form of entertainment, make it clear to your partner. Be honest and tell why you are calling the chat lines. He or she may be able to understand, and it might even make up for what is lacking in your relationship. Your partner deserves to know the truth and the reason behind your curiosity on the chat lines.

But could calling a chatline potentially destroy a relationship? The simple answer is yes. If it’s something you are trying to hide from your partner and it has been going on so long, prepare to have an excellent explanation behind it if you still up to save your relationship.

From a partner’s perspective or point of view, it is also essential not to dwell on hate and destroy a relationship simply because you discover your other half engaging on a chat line to satisfy his or her sensual cravings. Remember that there is no emotional attachment involved in this kind of thing. At the end of the day, cheating will only affect your relationship if you let it.

Try to work things out and check on what stage your relationship is with your partner. What direction are you going? Is calling a chat line something that can be avoided? What steps should the both of you take to work on your intimacy if this becomes an issue? There are many things to consider, but at the end of the day, if you want to work it out, you will eventually.

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