How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

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How to Tell a Girl You Like Her

Knowing how to tell a girl you like her is important if you want to be more than friends. It requires a bit of courage and finding the right way to express yourself. Figuring out how to share your feelings with her might seem difficult or cause anxious feelings, but it should be worth it in the end if you keep the following in mind when confessing your feelings.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Tell a Girl That You Like Her

Telling a girl you like her is a good idea because your feelings might not always be obvious. Communication is important in any type of relationship because it can be misinterpreted when things are left to be assumed. For example, if you are a shy and quiet person, it will likely be difficult for the girl you are interested in to notice that you like her.

Another reason to tell her how you feel is that what if someone else beats you to it? Tell her that you like her without taking too long to do so, before someone else swoops in.

When to Tell Her You Like Her

The moment you choose to tell a girl you like her can be a big factor in how things will go. You need to choose the right time to tell her for things to work out in your favor. Follow these tips to determine when you should tell her:

After you’ve gotten to know her.

It’s easy to think you know someone and know how you feel about them. Physical attraction and emotional connection are different and should be separated when deciding if you really like someone. If you are going to tell a girl you like her, make sure you have gotten the chance to explore both things, so you are certain about your feelings. You wouldn’t want to get either of your hopes up, only to realize later that you didn’t actually like her, but instead only the idea of her.

Sooner rather than later.

Timing is important, but don’t take too long to confess your feelings for the girl. You never know if someone else could be interested in her. When you notice a window of opportunity to share your feelings, take it.

When you feel it’s right.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is follow that gut feeling you might be getting. If you feel like it’s the right time, go for it. Of course, make sure you are analyzing the situation so as not to be moving too fast, so you don’t scare her away. For example, if you just met and you already want to tell her how much you like her, it might be too much too soon, so be cautious of that.

Where to Tell Her You Like Her

Where to tell her that you like her
Where to tell her that you like her.

Ideally, the place you choose to tell her you like her will be somewhere meaningful and not just a random place. However, as previously mentioned, if you get a gut feeling that you should tell her right then and there and you happen to be at a random place, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. As long as it’s a nice moment, that’s what really matters. However, keep in mind the following places to guarantee a good result.

On a date.

When you’re on a date, you’re likely happy and in a good mood because you enjoy spending time with the person you are with. This is a great opportunity to tell her you like her and obtain a good reaction.

At dinner.

Going out to eat provides lots of opportunities for good conversation. Choosing a place where you can calmly talk about your feelings is important when you tell her you like her, because it will likely lead to a discussion of how you both feel about each other.

While doing an activity you both like.

Similar to the other suggestions, telling her you like her while doing an activity you both share alike for is a good idea because you are both enjoying yourselves in the moment and would probably be even happier to confess your feelings to one another.

Where Not to Tell Her You Like Her

There are a few places you should avoid telling her you like her as best you can. This is because these places or situations might be uncomfortable to have this sort of conversation. For the best experience, avoid the following places:

On the phone.

Telling her you like her on the phone isn’t very romantic. Sharing your feelings for her should be done in person, it will make it more special than just saying it over the phone. The only exception to this is if you happen to be living in different parts of the world. That is the one, and only time this would be a sweet moment to tell her you like her. If possible, avoid telling her over the phone.

In a group setting.

No matter where you are or how romantic a place may seem, avoid telling her you like her if you are in a group setting. Wait to be alone to tell her because she might feel uncomfortable receiving that news in front of a group of people she knows.

Hopefully, she feels the same, but if she doesn’t, it could also be more embarrassing and hard to just ignore if she doesn’t feel the same way about you. So it’s a good idea to avoid sharing how you feel in a group setting for both of you.

Somewhere sad.

If you know you are somewhere that makes either of you sad, you should wait to tell her you like her. For whatever reason, this place doesn’t make one of you feel good, avoid sharing your feelings there. Don’t try to make it a happier place with a happier memory. It’s best to wait until you are somewhere else to avoid having someone negatively associate that place with you when you share your feelings for them.

Rules When Telling Her You Like Her

For the best results, keep these important rules in mind when you decide it’s time to tell her you like her.

  • Choose the right time to tell her. Timing can be everything. Don’t take too long to tell her, but at the same time, make sure you are not rushing it either. Try to share how you feel in a timely but productive manner.
  • Choose a good place to tell her. Follow the suggestions given above to pick the right place to tell her. She will likely cherish this memory so you want to make sure you are at a good place when you tell her you like her.
  • Have a positive mindset. If you are crabby or in a bad mood, don’t share your feelings with her and wait until you feel better. You never want to share your feelings if you are in a bad mood because the other person will notice you are irritated, and it won’t come off the same way as if you had said something in a happier tone. The way you deliver your message is important.
  • Don’t tell her if you feel unsure. Make sure you’re certain of the feelings you have for her before telling her you like her. If you are doubtful, wait until you are more sure. You don’t want to give her false hope if she likes you back.
  • Make sure you know who she is as a person first. Get to know her before telling her you like her. It’s easy to get confused and think you like someone when in reality you just like the idea of them.
  • Go all in. When you tell her, go all in and don’t leave anything unresolved. Be careful with how you decide to tell her, making sure you are clear and not joking around about things, or else she might not take you seriously.

Steps to Tell a Girl You Like Her

Steps to tell her that you like her.
Steps to tell her that you like her.

This is a standard way to tell a girl you like her. If you can be more creative, that is even better. Standing out from the rest is always a good thing and will make it more memorable for her, but here are some basic steps to get you started.

1. Call her and set up a meet-up at a quiet place.

Setting up a place and time to see each other is important because you need to choose the right place and time to tell her. It should be a place where you feel comfortable talking, not somewhere loud and crowded.

2. Dress up casually.

Don’t be too over the top, you are only telling her you like her, not asking her to marry you. Sure, talking about your feelings could lead to talking about a relationship, but it could also remain as something casual.

3. Treat her and have fun.

Girls always appreciate it when you treat them to something. It’ll make her happy, and she’ll feel like you care. Telling her you like her while doing something fun is a bonus because both of you will be happy and in a good mood when the moment happens.

4. Open up about your feelings.

Now that you have set the mood to tell her, it’s time to actually do it. Be clear and concise while delivering your message sweetly and thoughtfully.

5. Be prepared for possible rejection.

Although you hope this isn’t the outcome, you should always be prepared in case she doesn’t feel the same way.

Dealing With Rejection

How to deal with rejection.
How to deal with rejection.

Rejection can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you really had your hopes up. However, not everyone will feel the same about you as you do about them. She might like spending time with you, but not like you the same way you like her. After being rejected, you will likely ask yourself what you should do next and how to act around that person. Keep the following in mind: 

  • You should know friendships might be damaged in this process. If she doesn’t feel the same way, she might be uncomfortable around you now that she knows you have feelings for her. Not everyone will feel this way, but it isn’t uncommon. If you are casual about it and brush it off as if it were no big deal that she doesn’t feel the same, you are more likely to maintain a friendship with her. However, you will need to figure out if you can push your feelings aside to do this because if you think your feelings will get in the way, it’s best to distance yourself from her until they pass.
  • Mutual friends might find out about the rejection. Hopefully, they are respectful about it but be aware that they might know. Keep your head up and be as confident as you can so it all blows over quickly. If you feel the need to acknowledge it, you can also try that.
  • Be prepared for how you may feel after this. Perhaps you will be sad, discouraged, or angry with the other person for not sharing the same feelings. Remember not to take out your negative feelings on them, and instead, take a moment to yourself if you feel this way.

What you should gather from this

Opening up about how you feel should be something positive, and both people involved should feel good in the process. Although rejection is possible, try to make it a good experience either way. Remember to choose a good place to tell her, somewhere you can calmly tell her you like her and perhaps discuss what that means for the both of you moving forward. Don’t take forever to tell her, but don’t rush into anything either. You want to be certain the feelings you have for her are genuine.

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