20 Things That Turn Offs Men During Sex and How to Avoid Them

Joe Blankenship

By Joe Blankenship

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20 Things That Turn Offs Men During Sex and How to Avoid Them

Sex is seen by many couples as a profound way of expressing their love and maintaining intimacy. And as much as they want to enjoy the moment during their “sexy time”, surveys and research have shown that there are certain habits, dispositions, qualities, and attitudes that could suddenly ruin the moment which can make a guy lose interest in the act.

Sadly, no amount of eagerness and preparation can prevent such things from happening. It should also be noted that some of these “turn-offs” could come into play before and even during sex.

So what are the biggest turn-offs for guys during sex? As women, as much as we want to find out the qualities that men find attractive, it’s just as crucial to understanding the ones that repel them – especially in bed. Here we go with the 20 Major Turn-Offs for Men during Sex;

1. Lack of Excitement

Man without excitement.
Lack of excitement during sex is a huge turn-off for every man.

According to an online poll conducted by the Daily Star in March 2019, lack of excitement or enthusiasm tops the list of the major turn-offs for men in sex. 43% of the respondents state that a woman who doesn’t show enthusiasm in bed can instantly ruin the mood.

Who would want to have sex with somebody who’s uninterested? You might as well just have phone sex with a stranger who’s willing to go all the way with you.

We all know that sex requires giving and taking. Therefore it just makes sense to want a partner who’s not just willing to do it but is actually looking forward to it as well.

2. Poor Hygiene

Poor hygiene is a huge turn off for men.
Poor hygiene will definitely turn off your man. Take care of yourself before having some intimacy.

What sets the perfect mood for sex aside from ambient lighting and soft music? If your answer is the scent, then you’re getting the whole point as to why poor hygiene is a major turn off for men.

Women are expected to take care of themselves and to make special preparations for an intimate night with their partner.

What else could be a major turn off than a nasty smell down there and smelly skin? All these unpleasant smells coming from poor personal hygiene are enough to make your man walk out the door in an instant and lose your chance.

3. Untrimmed Pubic Hair

A big turn-off for men is untrimmed pubic hair.
A big turn-off for men is untrimmed pubic hair (this depends on the type of men)

Physical grooming for women should be extended down there to the intimate area because according to the survey, 14% of men find untrimmed pubic hair a major turn off. So take some time to shave, trim your pubes, or better yet treat yourself to a Brazilian wax to get rid of the bush.

4. Looking at the Phone or TV

Being distracted while trying to have a sexual encounter it's a terrible turn off.
A woman who is constantly checking her phone while having sex is definitely a turn off for every man

When you’re having sex with your partner, you’re expected to give your undivided attention. So fight that urge to look at your phone or to check out what’s on TV. You should focus more on satisfying yourself and your partner. Everything else would have to wait.

5. Being Rushed

A man hates being rushed.
A man hates being rushed, this is a big turn-off.

If there’s one thing that can ruin the mood for sex, it’s being rushed to come. It’s as if you’re just giving your man a favor and you have no intention of partaking in the pleasure.

Don’t give him the impression that all you want is to get it over and done with. Rushing your man can ultimately end your sex life for good.

6. Scandalous Screams

Men hate scandalous or over exaggerated screams, this might turn off your man.
Men hate scandalous or over exaggerated screams, this might turn off your man.

Women who are scandalous in bed are a major turn off for men. While it’s easy to get caught up in the pleasure when the heat gets more intense, it doesn’t make sense to scream your heart out.

Men prefer gentle moans and sighs of pleasure over loud shrieks that don’t make sense and are overly disturbing.

7. Women Who Can’t Take Hints

Men don't like women that can't take hints.
Men don’t like women that can’t take hints.

As mentioned earlier, sex is all about give and take. As much as you want to immerse yourself into all the pleasure, you have to know how and when to return the favor.

In other words, you must learn how to take the hint if your man wants something from you, like oral sex for instance. Be a little more sensitive about his needs instead of taking it all from him. Failure to take hints is a major turn off in bed.

8. Bad Breathe

Bad breathe on women is one of the biggest turn offs for men.
Bad breathe on women is one of the biggest turn off for men.

Oral hygiene is just as essential as personal hygiene. In sex, you can expect a lot of kissing and caressing. A sure-fire way to turn a man off instantly is a bad breathe that’s strong enough to prevent him from kissing you or from getting near your face.

9. Lack of Confidence

Women that are not confidence with themselves it's a huge turn off for all men.
Men like to be with women who are full of confidence

Men like women who are confident and sure about themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re too skinny or slightly on the plus size. What matters most is your level of confidence that puts a lot of emphasis on your sexiness and desirability.

A woman who is too self-conscious and refuses to build her confidence in bed can be too much to handle for a man.

10. Creating Limitations

Men don't like limitations, specially at bed.
Men don’t like limitations, specially at bed.

When having sex with your partner, it makes no sense to implement “off-limit zones” or to make certain limitations – unless he’s becoming overly extreme and you’re uncomfortable about the idea.

Women are expected to throw away their inhibitions and submit themselves to their partners during sex. Anything short of that can be a problem later on and can drive your man away.

11. Accidentally Uttering Another Man’s Name

While you're having sex the last thing you'd like to hear is your partner to scream others' man name.
While having sex, don’t be nasty because that is a definite turn off for your man

We know that it’s easy to get caught up in the pleasure especially if you’re into role-playing sex. However, saying another man’s name while you’re in the middle of it is not just a major turn off but a downright insult to your partner as well.

12. Asking Him Not to Come Before You Do

Men don't like women that tell them to not come before they do.
Men don’t like women that tell them to not come before they do.

As if he doesn’t already know that – you have to reach your orgasm first before he does or you can climax at the same time. However, demanding it can hurt his ego and ultimately ruin the moment. Asking him straight on his face not to come before you do is a major turn off.

13. Refusing to Experiment

Men like to experiment, if you don't to experiment that might affect negatively how he performs on bed.
Men like to experiment, if you don’t to experiment that might affect negatively how he performs on bed.

A little adventure in sex can be exciting – as long as you’re both comfortable with it. Try to be vocal about how far you’re willing to go and how much you can take.

Be open-minded enough to listen because your downright refusal to take your sex life to the next level can be a turn off to your man. Remember, guys like to experiment in bed and a little cooperation from you can spice things up.

14. Calling His “Member” Different Names

Don't call his member different names.
Don’t call his member different names.

Not all men could take having cute names to call his member so don’t even get started with it. His penis signifies his manhood anatomically and egotistically, and the least you could do is to leave it like that.

Calling it with different names, particularly cute-sounding ones, is not just a turn-off but can also be downright insulting for him.

15. Criticizing His Body

If a woman criticize a man's body while they're trying to have an intimate encounter, it'll usually turn off the man.
Don’t ever judge your man’s body because that’ll make him lose his confidence. take it as a huge turn-off for him.

Not all men are equipped with six-pack abs, rock hard biceps and well-defined pectoral muscles. So if your man doesn’t have that muscular built, don’t even try to criticize him.

Body-shaming can have a huge impact on his confidence and can automatically scar his ego. As a result, it can draw him away from you thinking that you think of him less as a man just because he doesn’t have the abs.

16. Baby-talking

Men doesn't like women baby-talking.
Men doesn’t like women baby-talking.

Baby-talking is a huge turn off in bed. After all, sex if for mature people who know how to handle themselves like real grown-ups. So no matter how strong your urge is to play and tease your man, avoid baby-talking. Instead, try to sound more sensual, desirable, and sexy.

17. Growling and Acting Like an Animal

For a man it can be a turn-off if their woman starts acting or growling like an animal.
For a man it can be a turn-off if their woman starts acting or growling like an animal.

Role-playing can be fun and intense. However, skip on the growling and animal moves. Such acts cannot turn your man on. In fact, you might even end up scaring him or making him feel uncomfortable.

As a woman, you’re expected to be passionate and sexy. Acting wild and being out of your usual character can only turn him off.

18. Painful Oral Sex

If the woman that's doing the oral sex it's too aggressive with it, then her man will just be completely turn off.
Being extremely aggressive during sex can lead to a huge turn off for a man.

Giving him an oral sex can get so intense that you might not notice your teeth causing painful friction to his member. This can kill the moment in a snap.

A painful oral sex can break a rather intense moment and cause him discomfort. So you have to be watchful about your moves to avoid turning him off in bed just as things are starting to heat up.

19. Talking Too Much

Talking too much is a turn-off for men
Most men don’t like when women start talking too much.

Communicating while having sex is vital to determine what does and doesn’t work between you and your partner. But when the talking goes beyond the subject of sex and becomes a list of demands, a guy can only stand it for so long.

If you want to express to your partner how you’d want to be satisfied, use words that are not demanding, and gently give suggestions. Getting into so much unnecessary details can be a huge turn off in bed.

Burping and Releasing Gas

It's disgusting for all man hearing any type of gas going out of their woman's body.
While having sex don’t be nasty that will definitely turn off your man.

Burping and breaking wind are considered rude both in bed while having sex and even in public. Either way, it’s not good to release your body gases in the most unlikely places and situations – especially in the middle of an intimate session.

Just imagine how much it can affect the moment and turn off your partner almost instantly. And aside from being in an awkward situation, there’s no denying that it’s extremely embarrassing.

Final Words

In your quest to impress your guy, it’s not enough that you know the things that turn him on. Just as important, you also have to figure out the ones that turn him off. Being aware of these major turn-offs especially during sex can spare you from being in a bad situation.

Keep in mind that not all men are the same. Some are more easily turned off than the others. Either way, it helps to have a general idea about the potentially disastrous factors that can easily kill a rather sexy and intimate moment.

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