How Do I Know if My Girlfriend Loves Me?

By Joe Blankenship

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Does your girlfriend still love you? It’s hard to tell sometimes, particularly if she keeps sending mixed signals. The absence or loss of love can manifest in different ways, depending on the woman and the nature of the relationship. Some women will try to conceal it for as long as possible, while others, want to show their feelings as clear as possible.

If you think that your relationship is suffering, or that your girl no longer loves you, then there are several signs that you should look out for. Some of these signs will be quite obvious, while others will be very subtle and difficult to detect.

So if you need help figuring out what your girlfriend thinks of your relationship then here are 10 signs that your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore.

1. She’s Distant

Woman avoiding man
If your girlfriend is distant she doesn’t love you.

Indifference, not anger or rage, is the surest sign that your girl is no longer into you. She no longer cares about what you say and do, even when you do things that would have angered her in the past. She also no longer nags or get angry at you. She just doesn’t care.

When this happens, you can be sure that your relationship is in a very bad place, but don’t think that you can placate her. When a girl becomes distant, it’s not because she’s angry, but because she has given up. She no longer cares about what you say or do, or to put it another way, she feels that the spark is no longer in the relationship.

2. She Doesn’t Want to Talk to You

Woman doesn't want to talk their man.
Woman avoiding communication with her man.

When your girl starts avoiding conversations, or when she pretends not to hear you, then that’s a sure sign that she no longer wants to be with you. However, the refusal to talk does not necessarily mean that she hates you or is angry at you.

When a woman refuses to speak with her husband or boyfriend, it may be because she just doesn’t want to interact with you. It could also be that she simply finds talking to you tedious, or that you keep bringing up things that she doesn’t like to talk about.

In rare cases, maybe there’s something about your voice that she doesn’t like. A woman’s refusal to talk can be caused by any number of factors, but it’s a definite sign that something’s wrong in the relationship.

3. She Feels Exhausted Whenever She Interacts With You

Woman yelling at their man.
If your girlfriend is exhausted whenever she’s interacting with you she most likely doesn’t love you.

Another sign to watch out for is emotional exhaustion. When your girl seems tired and weary whenever you meet or interact with her then that’s a sure sign that she doesn’t want to be in your company, and that’s bad news for your relationship.

The exhaustion may be genuine or it could be fake, but one way or another, it’s a definite sign that something’s going wrong in the relationship. A tired partner usually also means a tired relationship, and you will need to take care of it as soon as possible

4. She Keeps Secrets

Women keep their secrets, privately between their friendships.
Women gossiping

If you suspect that your girlfriend is keeping secrets from you then there’s a good chance your relationship is in trouble. This is particularly true if she’s evasive, or if she refuses to answer your questions directly. Secrets imply a lack of trust, which in turn implies the lack of love.

It’s worse if you suspect that her secret involves infidelity or something potentially more serious. You can try to get her to open up to you, but such a confrontation may only make things worse, and end your relationship permanently.

The only way to overcome such a problem is to convince your girl that she can still trust you and that whatever problems you two have, will be corrected in the long run.

5. She Feels Guilty

Woman feeling guilty.
Woman feeling guilty.

If your girl looks guilty all the time, it’s either because she’s cheating on you, or because she wants to end the relationship. Some girls also look guilty because they pity their husbands and boyfriends, but regardless of their motivations, women who look guilty usually have troubled relationships.

In such situations, the best that you can do is to prove to your girl that you can take whatever bad news she may have for you, and that you are prepared to forgive her. Again, trust is the main issue here. Yes, it’s possible that she wants to break up your relationship but even that’s better than waiting around in limbo and letting the problem fester.

6. You Feel as Though She Doesn’t Respect You

Woman blaming their man for no reason.
Woman being aggressive with his man

If you feel that your girlfriend or partner doesn’t respect you then there’s a good chance that you’re right. Common signs of female contempt or disrespect include: wanting to keep conversations short, dismissing replies, silent treatments, unwillingness to say please or thank you and various more.

The tricky part is that when you confront women about this sort of behavior, they will not give you a straight answer. They may try to evade the issue or outright lie to you about their feelings. So if you think that you’re not getting the respect that you deserve, test her.

Put her in a position where she must respect you, like introducing her to your friends or inviting her to an event. If she shows signs of contempt in these situations then that’s a sure sign that she no longer respects you. If that’s the case, then your relationship is definitely in trouble.

7. She Keeps Escalating

If fights keep escalating.
If fights keep escalating.

When your relationship is in the rocks, and you keep having fights with your girlfriend, there’s a good possibility that your girlfriend will attempt to escalate these conflicts. Shouting matches turn into thrown objects. Nagging turns into slammed doors. Angry outbursts turn into physical contacts. When these sorts of things happen, you can be sure that she’s trying to provoke a response.

Women who escalate problems usually do so because they want to conclude what they consider to be bad relationships, and they want you to do it on their behalf. The good news, though, is that emotional outbursts are signs that your relationship is still salvageable, provided you are assertive and make the right response.

8. She Doesn’t Want to Be Physically Intimate With You

If she doesn't want to intimate with you, she most likely doesn't love you.
If she doesn’t want to intimate with you, she most likely doesn’t love you.

Couples are supposed to enjoy physical intimacy. So when your girl no longer wants to partake in that experience then you can be sure that something’s wrong in your relationship. Women who refuse to be physically intimate with their partners are either angry with them, indifferent towards them or they suddenly find physical contact distressful.

Moreover, the lack of intimacy may be the result of physical or emotional factors, while in other cases, the women just don’t feel any emotional connections to their partners. Either way, when your girl doesn’t want to be physically intimate with you then your relationship may be in trouble, and you will need to act accordingly.

9. She Keeps Criticizing You

If she keeps criticizing you it means she doesn't love you.
If she keeps criticizing you it means she doesn’t love you.

When your girl keeps challenging you, criticizing your work, or pointing out your flaws then that’s a big sign that your relationship is in trouble. Criticisms are normal in most relationships, but if she keeps nit-picking every little mistake you make then she’s only looking for excuses to make you miserable, and if that’s the case then your relationship is definitely in trouble.

The worst sort of criticisms are those which are meant to demean or devalue you. It can be an attack on your career, your manhood, or anything that you really care about. When these types of criticisms come out, you can be sure that your girl is trying to emotionally hurt you, and that’s a definite sign that she no longer loves you.

10. You Feel as Though She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

If you feel as though, she doesn't love you anymore.
If you feel as though she doesn’t love you anymore.

Finally, you will need to examine your own instincts and feelings. Most guys have good instincts with regards to their partners, and if you suspect that something’s wrong then there’s a very good chance that something is indeed wrong, in which case you can either have a talk with your girl to patch things up, or you can end the relationship yourself (if you are certain that the love has faded away). One way or another, you are doing something to fix the problem.

When you feel that your girl no longer loves you (or worse despises you) then it’s best that you do something about it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no one solution for these kinds of problems. You’ll have to come up with something that matches your unique situation, and follow through on it regardless of what happens.

Concluding Thoughts

Relationships fall apart all the time. Most people don’t like to think about it, that’s the truth. Some relationships decline over a period of time, while others fall apart due to some tragedy or another, but whichever problems cause your relationship to end, it’s important to face it as quickly as possible. Pretending that your girl still love you, when she actually does not, is bad both for you and your girl.

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