Men may not admit it much, but they love waking up to a nice good morning text from their girl or their date from the night before just as many women love waking up to one.

They just tend to like it at a slower pace typically, so instead of sending him 10 texts per day, one or two that get to the point quickly could really do the trick.

Whether you’ve been with him for one night or one decade, sweet and sexy text messages first thing in the morning could make his entire day, and don’t you want to be the first thing he thinks about anyways?

If you can take that spot of his number one girl, it won’t be long before you take the spot of his number one - period - if you play your cards right. Make his day sweet (and sexy) with these 20 suggestions for some good morning texts for him!

A sweet little tip: Even though it seems as if emojis are a ‘girl thing’ they’re actually not. They help you convey what you truly mean behind a text because a lot of times, texts can sound like something totally opposite than what you are really trying to say.

Putting emojis into a text to him just gives the reader of the text a much better idea of the meaning behind what you are saying, with a lot less confusion.

10 Sweet Good Morning Texts For Him

For new couples

For couples with some time under their belt

10 Sexy Good Morning Texts For Him

If you’re still playing it cool

If you want him to know you mean business

What a Sweet Good Morning Text Really Means to Him

Women aren’t the only ones who want to wake up and read something sweet and sensual, letting him know he’s the apple of someone’s eye, the first thing they want to do...I mean, talk to, in the morning.

Plus, we all know men wake up with a woody in the mornings, their emotions and feelings are raw and at an all-time high as soon as they’re “up” - and in more ways than one. Sending him a sexy text while he’s still hard could also send him into a full-on masturbation sesh.

It’s not only in “that head” they start to yearn for you, but also in their minds will they start to feel closer to you.

They’ll start to see just how much you do care about them which could make them reciprocate the same type of actions in return, and they’ll start shooting those sweet, sultry texts back at ya’. 

Tips & Suggestions on Sending a Good Text for the Morning (For Him)

“Hey, hun you need to come to see me this morning ;)” vs. “Hey, hun you need to come to see me this morning :( “ conveys two totally different messages to the reader. The first sentence with the wink emoji could be taken sexually and playfully, while the second sentence with the sad face could mean depression and that something’s wrong.

While you shouldn’t send paragraphs after paragraphs of text at once, please don’t be the person that sends one word per text either, even if you’re only saying four words.





So, if you’re the first thing he is thinking about because he’s reading your text, you could do things to that boy's mind that he didn’t even know could happen. Subliminally, with you being the first thought in his head, this will cause every other part of his body to want you too.

Something Good About Texts in the Morning

There’s just something about the morning that makes it the prime time for everything. The best sex is in the morning, the best time to eat is in the morning, and the best time to make someone's day by texting them something sweet is in the morning.

You don’t have to be overbearing or cheesy to catch his attention, just show him a little bit of a preview and make him want to come and watch the whole movie that night. ;)