TOP 8 Companies for Adding a Second Line to Your Smartphone

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TOP 8 Companies for Adding a Second Line to Your Smartphone

We live in a modern society dominated by smartphones and mobile phone users. People use smartphones for almost everything that involves both personal and professional aspects of their lives. These include communication via calls and texts, business transactions, emails, social media, games, and access to various apps relevant to one’s lifestyle.

Smartphones are primarily designed to make communication easier, accessible, and more convenient. In fact, smartphone users worldwide are expected to reach 2.5 billion this year. Based on the forecast, this will continue to grow this 2019 based on the 2018 statistics which state that over 36% of the worldwide population owns a smartphone.

With continuous technological advancements and brand new innovations, the use of smartphones continues to evolve giving rise to other highly unique, cost-effective, and beneficial features that users can avail and enjoy. This includes adding a second line to your smartphone.

Understanding the Concept Behind Adding a Second Line to Your Smart Phone

Why do people add a second phone line?
Why do people add a second phone line?

You would perhaps wonder about the relevance of adding a second line to your smartphone. Why would you want to have two different phone numbers on a single mobile device? What are the advantages? How can this be beneficial to your lifestyle? Let’s try to dig in and understand the entire concept of having a second line to your smartphone.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

Managing two smartphones can be too much to handle. Not to mention, it can be costly as well. Having two mobile phones means charging, checking, carrying and paying for monthly phone bills multiplied by two. This can be a major hassle amidst your already busy life and can significantly add up to your expenses. By opting for a second line on your smartphone, you can maintain only one device and have two separate numbers.

Helps You Achieve Work-Life Balance

Your professional life is different from your personal life. Ideally, you should not allow your professional life to get mixed up with your personal concerns. You have a life at work and a separate life outside of work. Having a second phone line can make it easier for you to separate these two entities of your life. Thus, you can have an ideal work-life balance. You may use your primary line for your personal calls and the second line for all work-related calls. This is also an effective means to set boundaries that can make you organize your life better.

Ideal for Establishing Good Brand Image for Small Businesses

Having a second line to your smartphone will allow you to keep your personal number private even as you manage your small business. You may assign the second line as your official business number where you can receive all business-related calls only during a specified time of the day. By doing so, you can manage your time well and you would be able to identify your personal calls from your business calls.

Keep Personal and Private Matters Confidential

If you are into online dating sites and phone dating sites, having a second line to your smartphone will make it easier for you to keep such personal affairs. It would be much easier for you to maintain your privacy while enjoying the activities that fuel up your social life. Moreover, you can keep your personal number a secret while having all the means to communicate using your smartphone.

Avoid Telemarketers and Promotional Calls

Signing up for various promotions and filling up forms related to your purchases and other memberships require you to disclose your phone or mobile number. This could potentially expose your contact number to telemarketers and various promotional companies which will tend to call you during your busiest hours or in the most unlikely time of the day.

More than that, we live in a world where hackers and identity thefts can make use of any information they can acquire to steal one’s personal data. Thus, protecting your contact number becomes just as important as protecting your Social Security Number. Having a second line gives you the option to provide a different number for such instances.

How to Add a Second Line to Your Smart Phone

Instructions to add a second line to your smart phone.
Instructions to add a second line to your smart phone.

Technology has gone a long way in the field of communication. Adding a second line to your smart phone can now easily be done with the help of various free apps and other paid services. Here are some of the reliable options you can consider;

cloudphone logo
CloudPhone Secondary Phone Line

Cloud Phone

Cloud Phone regards itself as a business phone system that is efficient in managing calls – both personal and business-related. It also has multiple features such as a one-touch access to record calls, options for call conferencing, voice mail, and customized professional greeting.

Another good thing that makes Cloud Phone ideal for small businesses and companies is its auto-attendant function which can be used to reroute and forward calls. Other features include local or toll-free phone numbers for your company and multiple extensions which can be rerouted to any phone. All plans offer unlimited minutes and text services.

The Basic Plan costs $24.99/month and includes one number, two extensions, and one virtual receptionist plus value-added features that can help you grow and manage your business.

line2 second line
Line 2 – Secondary Phone Line


Line2 also makes it easier for you to have two lines on one smart phone so you can separate your personal and business calls and messages. It offers a full-packed business phone system that allows you to acquire a number in any city within both U.S. and Canada.

It also features a visual caller ID, it allows you to block certain numbers, organize group calls, and send group messages. Basically, Line2 makes it possible for you to set up your ideal phone numbers for your business because you can select your preferred area codes, set up your own toll-free lines, and transfer existing contact numbers. With Line2, you can take calls anytime by connecting up to five devices to your account.

Line2 Plans start at $9.95 or 1,500 minutes of outgoing calls or call forwarding.

Burner second phone line
Burner Second Phone Line


Burner is one of the most widely-known apps for acquiring a second line to your smartphone. Originally, it was for the sole purpose of creating a temporary or disposable number. However, to date, there are also permanent options which you can avail.

This app is being marketed to protect the privacy of mobile phone users by providing a secondary phone number for calls, text messages, and for sending out photo messages. You can keep your identity safe and anonymous because calls are rerouted to the app and your phone number remains protected.

Burner is a secondary phone number that you can use for online dating, phone chats, social events, online shopping and selling, online accounts, and many more so that you can keep your personal number safe and exclusive to your close friends and family.

Prepaid options (disposable numbers which you can use for up to 14 days) and monthly subscriptions (for long-term use) are both available.

Google Voice: Secondary Phone Line
Google Voice: Secondary Phone Line

Google Voice

If you have a Google account, you can readily access Google voice and have a secondary phone number in an instant. The calls may be automatically rerouted to your mobile number, office, home landline, or computer. Google Voice offers standard features for calls and transcribes voicemail messages to text messages.

With Google Voice, you can stay connected from any device. You can utilize your free number to send text messages, make calls, and check your voicemail through one app. It can work on all your devices so you are connected all the time.

This app is free and available only within the U.S.

Godaddy Smartline Phone Line
Godaddy Smartline Phone Line

GoDaddy Smartline

GoDaddy Smartline was launched in August 2017 to allow smart phone users to acquire a secondary local phone number that has a U.S. area code. It features a voicemail that you can customize, ring options during business hours and text messaging.

It also organizes your calls and texts for easy access and arranges them by customer. This will make it easier for you to keep track of all conversations and business transactions at any given time. Through this app, you can easily identify your personal calls from your business calls.

Other features include vanity numbers, local toll-free numbers, and business number sharing between employees to enhance accessibility for clients.

GoDaddy Smartline offers a 30-day Free Trial. After the Free Trial, plans start at $3.99 per month or $9.99 (for plans with unlimited calls and texts).

Hushed Secondary Phone Line
Hushed Secondary Phone Line


Another way to safeguard your personal number and have a second line is through Hushed. The concept is basically the same with that of Burner because it works as a temporary phone number but has permanent and long-term options.

You can start off with a free phone number which is valid for three days. Then, you may opt for the seven-day option or long-term plans with a corresponding fee. Just like the other apps that offer a second number for your smartphone, Hushed keeps your personal phone number private while allowing you to make calls and send text messages.

You can use it to get a disposable phone number which you can use in dating sites, psychic counseling, and other confidential matters for three days. It is completely private with customized expiry for messages for automatic deletion.

Hushed to Hushed calls and messages are free. Long-term subscription can go as low as $1.99 and you can conveniently top up your account online.

CoverMe Secondary Phone Line
CoverMe Secondary Phone Line


CoverMe is a second phone line that provides end-to-end encryption to secure confidential and private calls and text messages. It also enables you to acquire U.S. and Canadian numbers with various area codes. Another added feature of this app is that it allows you to have your own private vault where you can securely keep all your confidential photos and videos, files, accounts, notes or documents, and passwords. On a broad aspect, CoverMe is designed for people who are serious about their privacy and have a lot of secrets to keep on their smartphone.

CoverMe does not offer a Free Trial. Extra Numbers start at a rate of $4.99 with the inclusion of 130 text messages and 130 minutes for voice calls.

Sideline Secondary Phone Line
Sideline Secondary Phone Line


Sideline is probably one of the apps that can be considered as highly relevant and beneficial among business owners. Through this app, business owners can provide their employees with work mobile numbers or a business number as a second line which they can use exclusively for work-related matters or for collaborations.

This is a more cost-effective measure as compared to giving individual employees a separate company mobile phone. Through the Sideline app, employees can maintain only a single smartphone yet still be able to separate personal calls from business calls.

You also have the option to input one number on different phones so all employees can share communication duties to increase productivity and improve customer service.

Sideline offers a 7-day Free Trial. The monthly subscription costs only $9.99 after the trial period.


Any smart phone owner could easily understand and appreciate the importance of having a second line. It primarily helps in protecting and securing one’s privacy and personal life while growing a business and managing a career.

Moreover, a second line is also useful for confidential matters and secret conversations. The availability of free services, trial periods and disposable numbers are likewise beneficial for those who need a second line for their smart phone on a temporary basis.

With many affordable options available out there, it is now much easier and more convenient to find a second line that will suit your particular needs and unique lifestyle.

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